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members. This is a game I thought of yesterday when I was riding in the car home from a mother's day get together thingy. You ask a question that is either about someone at PT or the answer is someone at PT. The person who gets it right gives the next question. If the question is about you or the answer is you you can't guess. You may ask a question about yourself but be sure at least someone at PT knows the answer! All questions must be appropriate!!!

Here goes:

Which PT member had a tarantula that crawled into her mouth when she was sleeping?

(this one is easy!!)
No idea but I need to know if it tasted like chicken?

hint: she has admitted she was crazy here a couple times
They taste like prawns; roasted over a fire to singe off the hairs.
A delicacy in Thailand.
I don't like prawns so I'll give the tarantulas a miss as well.

Was it......... (drumroll)........... Nilgaerien????

Wiggle Smilie
Well it wasnt me ! I dont get this game... how the heck should i know who ate a tarantula, thers a million people here...

I'm not around enough to know y'all that well. Guess this won't be my kinda game, but nevertheless good idea, hobbithomie.
it wasn't Nilgilaearn or however you spell it!! It was crystle caves!!

Okay okay How bout from now on we do stuff like for starters:

Where does LordAragorn86 live?

would this be better?
Oh, that one's easy! He used to live in Kuwait but recently moved back to his native India.

Vee! How dare you suggest it was me??? Oh, yeah...I am known for crazy things like that... Very Big Grin Smilie

Okay, so I ask a question now? Hmmm...Which new member offered avatars to everyone ?
Etharion? Smile Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Right you are! Take it away, Lady Fea! Big Smile Smilie (And while you're at it, line dance with me, as Vee and I are so fond of doing. Wink Smilie). Wiggle Smilie
Yeah thats right , but i still dont have the permision for it so im still waiting...
Sure thing, Nilly Smile Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Which member wrote the beautiful poem 'I've seeked for you in Heavens'? Smile Smilie

Am I right?

Yup your RIGHT!!! Vee your up!!
Since this thread got lost in the shuffle, I will take V's turn. Smile Smilie

Which PT member has a facination with balloons?
That would be Ross. Smile Smilie

Who drew Tarrants avatar?
The lovely Amarie - and a gorgeously cute avatar it is too. I wanna hug and squeeze.....

Sorry I missed my turn earlier - I must have wandered off.

Which PTer recently announced his return?
Methinks its Peredhil. Although it could be anyone.

Cool Smilie

Which PT'er is fond of his Fishes?
Hunting Nemo!

Could it be RevGrevBevMcTev?

Psssst - of course mine was Peredhil - he started the 'Guess Who's Back' thread, didn't he?

OK which PTer has cold teeth and likes posting in the role playing threads?
Nope... dont think avatar - think his occupation. - That clue will give it away surely.

Big Smile Smilie


My question stands......

Which PTer has cold teeth and likes role playing threads?

What PTer last joined the Quest ?
Milambar, that's who!

Which PT-member is singing the blues and singing it well on the CD in my CD-player?

I am waiting, waiting, waiting..... soon my precious, soon......

Which PTer was in hospital recently and we are waiting to hear how he is?
That would be our beloved Grondy. Hope it all went ok for him. Smile Smilie

Which PT-member recently returned after a loooong absence?

(there are actually two, but which of them returned first?)
Yup, your turn Virumor!
Err, which PT member has the biggest feet?
Darous, methinks.
Which PT member is a published writer? (hint: also a council member)

Which PTer has a cat called Blackie?

Which PT member's name means "Spirit Maiden" (hint: starts with Lady)
Lady Feawen?

If I'm right, here's my question:

Which PT member calls themself The Spotted Daisy?
The dwarf lass......Lony!!!

Who knows a lott about "Elves and gastric eruptions"?
HINT:look for a thread
*Loni bursts into tears

BOOHOO!!!!!!! People know about me!!!! They know my name!!!!

On the other hand....

BOOHOO!!!!!!! Etharion didn't spell my name right!!!!!!

you were just joking, right..........? (Say you are, say you are)

P.S. I wouldn't have a clue for the answer to this question. Please carry on, and ignore the annoying little dwarf.
Takin a quick stab in the dark etharion by any chance could it be my good self hahahahaha.
If it is then who is a big footie fan?
Hey who say's i have the biggest feet? maybe somebody else has bigger feet and just isn't saying. Tongue Smilie
Maybe so Ross. Should we have a foot measuring thread? Or should we just guess who has the most troll-like feet?
I'm betting on Ross having the biggest feet. Luckily he seldom suffers from hoof-'n-mouth disease. Elk Grinning Smilie
No i don't, but I do put my trotter in my mouth quite often Tongue Smilie
errmm, back to the game then, I'm guessing Perwing is the big footie fan

Who manages their town library?
well if it isn't me, i would sure like to know who that might be then?? Wink Smilie

town library manager would be Nell (a great PT-manager as well she is!)

Who is the member that can't keep quiet for more than about 4 seconds?? (helps if you have been in the chat a few times i guess..)
It has to be Legolaslass.

Who used to give quenya lessons in #Bilbos-study?
I'm not sure, but was it Pere?
Cano_Yavanna, with Pere as the substitute that eventually took over Smile Smilie

Who is (as far as most ppl know at least) PT's oldest regular member?? (i think he's the one with the most posts too, that posting-freak.. lol)
Has to be Grondy

Who has recently sat and passed their Uni entrant exams?
No idea who passed the exams, but I really really like this thread... so I couldn't resist posting in it to revive it... Why don't we start with a new question?
hmmm but what to say?
OK, then, I'll ask the first question : Which member here has once said that her name is Monica?
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