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Having just got in from a shopping trip the other day, I emptied my coat pockets, heres what I had:


2 Mobile Phones,
Sony Minidisk Player,
PalmPilot m105,
Car Stereo Facia,
Assorted Loose Change,
Credit Card

It might be fun to see what other people carry around in their coat pockets. So, after a day out shopping or something, empty your pockets (all of them!) and list the contents.

Go on, you know you want to.
::Reaches into pockets::

I have some lint.
::Reaches into pockets::

dont have any pockets (now)
I found my car keys!!!!!!!!!!!! I had been looking for them all day long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found two quarters, some gum, and minpen. That's all. Wiggle Smilie
Hhhmm.. Whatsss hass I'ssss gotses in my pocketssesss then...? Wiggle Smilie

Well - there is my mobile in my jean jacket...

Some fluff in my jeans... (no room for much else in 'em)

Aawwww... That's all!

Now - If there were a

'What's in yer hand bagsssesss?' Thread...

Then we'd have some fun!! ha ha

Cheerio chums!! Waving Hello Smilie

My jean's pockets are empty atm but when I go out I have mobile, keys, money, cards, tissue, bits of paper......

I don't use a handbag very often but I have a backpack full of tissues, pain killers, pro plus (never taken them), comb, nailfile, receipts, mirror. chewing gum.....
In my pockets are 78p in change, a red elastic hair tie, my debit card and a piece of paper with a telephone number on it
... Oh - I just found another piece of fluff in my pocket ... Thought I should share.... Wiggle Smilie

Actually - I'm fibbing - I just popped back in as I am intrigued about this piece of paper in Sevrinn's pocket.... Telephone number? Shocked Smilie Animated Wink Smilie Pixie Smilie Deal Smilie

Well, Sevrinn...?? Wink Smilie
Trouser pockets
’8.55 in assorted change ( I hope I don't fall overboard tomorrow or I'll drown for sure)
One handkerchief (used)
Warrent Card (also containing ’25 in case of emergencies)

Coat pocket
Three key rings containing Four car keys, three house keys, seven boat/compound keys, and nine more keys, two of which open the office doors and the other seven I actually haven't got a clue about.
Black Biro
A laminated sheet of A4 with a chart of a mussel bed
A letter to DVLA which I should have posted on the way home from work
Mobile phone
Chapstick!!! I must have my chapstick!!! Pixie Smilie
Milambar, I a have a Sony Mini Disc also, not many people I know have them, so, Kudos to you!

I also have:
Make-up Compact
Some keys
and, 47 cents
Hey, this is a fun game!

Let's see what I've got:

- two handkerchiefs
- a mobile phone (and oh goodie, it's my own! Tongue Smilie )
- my wallet
- a shopping list Orc Going Huh Smilie

That's it! Boring Smilie
Let's see what we have here...

*Reaches into pockets*

-A pen
-One pocketknife
-And a small flashlight.

I've got a bit of lint also, but I doubt that counts.
Mine are empty...again
Its amazing what some of you ca fit into your pockets!! Tongue Smilie Got nothing in there but my fruit flavoured lip balm.
O.K. This is my jacket pocket (my pants don't have pockets)
-3 recipts
-2 granola bar wrappers
-my YMCA membership card
a. library card
b. Borders drink card
c. $140
d. Realty One Card
e. Photo of me and my violin
f. several soda tabs
g. another recipt
-5 buckeye nuts
-four dollars
-A few more soda tabs
-Buisness Card
-car keys
-card with important phone numbers
-"Air Kiss" Lip Gloss
-"Raspberry Tint" Lip Gloss
-"Shimmer" Lip Gloss
-two pocket knives
Yeah, I keep a lot in my pocketses, precioussss... Wink Smilie
This is in my pocket : a handkerchief.

And the purpose of this thread would be what??? Heh.
Hair ribbon
"Blush" Lipstick
Nail File
And...*gasp* Pimple medication. Got The Blues Smilie Wink Smilie
Let's see... I reach into my pocket and find

A couple of candy wrappers, a cell phone (WHAT????? I DON'T HAVE ONE ANYMORE!!!oh, well),
a picture from Pirates of the Caribbean of Jack and Will, and a reciept for ROTK (!!!YAY Orc Grinning Smilie !!!)
Only a handkerchief and a bit of dust. Though I did have my wallet in there for most of the time today. And in my jacket there are some candy wrappers and a roll of mints.
In my jacket, I have:

peppermints, of the melted and un-melted variety
a couple paperclips
a broken zipper
mobile phone, tis mine, yay!
a ticket stub, from some movie
and, err... a hole, where various amounts of loose change have found themselves disappearing into...

Aand, in my pants:

Err... nothing, I'm still wearing my pajamas! and they have pockets. I am sunburned, and am as red as my red shirt, itai....

my pants dont have pockets and anyways im still in my pjs Big Smile Smilie
I I'm still in my nightshirt and when I looked in my pocket expecting to find only lint, I found I forgot to take last night's bedtime pills. I wondered why my legs were more swollen today.
That proves how helpful these threads can be. What if you had not looked into your pockets? You might have thought a spider had bit you on both legs last night!
I got some chips and other munchies in my sweatshirt. Couldn't resist taking some junk food to
Minidisk player, my front door key and a bottle opener.
hmm... well, if you really want to know...
:: empties out contents of pockets ::
trebor mints
marlboro red
richmond superkings
black eyeliner
purple eyeliner
random chocolate wrappers
some money... but not much mind you
my walkman
a razorblade
some random safety pins
my phone
and a penknife

and God only knows whats in my other pocket....
Shirt pocket: some wintergreen flavored tictacs, my Williamfold, a leather nerdsack (pocket protector with three pens and a rosewood comb), and my brains (a leather 3 by 5 note-card holder with two side pockets for notes and appointment cards.)

