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I have a gallery at elfwood - yes I think they are excellent (though they have relegated many people to the "fan art" section) you can find my gallery under a search for "Noelle Hay"

I also love Elmore, Moore, and especially Jim Fitzpatrick who is an Irish artist that is (as of yet) undiscovered largely here in America. I'm trying to spread the word though! Hope he is successful.
Super Wow Smilie Faye...I am absolutely stunned. You have incredible talent across a variety of media. I found your Art to be very moving especially in 'Don't Give up' and 'Dragon in Human Form'. It's frustrating however, because I can't veiw all of the thumbs! Angry Elf Smilie It says something about being moved to the Fan Art section but I can't find them there! It's a shame because even the tiny little thumbnails look incredible! Do you have any Idea when this will be fixed?
Faye, is there anything you can't do? Fantastic, you did Wolverine! I love that picture, have you done any other Marvel stuff? BTW I see you're into Boris Vallejo, have you seen his Spiderman collection? It's absolutely gobsmackingly good!
I always love artists, cos it's the only thing I've ever wanted to do, and completely sucked at (except playing football or cricket, no professional sportsman me!) That's why I go out with an artist who specialises in nekkid pictures, woohoo! She really wants to do me next...
Very impressive Faye! As Plastic said: Is there anything you cant do? It must be wonderful to be able to express yourself with drawing and painting and not be restricted to constructing images with mere words.

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I LOVE Boris Vallejo PLastic - I had his X Men (women of X Men) book. It is FABULOUS. I always wanted to be a comic book artist... but I had to settle for being a dabbler in the arts. I've been an X Men fan since before Kitty left the team... have a large collection in my closet (guess that makes me a closet fan?).

Have you seen Jim Ftizpatricks work? He's my current favorite. Here's a link:

I love the sharp lines - and I've always had a weakness for any type of watercolor (comics included).

Oh, and please don't tell me someone is doing a nekkid picture of you... I don't think I can handle that mental picture....hehe
Pixie Smilie *Picks up jaw off the floor* Well, you've found Mr. Fitzpatrick at least one more fan in the U.S.

Did you guys ever think of starting an Artists Guild? Just a thought
Thanks for the link to the Jim Fitzpatrick site, Swampfaye. I've liked his stuff ever since I bought my first Thin Lizzy album back in the 70's.
Your pictures are really good too. I never realised you were an artist.
Just let one of your friendly mods know if you want this thread moved. Big Smile Smilie
I made a comment about her pictures in the Faramir thread under Characters.
I just learnt about some very good Tolkien pictures made by a young Polish artist, Katarzyna Chmiel. Here is the link:

There are two pages of fantastic drawings, mainly of Boromir and Faramir... I particularly like a wonderful drawing of Finduilas with her two little sons, Boromir and Faramir. It is beautiful and (IMHO) very insightful, it already shows the differences in their personality...
I hope that the link will work - I am not sure how to make it...

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Well, I tried that link and it brings me only as far as "rolozo", but then if you will type "gallery/chmiel", you will go directly to her gallery!
I am so curious whether you will like her drawings - I simply love them! At last I found pics of Faramir and Boromir as I imagined them!
By the way, at that site there are many other nice pics, especially Silm related ones (search the gallery for Finrod, Maedhros, Beren, Beleg...). I did not find Elladan & Elrohir, though, nor Mablung, and Turin was absolutely unlike as I imagined him...
I really REALLY loved Chmiel's pictures, especially the one that's called "Seek for the Sword" and "Lessons of swordship."

And about Elfwood, one of my best friends has a page there, so if you could just go here: and look at her pictures, she'd be very happy.
I am glad that you liked so much the pictures of Katarzyna Chmiel, Elentari31! I lika almost all of them. As I already told, I like the most Finduilas with her two little sons, there is something poignant in that picture... such quiet, soft happiness, but already marred with the premonition of sorrows to come...
I also like very much te picture of Frodo and Faramir in Ithilien, and (like you) the picture of Boromir taking farewell of faramir when parting for Imladris... and alll pictures of Boromir as well, Caradhras and Parth Galen and that nice smiling Boromir from the picture "Supperbreakfast".
I visited the gallery of your friend - she seems to be an extraordinary person! Thank you for telling us!
By the way, I am also painting very weird watercolours. So far I showed them only to very little people... I must think to make myself a gallery too! Wink Smilie
I posted my comments on Chmiel's paintings in the Faramir thread. In short, they are fantastic. I would buy a book of her work and that's not just lip service...
Lots of good pics here. I'm going through all the pages, I am on page 51 in Lothlorien right now.
Here are some more that Elfstone just asided to in another thread. They are great IMHO.
Glad you like em Grondy! It's hard to believe he does all that with just a computer. Did you see the one he did of Gandalf? That one is pretty amazing as well!
Super Wow Smilie
I consider it fantasy art as such. Some of you may not but I ain't worried one man who has to be mentioned his Steve Dillon... his artwork is superb. On Preacher it is just too good for words...this man can draw and when he draws you feel it...same thing on with the Punisher run as well. The man is amazing if you don't believe me check it out yerself
I like fantasy art by Larry Elmore and Matt Stawicki. Anke-Katrin Eissmann, and Daniel Govar.
I really really enjoy the Yes covers, and the artist is Roger Dean. He is an accomplished architect as well! He does a good job, IMO, of using color. And his stuff tends to be very "organic" and smooth looking rather than scientific. It looks like landscaping from another can almost believe it.