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I wanted to make another story game because the other one was really fun and I'd like to start a new one with a different startin story line!!
Legolas and Gimli were walking in the Glittering Caves one day when Legolas got a spectacular idea!!

" Hey Gim, how bout we go visit our old friend Aragorn!!"said Legolas

"Ya know he doesn't go by that name anymore!! That bossy elf princess he married made him change his name to Elessar!!!" said Gimli

"Who does she think she is bossing our Aragorn around!!!" Legolas cried

"Ya know she also made him become king just because she wanted to be queen!! And our four hobbit friends, maids for there big palace!!!" Gimli cried

"We got to do something!!! She has to have put Aragorn under some spell with her beauty!!He would have never followed through with that!!" Legaolas cried

They decided to......
Hire a really bad plastic surgion, storm the palace and, while the surgion was fixing Arwen's face to make her look like Hulk Hogan, rescue Aragon and the hobbits. Both Legolas, Gimli and the plastic surgion (an orc by the name of Ralph, used to work in Saurons army, but he left 'cause the pension plan was naff) agreed that this was a wonderful plan. So, after packing their suitcases, a picnic and canseling the milk, they left to rescue their friends. But, they had overlooked one small, but deadly, flaw in the plan...
Who had told them never trust an orc!!! That really wise old guy, what was his name? I think it was Gandelt or Gondalf something like that!!!
Every now and again They would see him sharpening his sword and grinning and then say "Son of Thraundual and son of Gloin, YOUR MINE!!! MWWAAAAHHAAAHHAHAAHAHA!!!!!!"

Legolas and Gimli were very frightened of this but they didn't want to ask him to leave because orcs can be very hasty, unlike Ents.

So instead they.......

stopped off at macdonalds. Parking the car in the carpark, they asked to orcish plastic surgion to go inside and order some food. Once Ralf was out of side, Gimlie slammed his foot down on the accelerator (don't ask how he could reach it, he was driving a flamingo pink mini, okay?!) and spead away from the macdonalds. Both elf and dwarf congratulated themselves one escaping the dastedly orc...that is, until they ran into more trouble. Thranduil was clinging to the back of Gimlie's mini, and he didn't look very happy.
Meanwhile, elsewhere in middle earth...
...a golden-haired elf contemplated his return. After the incident at Helm's Deep, he wasn't so sure about Aragorn's - ahem, Elessar's - so-called friendship. Yes, this was none other than Haldir, who had not died such a terrible and indecent death, but had merely been knocked out. A couple Uruk-hai had dragged him off into the forest but, of course, the Ent forest wouldn't put up with that, so it had killed the two and deposited Haldir in Lorien. It had taken all this time for him to finally recover from his amnesia and remember that it was Ara - Elessar (what a horrible name, he thought) who had left him to die.
Finally, he decided that it would serve Ar - Elessar right for him to come back "from the dead" as it were. If he could find that princeling from Mirkwood, maybe he would help. That is, if the upstart - what was his name? Leolas? Legoman? - would stop bragging long enough to listen to reason. Haldir started off while on the other side of Middle-earth, Legolas and Gimli still...

~Nilgaerien~ Pixie Smilie

trying to get Thraundual off there back!!

"Legolas!!!! You terrible son you!!!!!" Thraundual screamed

"Legolas!! You got all lot of explaining to do!!!" Gimli cried

"Okay I through this awesome party in my dad's tree in Mirkwood!!" Legolas said shamfully

" And you didn't invite me?!?!?!" Gimli screeched

" Well you know.... Elves, Dwarves?? How am I supposed to find a pretty elf maiden when the party is just a big brawl!!!" Legolas explained

" Oh thats reasonable I guess!! Well did you hook up with any beauties!!!"Gimli asked anxoisly

" Well......not really" Legolas said blushing

" It's your hair ya know!!" Gimli cried

" What's wrong with my hair!!" Legolas said not paying attention to Thraundual who.........
had managed to climb onto the roof of the car and was calling Mirkwood HQ for back-up. Suddenly Legolas and Gimlie found themselves surrounded by Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Mirkwood-Elves!

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Haldir was busy giving himself a manicure and trying to remember Legolas's name.
"Legolam? Legless? Lassie? Hmmmm....or was it Legoland? Now I come to think about it," Haldir pondered "was it Rodney?, wait, thats the name of my hair dresser!"

