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Catehgories are:

Other - Everything else that doesnt fit in the above categories

Rules are easy, ask a Yes or No question, one question per person and whoever guesses right goes next! I could make this easy and only use the films but HA, no, this will cover LOTR, Hobbit & Simarillion. Question examples - Is it round? Can you use it? Is it heavy? etc

I'll go first, make it easy

Im thinking of a OBJECT
Um, didn't Sevrinn say we're supposed to ask a yes or no question, guys? Anyway, was this thing held/possessed/worn (etc.) by an Elf?
Um, didn't Sevrinn say we're supposed to ask a yes or no question, guys? Anyway, was this thing held/possessed/worn (etc.) by an Elf?

Yes, this is the Yes & No Game after all! And to answer your question, NO - not worn by an Elf

And for the others:-

Sting - No
Gurthang - No
Arkenstone - No

Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Smile Smilie
Was this a thing that someone would carry around?
Was This thing visible?
Hello there, welcome to pt! Waving Hello Smilie

Ehm. Was this thing of any use? (in other words: can you actually *do* something with it, or is it just to look at?)
Yes you can carry it
Yes it is visible
Yes you can use it
And Yes it very much has a purpose
The Ring?
Good guess, but nope!

Clue, made first appearance in ROTK
Does it have a name that begins and ends with a consonant?
was it re-made by elves and worn by a certain king?
Is it Grond? No you cant carry that....
Was it located in Gondor?
wild guess:
possibly sharku's armor? Very Big Grin Smilie
Bilbo's mithril shirt? Oops, scratch that guess because it made its last appearance in RotK.

Is it bigger than a bread box. (That was a standard size question for this type of game, but as I doubt if any one has seen a bread box lately, I'll say it holds about 2500 cubic inches (about 41,000 cc)
Is this yes/no game about the film or the books? Cause if it's the films, is it a sword?
Why not read the rules in the first post?
If the answer to my question is YES then I think it is Denethor's Palantir.
When its your turn you can use either film or books which is why Ive listed The Hobbit & The Simarillion

Orc Plumber has been the closest so far, probably has it just needs to say what it is!!

Did this item first appear in the movie RotK, but the book FotR?
Yes or No, Im practically giving this away guys, It first appeared in ROTK the film - used by a Man, an important one - think Elrond....someone else almost had the answer too
I know what it is, but just realised I can't post it, 'cause I probably won't be online again until like Saturday. *sigh*
first one to answer it goes next Tommie, so if you know it then say it then it will be your turn!
I think you got it Etharion
Big Mexican Wave for Etharion

Well done mate!! LOL, didnt think it was going to end!

Your turn now
YEEEAY!!! My turn huh? Well ok, il try...

Im thinking of a PLACE
Is it a place of Men?
Is it in Middle-Earth? Is it a realm of men? Is it mentioned in any of the books? Do you live there? Is this place big? Is this place, like, say, on top of your computer screen? Can you make a poem about this place? Does time exist in such a place? Can it get wet? Do you have to pay much to go there? Is it a private place? Does it start with an R?
Hahaha, but thats to many questions. Yes. Men were there. It is from the book(Silmarillion).
Good lord! Its supposed to be one question at a time lol

Is it west of Rohan?
I'm sorry, but I have 2 questions. 1) Is it near or part of Mordor? 2) Does its name have Minas in it?
No, no and no.

Hint-(im practicly telling you) Im not sure what part of the world its in, but its not a part of Middle Earth.
Valinor? Outer Seas? Beleriand? Valinor? Aman? Numenor? Almaren? Pelori Mountains? Valimar? Morenore? Belegaer Sea? Haragaer? Enegaer? Did I say Valinor?
I cant answer all your questions. But it isnt Valinor. It is a place of men.
Is it an island, maybe even star-shaped?
Carrying on with Grondy's line of thinking, was this place possibly given as a gift/reward to the Edain at the end of the First Age of the Sun?
Yes. A island. Gift to men. But that is not the exact location im thinking of. Narow it down a bit more.
Are you thinking of the name a particular city (or other place of dense population) on this Island of Andor (Westernesse, N’men’r’)?
Not a city.
Is it Numenor?
Could it be the Mountain?
What mountain?
maybe beleriand?
That's a good guess, I can't think of any though...
the maountain in the middle of Numenor?
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