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The room from Orwell's novel which contains your greatest fear! Or a BBC TV show in which famous people nominate things/people/places etc to go into Room 101.

Nominate 3 things you would like to put into Room 101 - you can agree or disagree with whatever is nominated by anyone else. You can choose things from the real world or from Tolkien's world.

My first 3 things are......

1. People who spit on the pavements or in public - shudder!

2. People who deliver things to your home before 8am, expect you to be up and about and then don't wait long enough for you to wake up and answer the door... they leave cards telling you Ha Ha! Tough! Missed me!

3. Remote controls - they hang around in gangs on coffee tables and refuse to work when you want them to.
I tend to agree heartily with your nominations! Dumb old delivery people! Down with remotes(wait, that's not a good idea-then I'd have to get up!Sad Smilie ).

Three things to nominate for Room 101:

1.The bank that owns the loan to my vehicle-they call my house asking for my payment after I am THREE DAYS late, sometimes as much as five times a day!
2.My mother-in-law:she once tried to kidnap my daughter and tried to sue me for calling her the unsavory B-word(apparently that is slander. In her case, it's gospel truth!). Needless to say we don't speak. My husband does not even speak to his own mother as a result...I think the whole thing is very sad...
3.The dumb old neighbor, who thinks it is alright to mow his lawn at seven o'clock in the morning on a Saturday and run his buzzsaw at eleven o'clock at night on a weeknight! Same neighbor once yelled at my husband for not having the canopy of the tree in the front yard be above six feet.

That's better. Thanks Vee.
Can I come back in here in a minute and use three other examples?Smile Smilie
1. PJ
2. the entire LOTR cast
3. the "who's next?" thread
Can I come back in here in a minute and use three other examples?

Of course you can!
Here's my three at the moment:
1. my piano teacher who spent my entire lesson telling me how he's going to build a house out of plastic blocks as soon as he sells his old house.
2.ppl like my grandma who have UFO's (unidentified floating objects) in their food storage from at least three decades ago and still use them, like my grandma's carrots from 1972 she used at Thanksgiving last year
3. Rain and snow nonstop for almost 4 days now.
This string is going to fill up fast, I can tell.

1. Motorcycles
2. The tourism industry. I can't hate tourists: they're just people and reasonably nice ones, by and large. But the civic/business community that guts what was once a community and replaces it with a marketable, uh, thing.
3. Intellectuals who have finally got it all figured out for us and can and do tell us exactly what and how to think and act.

Yeah, I think I may end up coming back with three more things. Everybody likes to gripe. I sure do, and I should because I'm the only person I've met who's right about everything. I've never disagreed with anything I've said.
Hmm lets see if i can come up with something good.

1.people who smoke and drink a lot
2.the whole school staff, for being INCREDIBLY dumb and tottaly disrespectfull of the students
3.MATH. i propose it to be baned. Well....most of it. At least the stuff im studying now in school cause it has no usefullness AT ALL whatsoever......

Ill try and come up with something beside school next time....
1) Commercials louder than the program they sponsor.
2) Music playing in stores.
3) Busses that can switch traffic lights. (It is great that emergancy vehicles can do this, but nobody else should be allowed this control.)
1)Working for U-Haul
2)U-Haul's regulations
3)U-Haul customers
You have no love for the orange, Turin? Only kidding, but how else would all of suburbia move without U-haul unless we wanted our stuff broken by movers, which brings me to my nominations for Room 101:
1.Moving people that loaf around more than the friends that came to help you move, but really only want food and drink. And moving people who break all of your things because they are careless oafs. So moving people in general!
2. Jay Leno, for stealing David Letterman's shot at becoming Johnny Carson's successor at hosting The Tonight Show. I am aware that this happened over ten years ago, but I can hold a grudge for a long time...
3.Anyone who can not appreciate the inherent right of every person alive to be respected as being unique and special and to be treated with dignity and kindness.
1) People who moan and guts ache about the LOTR's movies and treat the book, charactors and monsters as if they were living, breathing entities
2)sharks Wary Smilie
3)most music post 1979
1. People who ignore the law on smoking.. especially in free smoke area's (I sometimes wonder if they realise what they do to people who get really sick from it).
2. People who cannot wait with boarding the train before people have left it.
3. Persons who change your appointments in your agenda without you notifying it so that after hours of overtime you find out, too late, that it has been cancelled.
My three nominations are:

1. People who drive so close behind you that you can barely see their headlights. Then you worry the entire remainder of the drive about getting rear-ended.
2. People who are rude to sales clerks and waiters. It seems unfair to blame the cost of store items or meal prices on the person who probably earns the least amount of money there.
3. Pre-programmed telephone calls for either sales pitches or political candidates. The answering machine picks up the call and the programmed message fills the entire tape, so now no one you really want to hear from can leave a message!
Today's nominations:

1. Banks for charging $2.00 everytime you use another banks' ATM.
2. Family members who insist on giving advice even when you haven't asked.
3. Family members who immigrated here to the United States, changed their surname, didn't leave any record of the old name, and died without telling anyone, even their own son(my dad) whom they left in an orphanage upon entry to the States. Thanks, ancestors!
Oh, yeah, Rhapsody, you brought up my most hated of all sick habits:public smokers! Can't they just wait until they are out of range of anyone? It really is disgusting...

Ha, 400 posts! So there!
1. People that trying nonstop to impose their beliefs and personal ideas on you (i.e. religion, politics, etc.)
2. People that are full of themselves all the time and show it
3. Judgemental people that are quick to sterotype others by knowing next to nothign about them
Go Laurel with the four hundred posts! I myself am still getting over the fact that in the weekend I surpassed 800!!! Well done.