Went to go find Legolas and ask who his hair dresser was because after his eternal slumber he had really bad hair. It was all standing on end and just a mess!! If Legolas didn't give him that hair dressers name and how to contact him there would be very bad consiquinses, and you know Legolas, very greedy won't share any hair care products or anything. What will he do when this evil guy wants his hair dresser!!! Da Da Da Domm!!
Haldir was still looking for his hair dresser's phone number when Celeborn ran up. "I thought you were in Valinor or someplace by now," Haldir grumbled.
Celeborn took hold of his sleeve. "C'mon, we gotta!!! Thranduil...king...needs us. Party or something - let's go!"
Haldir pried the fingers off his sleeve and smoothed the silky material - he would need his maid to iron it again - and ran after the swift elf. He suddenly stopped when he saw that Celeborn was going to run all the way to Mirkwood. "And they call you the Wise..." he mumbled then shouted, "Yo - home C! Why don't we just take the limo?"
As they climbed inside, they had no idea that the evil presence had....

~Nilgaerien~ Pixie Smilie
eaten the limo driver Eddie!! The evil presence decided to take them to Thraundual and then take the car for himself to go find Legolas and ask him about his hair dresser. Meanwhile...
Gimlie, in an attempt to shake of Thranduil and his evil doomy ninjas of doomyness, had swerved the mini onto the highway. Legolas was currently involved in an Agent-Vs-Morpheus-style fight on the roof of the car. Predictably, Tranduil was looseing, because he kept breaking nails and was under the influence of pipe weed. Nasty habit that...anyways, the fight finaly ended when Thranduil got a split end and had to beat a hasty retreat to the local beauty salon.
Meanwhile, the ninjas had managed to...
get inside the car and were trying to distract poor Gimli by throwing spit balls at him!!! Gimli lost controll and when they were riding on a bridge it swerved and went straight into the water.

everyone died the end. Wait hold on Gimli and Legolas managed to get out of the car before it toppled into the water!!! Fancy That!!!!

"Oh great!! My pink Mini!! I paid hundreds of Mithril for that!!!" Legolas said as he wept

" Cheap!!! My sportscar is worth billions of Mithril!!!" Gimli cried

"Who you calling cheap!! I do not know what I saw in you before!!! Oh yeah Mithril!!! Like I said I'm a Mithril-Digger!!" Legolas said

"Yada Yada Yada!! Shut up and let me call my dad to drop off my mustung!!!" Gimli said as he waited patiently for Legolas to stop crying!!

Meanwhile back in the Limo.....
Haldir was trying to figure out where Eddie was and making no headway with the new driver, who didn't talk much. Celeborn was anxiously rubbing his hands together and mumbling things to himself. Haldir shrugged and searched for his hairbrush.
Just as Haldir located his silver-lined utensil, the driver turned in his seat to address the sniveling Celeborn. "Shut up or I turn this limo right around!"
Haldir was shocked. This was his driver?! He searched around then held out his face care kit. "Dude - you have got to do something about that face. How do you get job referrals??"
"Do you know Legolas' hair dresser?" the evil thing growled.
"'s Rodney," Celeborn mumbled.
"Rodney!!!! That two-timer elf princeling!!! He stole my hair-dresser!!! I can't go around looking like him!!!" Haldir scrambled about for his mirror. "NNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" he screamed when he looked in it. "I already do look like him!!!!!!"
The evil thing couldn't help its smile. Not only had he found a lin kto the hair-dresser, but he had caused havoc along the way. Excellent. He pulled into traffic, already thinking of Legolas' reaction.
His nail people had been attacked by a hord of crazed rabid wesale, and had all gotten major cutical dammage in the scrabble to get out, so they had all gone on the Caribean Disney cruze and would not be back until next week. He begane to bawl all over again.
"Why don't you just shut up and quit your whining?" a voice said. Elwen, Legolas, and Gimli looked up to see Haldir standing there, looking into a hand-held mirror and straightening his eyebrows.
"Because," Legolas sniffed, "I don't - "
"Hold it!" Celeborn interjected, climbing out of the limo. "How are we in Mirkwood? In the last post, we were still miles away."
Haldir stopped admiring himself and stared at Celeborn, then the limo, then back to Celeborn. Finally he shrugged. "I don't know . It doesn't quite figure up. Does it matter? We're here now."
Celeborn processed this then nodded. "That's the way these things happen, I guess." The others agreed with him.
But what none of them saw was that the evil presence was slowly creeping up on Legolas, determined once and for all to have his hair-dresser.
Gimli was off to the side because he was bored with all those elves!!! He saw the evil presence come towards Legolas from behind and pull out a sword!! Gimli ran and stabbed the evil guy in the back!! The evil guy let out a peircing scream and then died!!

"Nobody touches my elf!!!" Gimli cried!!!

They all looked down upon the evil presence and saw that it was..........
none other than... the nail guy, who all along was trying to get a better look at Legolasses scuffed and broken nail!
Legolas cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and can you guess? Yup he cried some more!!!
"Now my nail will never be fixed properly!!!" Legolas cried as Gloin Gimli's dad pulled up with the Mustang!!

