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Unless your restaurants are world wide franchises, I think it best if everyone says what city, town, and or country where we could find their favorite eateries.

I haven't been to very many restaurants that provide a very fancy dining experience,mostly just fast food places where they serve greasy burgers and artery clogging french fries,but like my sister LadyFeawen,I like Houston's Restaurant,located in many different cities.I have been to a Houston's in Kansas City,Missouri, and Orlando,Florida!
As to chain restuarants, I've eaten in some Applebees in the Southern US and found them decent.
As to other restuarants, there is a very good restuarant in Portland, Maine (USA) called Saigon Thinh Thanh. It has lovely Vietnamese food.
There is also a good Vietnamese restuarant somewhere between Portland and Hartford, Conn. (both USA), called Phu 501.
In Rockland, Maine (USA again) there are two nice small restuarants I eat at with my mom a lot. One is called Cafe Miranda and the other is called Primo.
My mum's (Bury), my grandma's (Sale), my nana's (Bury)....
Sorry I try not to treat these as resturants, but I'm a lazy single bloke!

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My favorite place to eat in the whole wide world is Cheeburger Cheeburger in Sanibel Island, Florida and my other favorite is McDonald's which is practically everywhere. I guess I have to say I like this little Chinese or Japenese place (some Asian place, sorry I can't remember) called Panda Express. Yum!
That sounds good Anilorak!
Andrea, I think I've eaten at Panda Express too. It's Chinese food I believe.
I'f your iever in Springfield, Missouri try Tong's. It is the best Tai food you will ever have.
The best pizza: Shakespear's Pizza in Columbia, Missouri.
I'd have to say Bennigan's, an Irish restaurant (there're six of them in IA).
Harvester! Coz they have lovely salads, ribs and deserts. Big ones too! Smile Smilie (U.K)

Then there`s Macdonalds as well, I like their food...Smile Smilie I just like it, there`s nothing else to it!
mickeyd's, burger king, carlos pizza.... do those count as resterraunts?
In N Out.. mostly in California.. Best hamburgers anywhere.. I guarantee it. I've never met a single person thats eaten one and didnt think so... If i ever end up on death row.... not that im trying too.. My final meal will be an In N Out 3x3.... Big Smile Smilie
In San Diego, California back in the seventies there was an Italian deli on India Street that had an eatery in the back room that made the best pizza and pasta I've ever had. Of course I was with a group of friends and the wine was flowing freely, but them was the good old days. Elk Grinning Smilie
That sounds really nice,Grondy Smile Smilie
I wen't to this awesome restaurant the other week called 'Hickory Park' and had a sandwhich called the Saucy Southerner,it had 3 types of meat in it Big Laugh Smilie btw,this restaurant is located in Ames,Iowa.
There was a very interesting restaurant I ate in Quebec (Canada), I forgot what it was called though, think it started with 'l'. It was revolving restaurant up on a tower. It was lovely to see all the buildings going around and around.
oo the Kracked Krab in Pismo Beach California US is good
My kitchen - my hubby makes a mean chow mein - it's the best....
Oooo...there are so many great restaurants in San Francisco, let's see...Naan'n Curry has great, cheap Indian food, The Steps of Rome has the best tiramisu in the city, Masawa has awesome Ethiopian food and Kan Zaman has some of the best Middle Eastern food around. Yum, yum, yum...I am hungry! My favorite restaurant by my house is a Mexican food place called The Guadalajara Grill. Their food is very fresh, and priced very reasonably.
it was a Deutch restaurant in portuguese named "De Kron"
it was so good food there and pretty good service to

(i dont actually know if its somebody of them in europe but if it is im gonna look for it)
((and i dont usually like foreign food))
(((and it was right in front of my hotel)))
((((i coud smell the good taste from the hotel well actually no but i woud have wish so))))
(((((spareribs was the best i tasted awesome!)))))