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If you had to pick your favourite scene across the whole of the 3 films which would it be?

I think Gollum stole most of the scenes he was in but I loved the battle scenes especially those of Helm's Deep, what about you guys?
oooh! That's really tough! Umm...I don't know. Either The ROTK scene where the Dead Guys Materialize in front of the ships, or when Legolas slays the Oliphaunt. I don't know...
The battle in Balin's Tomb was one of my favorites. But I also liked Helm's Deep and Gandalf's fight against the Balrog. Yes, I think that the Bridge of Khazad-Dum was my favorite scene.
I loved the bride of Khazad Dum too! And Helm's Deep! And the ending. With the white ship. Very Sad Smilie

It's really hard to choose, but I think I would pick these if I had to.
I suppose its better to say what are your favourite scenes rather than choose just the one cause thats way to hard

Boromir's death was nicely done too