1) People who moan and guts ache about the LOTR's movies and treat the book, charactors and monsters as if they were living, breathing entities

like these people on a website I saw who were in all seriousness, actually debating whether Tolkien made up the story or actually got it from the REd Book of Westmarch. And as for the moaning as gutsaching: are you suggesting putting ME in the room? I try not to moan, but it just happens. But I never start it!!! It always starts with some person who sees me readingt the book and says: "Why the heck are you wasting your time reading that? Why don't you watch the film? It's the same thing."

Alright.... One: People who say sorry and promptly tell you that you deserved it or that you were acting like a two year old anyway and wonder what they did wrong, then accuse you of telling them how to say sorry.
Two: PE teachers who make you do the beep test (run twentyfive metres back and forth until you can't do it anymore to test your stamina), don't run with you, and whinge that you didn't go far enough.
Three: People who can't take advice, and complain you're telling them what to do.

Yeah Laurelindhe, it is just very unpolite. If you claim your smoking rights, you take away the rights of another for clean air.

I have more:
1. People who just cannot manage documents, so that you have to find out for them which is the correct one (just for crying out loud: delete the old versions!!) and are really surprised that others use the old version (but everybody understands my system... right??) Arrgh
2. People who dumb their garbage or used packages on the streets or in your garden (recycle bin anyone?)
3. People who can't take no for an answer and do not know when to stop. No is No, it is as simple as that.
My 3 computers related nominations:

1. People who can't keep their pc organised. Everytime they need a file they have to use the Search button. People with files on their Desktop instead of just icons.

2. People who install a new software and just start using it like that without once looking at the options and customising the software according to their own preferances (notably, such people most of the times don't know what they want!!). The same group of people usually involves people who never read the ReadMe files or the Help files and come to me asking for help using a software. Also the people who just go and buy a game, don't look at the System Requirements specified and then come crying to me when the game doesn't work on their computer. You ******, the game requires atleast GeForce 4 MX 4000 Graphics Card and you're trying to run the game on your VIA's onboard Graphics, that too at 1024 res at 32 bits? ARGH!!! And I really hate those people who get annoyed when I tweak the Graphics options when running a newly installed game for the first time. According to them, it's just "Install the game and start playing, why do you need to waste time with all the options?" AARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

3. People who think Windows is better than Linux because you don't need to use the Commands. You *******, Command Line Interface rocks. I love it!!
And as for the moaning as gutsaching: are you suggesting putting ME in the room?

No, some people want to put you in the room because they envy your seventeen Silmarils.

1. ppl who only post to raise a stupid number under their posts. Yes, that number is very important. The more numbers, the higher you'll get on the social ladder.
2. the word "soccer". I suspect it's something american.
1. I changed my mind. People who use leet talk and thinks its cool. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

2. Narrow minded people. People who have no ability to put themselves in other peoples position and wouldn't know understanding if it came and bit them in the lower regions of the back. "What I believe is the only right thing to believe."

3. I'm borrowing from Grondy now: Commercials louder than the program they sponsor. Grrr...
1) Same as above... about that whole leet talk thingy

2) Relatives asking me the same question over and over "So what are you gonna do with your life?"

3) Computers. Can't live with em, can't live without em... Have buy a new one every 2nd year just to run the latest software.
1. Me

2. Myself

3. I
1) Some of the fishermen who tell everyone we haven't let them have a mussel fishery for twelve years.

2) People who wantenly vandalise other people's property

3) People who whine about how bad the world is to them, or expect the country owes them a living for doing nothing, when in reality their are countless millions in the world who are far far worse off than they are.

Oh.... and mobile telephones. In fact put those at the top of the list.
CELLPHONES!!!!! DIE!!!! DIE!!!! (Everyone gasps - "Isn't Loni a teenager?") Yes I am. I HATE CELLPHONES!!!!! People always sitting around, thumbs going like the clappers, people always spelling my name wrong, in TEXT LANGUAGE!!!!!! My friend insists on doing that, AND SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A PHONE!!!!! And when I ask people why they got their phone, what is THE POINT, they say " there's cool games on it......" DIE!!!!! DEATH TO THE CELLPHONES!!!!!

In fact, put that on ALL THREE spaces in Room 101.
Yes, I hate the blasted things. It is fun making up ways to embarass cellphone users, though.

But anyway:
1. My evil brother.
2. My evil brother's evil trumpet.
3. My mother who always sides with my brother even when he is obviously wrong and insists that I practice my beloved flute too much. I only practice an hour a day! Thank goodness my dad is on my side.
1. People who have nothing better than to forward random emails about making wishes and other related subjects

2. People who leave their tax return forms till the last minute and, consequently get fined

3. Parking ticket people who fine you for stopping a car in a no parking zone for 30 seconds.
1. People that choose to be ignorant on a certain subject, resulting in reproachable behavior.

2. Telemarketers.

3. Lima beans.

Exploding Head Smilie
I think I'll be either dating myself or displaying ignorance, but I'm really curious. What is leet talk?
A sort of gamers shorthand. Check this out - it is so funny...

click here
1) turkey pot pie with green beans

2)dry burnt toast

3)when other people complain about stupid things

Police Smilie
1 - SPAM as in unwanted emails etc....

2 - Muzac when you've been put on hold on the phone....

3 - People trying to sell you something and when you say no, they will NOT take no for an answer....

1) Rude people.
2) People who don't use their turn signals.
3) Reality TV.