Right front pants pocket: keys, leather coin purse, and leather-covered magnetic money clip.

Left front pants pocket: pocket knife (3" Tanto blade) and a wad of unspent facial tissue for nose blow purposes (no hankie as they require washing.)

Rear pants pockets: nothing (they're inaccessible as I sit on them all day long.)
trebor mints
marlboro red
richmond superkings
black eyeliner
purple eyeliner
random chocolate wrappers
some money... but not much mind you
my walkman
a razorblade
some random safety pins
my phone
and a penknife

So what does that say about you, apart from 'avoid at all cost'? Well, indecisive with a good taste in colour perhaps.
Left front pant poket: marlboro green, and a Zippo. Cool Smilie

Right front pant poket: four keys with a "portatil-bending-pliers" (you know, like a pocket knife)as a key chain, my car keys with a "number eight miniautre ball"- key chain.

rear right pant poket: wallet with thousands of ids!!!!

and I do not know if this woud count, but I am wearing a small swiss army knife in its special belt-case, a small leather bag for coins and my cell phone hanging from my belt. ( my wife says it is like Bat-Man’s belt.!!! Wink Smilie )

Oh! and an ID card on my belt as well that I use to I work.
left pocket i've got... my keys and my wallet... and in the rightpocket my mobile phone! and.. thats about it!! Big Smile Smilie
So what does that say about you, apart from 'avoid at all cost'? Well, indecisive with a good taste in colour perhaps.

whats that supposed to mean? =D
Razor blade, safety pins and a penknife.... hence avoid. You can't decide between marlboro red and richmond SK or black or purple eyeliner so indecisive. But you are redeemed with the purple and black eyeliner.

Wiggle Smilie
Let me see..

a pair of scissors
a box of juicyjuice
3 pennies
a fountain pen
a TI-83 plus Silver Edition(graphing calculator)
5 rubber plugs(for open-keyed flute)
a silver polilshing cloth
a piece of cloth
a digital camera
Hmmm... how do you people get all that stuff in your pockets?

In mine I have a used tissue. The End.
I did have 50 pence and a dirty handkerchief in my pocket, but now I seem to just have a small hole and a dirty handkerchief. You never seem to lose the dirty handkerchief, though.
I just emptied my pockets a few minutes ago after coming back from the drugstore. I had...

Small knife, larger knife which clips to the inside of my pocket, pen, flashlight, few dollars, and some loose change.
Just a wallet today, preciousss! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Today, I have my chapstick (from Bath and Body Works) and I did have my sony Minidisc player. Peredhil, kudos to you for having one too! Birthday Smile Smilie They are very cool but very rare where I live. Tongue Smilie
Princess: Big Smile Smilie

Left pocket: Mobile phone, key, fake ID, Lighter
Right pocket: A great big hole Tongue Smilie
Hmmm...I came back from shopping today to find a candy wrapper and a cap to a pen I can't find. Now if we were to discuss what is in my purse..... Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
I'm guessing that we don't even want to go there, eh Nil?
Sure, lets make it funner, add the contents of yer purses/backpacks.
No purse or backpack here I'm afraid. But in my pocket there is... *drumroll* a hole! Very Big Grin Smilie
Let's see...the purse: wallet, change thingy, atm receipts, duck tour stub, bookmark, day planner, water bottle, book, bandaids, a spinny top thing, gum, crackers, tape, map, other map, subway token, keychain (no keys, just a keychain...), small notebook, larger notebook, pen, pencil, grocery receipt, recipe for lentil soup, menu for a takeout place I've never been to, scrap of paper with phone number I've never called and will never call, because I don't know who it goes to, scrap of paper with an unfamiliar address, batteries (possibly dead).

I kind of carry my life along with me in my purse. I won't go into the backpack. Smile Smilie
Lets see, I'm off to work soon so I have all me work gears on. errm, 3 wood screws of assorted size, a wax stick, 2 pens, two small peices off scrap wood(one with a short cutting list on), small steal rule, half a cupfull of sawdust, a crayon, wallet, carkeys, and half used pack of yellow zigzags left over from the bad old smoking days(should tif em), some more saw dust, and a broken coke can tab.
Let's see..... I have:

A pen
A receipt from the bar at the Royal Festival Hall (2 Carlsberg for ’4, pretty good for such a posh place)
3 guitar picks - one for playing, one for chewing on, one spare

Excitement all the way. Tongue Smilie
Oh, goody, look what I've started!!

I'm guessing that we don't even want to go there, eh Nil?

Uhhh, probably not, Stoney... Wink Smilie I'll check it in a bit, though and put you through the horror, though. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

(And in keeping with the thread, I - nothing in my pockets today!)
i have big pockets!
now i have..lots of stuff
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