They all hopped in with no plan whatsoever!!
"Yo - people!! With no plan, where are we going?!" Haldir cried as he crowded into the front seat between Gimli and Gloin with no invitation. The two dwarves glared at him.
"I's hopeless! All hopeless!" Legolas wept, holding the finger with the broken nail in his other hand.
Just then, Haldir glanced to the side and cringed. Out of his pocket came the silver brush and a bottle of mousse. "Dude, we have to do something about that mess!" He went for Gimli's tangled beard, who yelled angrily and lunged with his axe, causing a surprised Elwen to jump into Legolas' lap, who yelped in pain as another nail broke, just as Gloin hit the gas, leaving Celeborn to grip the back of the driver's seat or be left behind. They almost crashed into a Volvo as they swung onto the highway then they were off to another adventure...screaming, kicking, protesting, and being a general nuisance to the other cars on the highway. Smoke Smilie
"THE EVIL PRESENCE IS BACK?! I THOUGHT WE KILLED HIM!!! Ah well, that's how it goes, " said the numerous narrators of this story. Anyhow, meanwhile, the characters were still running other cars off the highway and still waiting for the authors of this now-insane thread to make up their minds on what was going to happen next... Big Laugh Smilie
The presence gone!! who actually wasn't really a presence but legolas' hair dresser!!
I think this is the first evil presence's much more miniacle older brother, like the wicked witch or the east in Wizzard of Ozz, but I'm insaine,so....
okay so the evil presence aka legolas' nail guy's older brother saw his brother's dead corpse and decided to kill the little munchkin who killed him!!!!

"Mwaaaaaaahahahahahaha!!!! Little one you better watch out!!" said Roy (the evil presence's brother and then remembering a toon he started to sing, "You better watch out, you better not cry, you better watch out I'm telling you why..Blah blah blah blah blah blah!!"

Meanwhile in the cruising mustang.....
Look what I have done!!!!! With one bizarre post, I have infected you all!!!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!!! Okay - breathe. Down to business... Very Mad Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie

Elwen finally pinned Gimli's arms to his sides. Haldir inspected the abandoned axe until Gloin threatened to use it to chop the lef's hair off. Haldir quickly laid the weapon aside. Legolas was still whimpering and finally, Gloin demanded that he stop.
"I can't!" the prince whined.
"Why not?!" the entire car shouted.
"Because it wasn't an evil guy!!! It was my hair dresser!!!!!!"
"Oops," Gimli said rather sheepishly.
Just then, Gloin swerved the car to avoid hitting...
a homeless house-elf sitting in the middle of the road with a sign reading "do me a favor, don't swerve."
funny but sad!!!!

anyways the were going to aragorns house to barge in and get him!!! But...
The homeless elf was preventing that!!! (They are never going to get there, you know.. Very Big Grin Smilie )
"Get out of the way!" screeched Gloin.
"Run over me!" the elf screeched back. It wasn't until the car skidded to a stop a few inches from the elf's face that they saw it wasn't a homeless elf at all but a desperate, hopeless...
on Aragorn's front door, they found a note. It read:
To whomever it may consern. In a bid to escape Arwen, I have gone on holiday to visit Gandalf, it is my theory that she'll be so discusted by his aftershave that she won't try to follow me.
Lots of Luv and Hugs

"Bother," muttered Legolas "He owed my five gold peices too!"
For a moment our mismatched heros stood there, deep in thought, before Legolas declared "Come Gimlie! We must hotwire Aragorn's Land Rover and rescue him from Gandalf!"
"But Legolas, surely Aragorn is safe with Gandalf!!" said Gimlie, for he listed pointing out the obvious as a hobby.
"Alas!" cryed Legolas, over dramaticly, "You haven't smelt Gandalf's aftershave!"
So off they went to the royal parking lot, where...
Arwen caught them!!!

