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This is my First game The point is to tell one Wacky, Weird, Interesting, Strange about yourself. You can post more than once. I will post a least one a week, but only if other people post

When I was young Smile Smilie I had suicidal goldfish They would just Jump out of the bowl, and try everything to get out . So then when I wanted to go out I had to put the bowl in a tubful of water.

Well??? Cool?? Strange???

Please Post Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie
The weirdest of all things.

I didn't listen to Pink Floyd for the whole day yesterday.
(Right now the time is 00:06 on 11th September 2004)
weird things about me..............................almost too many to count.

i am possessed by a raccoon named (ironic when considering who posted right before me on this thread)Floyd.
One thing that is strange about me is my name which means "little girl". I happen to be 13 years old and about five and a half feet tall. My brother is a complete dork and spends his time reading books that have titles like "The Stainless Steal Rat" but has a name that means "strong and manly" which he most definitely is not.
I once woke up with a home-made tattoo of a butterfly on my leg, that I have absolutely no recollection of putting there. It's pretty ugly too.
I wholeheartedly believe that the answer to the secret of time travel has already been discovered, that there are portals to other dimensions, and that ther are most definitely planets with other life forms out there somewhere-that should be strange enough!
I went down to get the cows in for milking yesterday morning and this one cow kept stopping all the way back to the shed to lick the electric fence. I swear to god it was the funniest thing I've ever seen, LICK *ZAP* oh *&*%%@$!! what was that??, oh well, walks a little more..........STOP......LICK
*ZAP* oh *&*%%@$!, what was that??, oh well, WALK...LICK....*ZAP*. WALK....LICK....*ZAP*
Turns out she lacks gluecoes because theres not much grass around and we are feeding out a lot of Maize silage(that's mashed up corn for all you townies), and a low blood sugar can cause the cheese to slide of the cracker a tad.

(Edited by Vee - sorry, Rho)
There is nothing weird about me - it is everyone else who is weird.

Although..... I can, at times, remote view....... that is I can locate or see things elsewhere that I shouldn't be able to. Whatever the reason it spooks my kids often enough.

I don't particularly believe in fate or fortune telling etc but I do sometimes get premonitions..... I once spent a night looking at the car, worrying about something to do with it which I couldn't put my finger on. I had to keep checking it was OK.... the the next morning my husband was stuck in traffic on the M25 in it and someone behind went into the back of the car in front of them and shunted all the cars forward with such force that our car was written off! My husband was unhurt but amazed.

I think lots of people have this sort of thing happen - it is probably the way the brain works and processes information. The conscious and unconscious workings of the brain are a weird and wonderful thing which we don't fully understand.
I live on a farm and in a city, but when I'm at my acrage My dog Khi's playmate Is the next doors Horse Rudy it's really weird i mean they are like best friends.

oh Vee That happens to me to. it told me about harry on the day he did it i got the letter later along with a journal. But after that it gets stronger

Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie
Hmmm. Tell something weird about myself.

I'm completely abnormal.
And I like it.

Very Evil Smilie
When I was little, my first imaginary friend was an affeminate bi-polar android who had parents that never loved him.

I am making a flash series called: Billy and a Trucker named Jim

I am a male yet I: Use mary kay skin products, own a disney princess coloring book, shave my armpits, and wear fuzzy pink slippers.

I role play on IRC

I make extensive posts about how weird I am

I write extensive messages on my socks

In my freetime when I am bored I go on conspiracy theorist's websites about invisible free masonry

I posses a left nostril

There is a tiny perriwinkle man on my shoulder

I was once under the impression that subway had plans to conquer the world, and then melt down the earth in 2016 and drink it for sustenance, lest they be stopped by the power of a stone made by assorted italian deli's.

I live in america, and was born there, yet I completely detatched myself from american culture and learned everything I could about italian culture.

I once met a man named bob, and I said to him, "Hi", then he ran away

I can have a 10 minute conversation with someone with an accent and accidentally pick up the accent.

I like pickled cow's heads

I exist

I exist

Now that is weird!

I don't think I am weird - there may be weird bits of me but I think most people have the potential for that, they just get it squeezed out of them.

At school I was a sweet potato but no one believed me.

My parent were horrified by the simplest things - so I have tried to allow my own kids to be weird if they want. One daughter is and one daughter isn't. My son, aged 11, has a rubber chicken for a friend. He used to take him to school . One teacher in particular was very fond of ChickenGuy but now he is in senior school they won't allow it. He can't even wear odd socks - they insist on plain black. He'll find other ways but what chance does individuality and imagination have when it is stifled in so many ways?

The clock in this room is weird. It insists on wearing lime green space boppers and a purple party hat.

He'll find other ways but what chance does individuality and imagination have when it is stifled in so many ways?

Dangerous things, imaginations, many teachers and such don't like any children to be different from the others. No roses in the weeds if you know what I mean.

Oh JtC might be teased you know, have to make sure aaaall the kids are exactly the same, becuase then eeeverything will be alright. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

Wierd. Yes that's me. I firmly belive the gnomes (nissane) took my pants one day. It was a few years ago, I had left my clothes on the chair next to the bed. Then the next day I needed the house key which I knew was in the pocket, but the pants were nowhere to be found. I looked and I looked for days and days all over the house and mom yelled at me for loosing my key. I swear to you, I went trough the clothes on the chair a million times, moved them one by one over to the bed and back again to make sure.

The suddenly, when dad had gotten me a new key, and I had forgotten all about this, I glanced over at the chair and the pants where exactly where I had left them. Pocket contense with keys and lint and gumwrapper was all intact. Veeery odd.
I was wondering why you had pockets in your pants..... then realised you mean 'pants' as in trousers not knickers. Hehehehe.....

Is underwear the only thing on your mind? My knickers and Taz boxers... You are one sick sick puppy ,Vee. Puppy Smilie But that is old news. Wink Smilie Or maybe you are just obsessing over laundry. Who knows? Smile Smilie Wiggle Smilie

Another thing, when you say knickers, i think about nikkers, which are knee breeches, which leads me to lederhosen. And imagining gnomes stealing my lederhosen is a lot more fun than underwear. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

I am "Virumor-ing" now, I keep editing this post after I have posted it, adding and changing things. Wink Smilie No offence to Vir. Smile Smilie
Well, at least the gnomes didn't steal your pants when you were wearing them. That would be rather hard to explain. Big Laugh Smilie
Yes, I am very greatful they didn't. And I think it was very nice of them to give them back. Nice gnomes. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
I am "Virumor-ing" now, I keep editing this post after I have posted it, adding and changing things. No offence to Vir.

Hey, just let me be a Council Member, so that i'll also be able to continuously add and change things in other members' posts ! Elk Grinning Smilie

That said, could one of the CMs edit the title of this thread and change "werid" to "weird". That title is just too werid now.
That said, could one of the CMs edit the title of this thread and change "werid" to "weird". That title is just too werid now.
We would if we could, but we can't so we won't. Wink Smilie
One thing weird about me is that I like to eat chocolate along with something salty, like french fries or chips. I also like to drink diet soda with it. I know it doesn't make sense to eat chocolate and drink diet soda (does one cancel out the other?) but it tastes good.


Hmm ummmm

I dont know why but I Named my cat "Starry Moon"
and Thats The strangest name that i have ever heard

Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie
Starry Moon is a lovely name. Smile Smilie I named my female cat after a living, talking, parsley eating, male slipper who lived with a old shoemaker and showed movies about childrens rights. Ok, so i was 6 years old at the time, but still Wink Smilie