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Is anyone excited like i am about this game? An interactive map of Middle Earth? How cool. Also the fact that individual units have emotions and feelings. quite frankly i'm getting really pumped for the release. you can watch cinematics for it at ea's website.
Okay, could someone explain? I don't understand. What does EA stand for? What is this game? Details? huh? What do you mean, 'interactive' map? And what IS this website?
No, I haven't played any of the recent LotR related games.

I'm working my way through the Neverwinter Nights series and have just arrived on the first level of the Undermountain in Hordes of the Underdark. When I finish it I'll probably go back to Final Fantasy VII now that my grandson and I finally got that darned runaway train stopped before it wiped out Mt. Corel: the on-screen instructions for the PC sounded like it took four keystrokes cycled over and over, while it only took two cycled over and over. I wasted six months and a couple hours waiting to figure that out. Harumph!
Neverwinter nights is a goood one
Is anyone excited like i am about this game?

I've had my eye on that one since I first saw some screen shots around Christmas time. I love RTS games anyway, and this looks like being one of the best. I like the idea that each of the factions (Mordor, Rohan, Gondor and Isengard) each have to meet different criteria in oder to raise their armies. It looks awesome.

I often play these sort of gamnes over my LAN with my son, so we're both looking forward to this one.
i cant wait for that game to come out,i like all the LOTR games ive played and strategy games are about the only games im good at (action,and arcade style games being the others,im the worlds worst rpg gamer)ive been waiting since march for this game and cant wait for it to come out,and as a little side note i cant wait for middle-earthonline to come out as well(a game NOT based on the movies, but the books)
Hey, I am just dying for it to get released! This is probrably the first good LOTR strategy game (no offense to War of the Ring or whatever it is, people) that has come out. Hey I've been to the official site, seen some demos, and i can tell its gonna be some kool game. HEy, did u know orcs can be produced for free in the game. Smile Smilie
I've never been much of a gamer. But I've been waiting for this one for some time. The video clips are encouraging.
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie


Gandalf didn't "die" in Moria. In fact, the old wizard slapped down the Balrog and marched out of the mountain with the rest of the fellowship. Meanwhile, King Theoden of Rohan managed to get cut down at Helm's Deep and, oh yeah, Boromir lives.


But in other battles, heroes can and will fall. In fact, one of the most shocking moments in our testing came when Aragorn fell in an early battle and the game went on, accepting Aragorn as a casualty of war. Another surprise came when Boromir was saved from the Uruk-hai, thus veering away from The Fellowship of the Ring storyline. Alas, what seemed to be a bold move on the part of EA faded as Aragorn and other characters that were killed in battle simply reappeared in other battles later on.


Sam and a group of Gondor soldiers take on Shelob, the spider queen. As you can probably tell, the game takes some liberties with the story for gameplay's sake.

That's from the Gamespot review, which awarded the game 8.4 out of 10. So overall, I think I'll grant EA the poetic license and get the game, because it looks great!! Big Smile Smilie

(Grondy merely strengthed the above spoiler headline)
It is an awesome game. Your cavalry don't just stop ten feet from your enemy to fight, like most strategy games. You have the option of plowing through them and just keep charging! And Isengard and Mordor castles don't have walls! Just run through and kill everything!
(A hint for the rest of you that are gamers, don't be afraid to summon the balrog or an army of the dead.)
Well, if you want to download and view the saved games (complete battles) of Battle for Middle-Earth by other players, you can visit the following site:

Battle for Middle-Earth saved games

You can post your own saved games here and then discuss strategies and various ways to improve your gameplay and many more. Have fun!
Yeah this games kicks relative orc and Urk-hai @$$ seriously it rocks the cavalry and eveery other unit has there own strangh and weakneses. The only thing i dont like is that the armies are limited to size Exploding Head Smilie
What about The Third Age for the game consoles? Has anyone played that?
Great game. BUT ITS TURN BASED! If It wasn't turn based I'd have it. Turn based combat makes you less involved in the game. You rely on the skills of the character instead of your own gaming skills.
battle for middle earth is mostly a great game, bit imbalanced in favour of good teams though, their cavalry with all the heros they get, shockingly easy to win
It is pretty easy to win. Evil castles don't even have walls, you just run or ride right in and destroy everything. I already mentioned that didn't I?
Yes, but if you're playing the Evil side, yo have to get on the offensive and never let the good guys have any breathing space. Sure, Mordor and Isengard don't have walls, but "Attack is the best defence". So just go out for an all-out attack against the good guys and yeah, don't forget to take the Balrog with you. Its awesomely powerful. It can wipe out the dead army and the complete Rohan castle to dust before its time can get over.

And yeah, as for the "mistakes" in the storyline, like Gandalf not dying in Moria and Boromir living, the game does mention that "The fate of the Ring is in your hands and it is now your choices that will decide it" meaning you control the game and the characters will live or die depending on how you play the game.

And yeah, I can't wait for Battle for Midle-Earth II to come out. Dragons and Elves and Dwarves and what not? It says it offers the complete Middle-Earth for you to take. Ought to be great.
I must admit, I really looked forwards to getting this game, but when I finally did, I hardly played it. I think the main reason for that was shortly after I got it, my PC died and I lost my save position. It's always hard going back and starting something from scratch.

I tend to play a lot of games over a LAN with my son. I was really looking forward to playing this one with him as we like such games as Age of Empires, Empire Earth etc, which are similar Build and Battle games. Unfortunately, Battle for Middle Earth comes on a DVD rather than a CD-ROM, and only one of my PCs has a DVD reader. Had it been on a CD, no doubt we would have played it quite a lot.

As far as the game was concerned, from what I saw of it, I really liked it. Nice graphics, the chance to play as the party members etc. At some stage I will go back and have another go at it. It's just finding the time.

As a final note, it's far better than Lord of the Rings - War of the Ring. Ironically, as I can play that one over my LAN, it gets played far more often.
Unfortunately, Battle for Middle Earth comes on a DVD rather than a CD-ROM, and only one of my PCs has a DVD reader. Had it been on a CD, no doubt we would have played it quite a lot.

Well, I've got mine on a set of 4 CDs. I think you'll find the game on CDs too if you look for it. And yeah, if you do have a DVD, just copy the game onto the computer having the DVD reader (note: copy, not install), then copy the game onto the other computer throgh the LAN and then install the game on that computer using the copied files. In this way, the game will be on both the computers. Of course, you will need to have quite a nice chunk of freespace on both your comps to do this but it is a solution for your problem.
I'll try that, LA. Never thought of doing it. Had the same problem with Far Cry too.
I'm a great fan of the first and the second game, i got the second game with the expansion, great game, though the world creator is hard Wink Smilie