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Hmm... I have lots of childhood favorites, but my one of my favorites was my first time on a horse alone. It has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world, and definately one of my top! Big Smile Smilie
I would have to say one of my favorite childhood memorys would have to be when me,my brother(Excelsior),my sister(LadyElanor),would go out and collect apple worms off our apple trees for hours at a time,we would climb so high up in the trees and when you would get to the top there was always more & more worms to collect,we would do this all summer.
And then there was when I was just a wee lass and my sis,bro and this boy named Calvin(he was my first crush :inloveSmile Smilie found a mudd whole and coverd eachother with mudd from head to toe! and we where in our church clothes. Big Laugh Smilie
When I got the nick-name Willow is a memory I'll never forget.

When I got the nick-name Willow is a memory I'll never forget.

How'd you get that?
My dad has nicknamed me Dizy. When I was about 5, I had lots and LOTS and LOTS of energy!!! (Still do most times). I was talking to my dad, and all of a sudden he "fainted" (Now I know he was just faking it, but at the time I really thought he had). He got up a couple seconds later, and told me that I talked so fast and had so much energy that I made him dizzy. So he said that my new name was Dizzy. But then I argued dizzy was something you are, and not a person, so we made it Dizy. Now all my family calls me Diz or Dizy, and sometimes I have a few close friends that call me it too (mainly to get on my nerves)!
Another fun childhood memory was when I first got my lovable Sophie dog. We lived next door to a cemetary and church at the time, and she ran away. My mom and her friend Julia had to go run through the graveyard trying to catch her, and I cried my eyes out because I thought she didn't like me!!! Once they did catch her and ring her back, I was so mad, I asked my mom if we could get a refund! Now of course I love that dog like none other!
Well Andrea, I will surely not say that my est childhood memory was the first time I was on a horse cuse My horse got a heat crsis and threw me on the floor... Mad Smilie ...But the first time I skied will fit very well... Smoke Smilie
Ooo, I really want to learn how to ski, I do snowboard though, but I don't think it'd be as fun!
Don't worry Andrea, if I wanted to do snowboard I would Mad Smilie but I'm the only child in my family that still does ski and I think snowboard is way too painful for my a**. Wink Smilie ...although it was funny falling down evry second...
I think my fave childhood memory would be when I was feeding my cat and seeing whether she will finish the food cos she rarely ever does. I also remember having meetings with my stuffed animals becos there weren't any kids my age to play with! Tongue Smilie
I think I have to say my absolute favorite childhood memories was all the moments with my last cat Kisen who very sadly past away about two and a half years ago. Sad Smilie

But of course I can’t leave out all the happy memories from all the travels I’ve been through in my life.
I can’t just chose one so I’m very happy all of them are stuck in my head for ever and ever!! Big Smile Smilie
My favorite childhood place is a patch of hazelwood trees close to my house, which we called what would in English be nutwood or hazelwood. A small stream ran trough it which we called the Sewer River, cause it smelled and had rats living in it, so we kept some distance from it. Big Laugh Smilie Ahh.. how much fun we had there playing indians and whatever we came up with. And the nuts where goooooood, ate tons of them, but now I'm allergic. Very Sad Smilie

And the play house, often used for silly naive clubs. Ahh we had some fun didn't we Celebrian? Smile Smilie *dreams back*
Deal Smilie Amari’'s story reminded me of happy sunny spring afternoon when the guys two years older than me let me tag along with them when they were playing Cowboys and Indians down by our creek. Coincidently where there was also the sewer smell of the town's nearby holding ponds and we called the area "S**t Crick".

Anyway, we had fun that day and when they decided to have a BB-gun war, I was given the 22 (without any ammo) and told to stay where I was and to just guard it; to and watch them do the fighting. That's what I did and it was fun because I had a responsibility and nobody got hurt, except I think I caught a ricochet on a finger.

Kids: Don't do this at home or anywhere else; someone could lose an eye playing with BB-guns in this irresponsible manner.
Unless you are doing it in an official game of airsoft with all the protective eye and face protection.
My fav childhood memory? strange, i can't think of anything. I must have been happy all the time i guess. Or the opposite.
That's easy, waking up on my 18th birthday and thinking "It's Over, at last it's over!!"
Not tellin'!
I think my favourite childhood memory is that of my mother reading me bedtime stories. Sadly, I still nag her into reading to me...and I'm now 19 years old! Disturbed Smilie
Well so what you're nineteen? I've been listening to my grandma's stories since I'm born, and I guess I'll keep listening to them untill she can still tell them...
Well said Florian! Orc Grinning Smilie
Grandma's stories, grandma's cooking that everybody else's grandmas are so much better at... good times!
I remember when I was about 7 or 6ish, I read the Chronicles of Narnia and pretended my wardrobe was Narnia. I would sit for hours in my wardrobe talking to the queen and the lion and even had a stuffed animal of a faun carrying an umbrella. Then my friends and I would call each other on the phone, and agree to go sit in our wardrobes at the same time and maybe we could magically meet in Narnia... never could, but it was still fun!
Make believe was one of my favorite childhood pasttimes... ’goes off into daydream flashback mode’
The day when I finally mastered my bicycle. We never had training wheels back then and had to learn with our skinned up hands and knees.
I remember when I tried to make a teddy bear myself,kit and all but I wasn't getting anywhere cause I had no idea how to sow,so my mum helped me out all winter & its just a fond memory being she didn't yell at me or anything,I wish I could go back to that time.
LadyFeawen's story reminds me of this doll I made when I was little. Its just made from old black tights and scraps of material, with these two red buttons for eyes (I ripped them off my school cardigan). I've still got her somewhere, its possibly the scaryest thing since Chucky, she looks like a voodoo doll! Eek! Wary Smilie
HA HA! When I was really little like 2, My sister and I used to put these little pink and yellow barretts in my dad's hair while he was sleeping. We took pics of it and everything and I still think it is so funny!
Well, I don't know if it's my favourite childhood memory, but it's definitely a fun thing I remember. I have three big brothers, and they always fooled around with me. They spoiled me a bit too, but they liked to play with me. Anyway, one evening my parents were watching TV, and my brothers went upstairs to their rooms. I (naturally) followed them, and since they were a bit bored, they figured out things they could do to/with me. They decided to pull the tape out of two or three cassettes, and wound the tape all around me. Then they took me downstairs and sent me to the living room. My parents first didn't believe what they saw, but then they had a big laugh. I looked pretty silly, there's still a picture of me with the tape all around me somewhere.