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I thought I started this a few minutes ago but it didn't appear so I shall start again.

Following my interrogation of a completely innocent person in the chat room last night I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where you can ask all those questions (maybe not *all*) you always wanted to or even just trivial questions.

The rules:

Ask a question of a particular member.

If that person answers the question they then ask another question of someone else, who answers that and asks a question of someone else ..... and so on.

If the person doesn't answer the question within 2 days then it becomes a 'wild card' and someone else can leap in and ask a question of anyone they choose.

I start! I'll be gentle......

Lord_aelric: What is your favourite book, apart from any Tolkien) and why?

Yes... please be gentle as i have a congenital fear of fierce and sudden attacks upon my being.

Shocked Smilie

Alrighty, favourite book apart from Tolkien...(tricky) well i dont have a favourite book, film, album or any such thing really, i rate them in terms of "favourite thing at the moment" as time changes IMHO folks tastes. But i suppose in respect to books i always find myself re-reading, aside from Tolkien, i love the works of Steinbeck, "Of Mice and Men and Grapes of Wrath" in particular, I have a thing for 19thC Gothic literature, Poe, Lovecraft, Shelley, Stoker et al..., and the Arthurian Cycle (Mallory, Vulgate, Mabinnogion etc...), Greek Tragedies, Medea, Homer's Iliad, oh crap... i just dont know. Err;

If i was cornered i'd have to say the books that have had the biggest influence on me were either Brave New World or Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (being a biker meself)

hope that kinda answers your question?
Exploding Head Smilie Exploding Head Smilie Exploding Head Smilie ]

I wish i could be concise, but i'm a gemini, and therefore its not my fault

Pixie Smilie

what about your good self m'lady?
No, you shouldn't ask the same person a question! But I will answer......

I agree with Steinbeck - Grapes of Wrath was a very moving book. 1984 also. I am not keen on Lovecraft although I have played Cthulululullu. I agree with about favourite being a difficult concept for books. Currently I would recommend Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card to everyone. That and The Little Book of Wrong Shui.

Enough of me

Now you have to ask someone else a question. A different person.
Grondmaster, do you play a musical instrement?
Silly question. Everyone knows that Grondy Halleck, the minstrel-warrior, plays the baliset.
Miruvor, why didnt you post a different question then?