**Sorry you posted right before me H.R.!!!! Oops!!
"XXB???" Haldir exclaimed. "What the heck is that?!"
Gimli rolled his eyes in a disgusted way. "Maybe it's a new brand of shampoo," he said sarcastically.
Haldir sat up straight in his seat. "Really??" He climbed out and started in Elwen's general direction. "Hey Elwen..."
Gimli shook his head. "The elf doesn't know he's delusional...he doesn't know he's delusional," he said, desperately trying to convince himself he hadn't fallen in with a bunch of morons as Legolas sobbed harder.
"This is how XXB works," said Elwen. "XXB!XXB!XXB! XXB! XXB! XXB! XXB! XXB! Whenever Dad wouldn't give us what we wanted, we'd just say XXB until he gave in. Let's try it!"
Gimli broke down in tears. But the rest of them, except of course Legolas, still crying over his third broken nail, which he ended up breaking because of the stress he was under trying to squeeze out more tears, started yelling:
Arwen fainted, after saying "My poor little eardrummywummies!!!! Nooo!!!! I'm melting! Melting!" (Hold on, that's another movie.) Who cares!
Gimli stopped crying and threw Legolas out the window becuase he felt LEgolas was the cause of all the troubles. He landed in.....
A mountain of hair clippings and broken off nails! The had magically been transported all the way to the salon of the Evil presence Roy, who had used the girlieness of the fellowship to lour them to him! Muahhh! MUaahhh! MMUUAA-hack! Hack! HACK! ( coughs up a hairball, because the sallon had not been sweps since they trimmed up treebeard!)
"Legolas! Quit playing with your fingernails and help me!" Elwen yelled impatiently. Legolas quickly jumped up to help his sister where she was hanging out of the trunk. You don't ignore an older sister who has a powerful right arm.
"What are you doing?" Haldir asked lazily, checking his arms to be sure he had tanned properly.
"Getting something to help us since you all seem to have no interest in doing so." Elwen said as she and Legolas lifted out a....
nail file, so that Legolas can fix his own darned nails, and they could get the heck out of here!
Legolas fixed his nails in quite a short time (only 10 days) and by then they really were desperate to go and save the hobbits and get rid of Arwen and save ARagorn from Gandalf's aftershave. So they decided to start with the hobbits. THey owuld be guatrded by Arwen so it was highly dangerous. They hopped into the car and drove. And drove. And drove. And drove (Alright, that's enough fo that) and they sneaked up to the palace. Arwen was lying on the doorstep, dead as a doornail. Or was she? Suddenly she..,...
Meanwhile, for no reason at all, Bilbo Baggins was devourered whole by an orc with an abserd scottish accent. Och!

Wow - bad luck. Very Big Grin Smilie Just as the orc finished his meal, Roy (or is it his brother now??? I'm confused!) bounded out of the trees to make a deal with him, hoping beyond hope that the threat of coming so close to an ugly orc would scare Legolas into giving the phone number.
Unfortunatly the orc had wind from eatting Bilbo so quickly. And, as a result, exploded. Killing them both.
Meanwhile, the evil, evil baddie desided to throw a rave.
"Ha," he said to himself "Now I shall catch Legolas for sure, no elf can resist a rave."
So rave got started and suddenly Elrond kicked in the door and started to blow his whistle and wave his glow tubes about while singin....."Im the fire starter twisted fire starter"
"Everybody blow yer whistles" roared Elrond
Evil presence Roy dudeman mister sir thingy is collecting everyone's sanity in a mason jar to send to me and Nil so we can minipulate it, and use it's oposit(ie insanity) to infect the world, MMUUAAHH!!
as the rave was getting going (the techno version of 'The A-Team' had just kicked in) a stoned balrog named george walked in the door and sat on the DJ, who happened to be an albino mouse, called number one.

Elrond decieded george should be.....
...killed, in spite of his wonderful singing talents. The high pitch was just too much.

(Sorry, it's midnihgt my time and I'm really tired so apologies all around if I'm way out with this one.)
as in the middle of the new song by the Darkness called " A Thing Called Love" (I cant stand that song. A human voice should not go that high!) When the big burly security guards came and dragged him out, and believe it or not, the little albino mouse smuggled from a losal college was unharmed.
unfortunatly, the meatballs turned out to be quorn....

(the lady and TRAMP dont like dirty quorn, (its a meat substitute that tastes (and probably is) wet card-board).
"---RRRRRRRRGH" concluded the Lady, as did TRAMP.

They then decieded to eat pollyanna and mick the mouse to get rid of the taste of dirty quorn.
Mick the mouse was quite upset about this, and in self defense he.....
left to get some desent pizza at Round Table. Hey! Has this turned into a finish this sentence thing?!
Crushed by a falling helecopter. As a trickle of blood trickled out from under the flameing wreckage, somebody kicked the door of the helecopter out, and out jumped Merry, Pippin, Gandalf, Thranduil and Dr Romano.
"Look, how many times do I have to tell you," grumbled Thranduil "Its your own falt for letting him drive. He couldn't see over the dashboard."
After looking around and desiding that they had nothing better to do, Merry, Pippin, Gandalf, Thranduil and Dr Romano headed towards a hill with a creepy old castle on top of it. As they reached the front door lightning lit up the sky and boomed a bit.
"Nice touch." muttered Romano, as they pushed the doors open and headed inside...
"AAAAAHHHHHH Help me!!!!!" a voice was coming out of the mountain.
Help them indede! Anyone would cry for help at the first whiff of that cologn combo!
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