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Yes, it is sort of funny and I think there is also a movie, besides the sitcom.
You are right Grondy, i haven't seen it yet but plan to.
i also think rowan atkinsan[mr. bean] is kinda of cute, in a funny way Wink Smilie . but even so every one disagrees! Big Laugh Smilie
Yeah Mr.Bean is awesome
its funny for 5 minutes, then it pethetic
I think the Mr.Bean show is okay(certainly not the best comedy),but I find the movies 'pethetic' after the first 30 minutes. But what can I say, little kids love 'em!
Mr Bean is funny!
...the first two times you see it, when you see the re-run for the 100th time it's hard to find it amusing.

Rowan Atkinson is a funny man, I wish they'd send Black Adder again, I've only seen a few episodes but i liked it.
Blackadder is hilarious.
has anyone seen the one were he goes to the hotel? [titled "Mr. Bean is in room 426"] he puts "teddy" in a drawer to sleep, and pushes his head down. while closing the drawer "teddy's head pops up and gets stuck between the drawer and nightstand. Bean tries pulling him out but he pulls teddy's head off! it is pathitic/sad/funny. but i am light heated sometimes and laugh/pitty the stupidest things.oh well. Big Laugh Smilie
this hasnt been going for a while Orc Going Huh Smilie but Mr Bean is hilarious and it doesnt get too silly that you wont enjoy it you keep wanting to watch it. The hotel one is so so so funny Orc Grinning Smilie
The funniest ones are the ones on Christmas, and Mr Bean goes to school.
i love that one especially when he goes into the art department haha crazy guy and the christmas ones are great!!!!!!
I like the one in which he gets a new house and the one in which he goes to the fair with the lost baby. Very funny those. I think I have the complete Mr. Beans collection lying somewhere in my house. And yeah, Rowan Atkinson is a professional football (soccer to some) commentator. Saw him giving commentry on a game once.
Mr Bean, is great - anyone seen the one when he went to the pictures with his girlfriend Ha Ha Ha Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie I couldn't stop laughing......
The scary movie one? Yeah, I've seen that one. I just love the way Mr. Bean makes all those expressions.
I just love the way Mr. Bean makes all those expressions.

Anybody who chronically suffers from tetanus, can pull that one off easily.
But then that's not the case with an average person, is it?
i love mr. bean
the favorite movie i like with him is mr.English
it's the face of him that makes me laugh,

Mr. Bean Laden

i love it Orc Grinning Smilie
did you know that he was a comedian already in 7. grade?