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This thread is for complete LotR movie addicts.
I dont know if this will turn out that popular, but oh well.
Each person repeats the exact line or two from the movie after the person before them.

We'll start at Bree:

Barliman:Oh, yes, Gandalf, long beard, pointy hat. Haven't seen him for six months.
Sorry, but I have tried hard not to muddle my memory with the movie lines, so that I can hold Tolkein's book words more readily available. Still, go on with this game if you wish. Cool Elf Smilie
i do know a lot of the lines from the movies, but I prefer to quote the books. I actually don't like the movies at all. So here's a quote from the book, and i hope you won't mind if I skip ahead to Saruman and gandalf at Orthanc:

Saruman: White! It serves only as a bgeginning. The white light can be broken, and the white page overwritten.
Gandalf: In which case it is no longer white. And he who breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom.
Well don't post here if you don't wanna play the game, you sillies! Juggling Smilie

Ok, I think it's one of the hobbits... hmm... Sam maybe?
"What do we do now, master Frodo?" or something like that... I don't know. Where did all the movie freaks go?
Pippen: What's that?
Merry: This my friend, is a pint.
Pippen: I'm getting one!
Sam: But you have a whole half already!

SamSad Smilieto Frodo) That man's been doing nothing but staring at us the whole time.
Frodo: (to Barliman) Excuse me....
...whos that man in the corner?

Barli:thats a ranger...’strange? folk rangers, ’wandering the wild?"

Strider: "you should be more carful Mr. Underhill
that is no trinket you cary"

(i admit that that might be the wrong exact wording, i only know these lines so well cuz when i had my appendix out i got to watch the movies over and over...)
I wonder, when they opened Elrose up to remove his appendix, did they find an infected superfluous piece of his anatomy or was it a Superman suit? And instead of closing him back up using stitches or staples, did they merely install a zipper? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
it was either that or a really big bill...