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Just for fun, everyone paste the url of the last website they were at, immediatly before coming here, although, please make sure that it is a family friendly site.

Mine was

This post has been improved by Amari’.
ok, let's try,
Mine was
Mine was, although I highly doubt anyone else here would be interested in that one!
Elf Winking Smilie

I was ordering this weeks groceries. Yep - I get them delivered to the door. It's fantastic!
Elfstone, I was curious to know at what website you were, cause you wrote "I highly doubt anyone else here would be interested in that one!" Well, this site is really very good made and is very colourful, so...that's all...)))
The site I was at was the school's home, Google. Would I go on any other site than PT? (My life is so sad)

I was looking to see if they had any job openings at Raven Software. I really want to work on X-Men Legends 2 to make it right! Haha! I'm such an X-Men nerd too! I'm not too into video games, but I am into X-Men.
Aaha!! Go Mil Wink Smilie We want to get some of the people here educated about the "techie" stuff Tongue Smilie

Errm, sorry! Just being a nerd Tongue Smilie

Anyways, I was here previously :

Half-Life on Linux HowTo

I was trying to find the secret lever to turn off the magic armor trap on the Maker's Isle in Hordes of the Underdark. This walkthrough said it was there but forgot to mark it on their map. I finally found it using a potion of lore and standing around for ten minutes ooggling the post where I thought it was hidden.
Nerd?!? No no no no no!! Geek!!
Clicky! (Continues on next page.)

See? Now admit it! Big Smile Smilie Clickity! (Also continued)

Me I got here from as usual. Too lazy to type in the url here all the time. Smile Smilie

The last page I actually looked at was
Go to bed, Greven.

i come from
I wish... ’!!&@@!! insomnia!!

Hihi, those smilies are getting better each time!
Is that a challenge? Elf Winking Smilie
En garde!

What time is it now? Oh! Time to stop beating the dead horse and get on with it! Let's get out of this cold, , make a nice fire , grab some nice, dark ales and sing along to some nice music while waiting for Santa!

Tongue Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Hello everyone, I almost feel like a newbie since I have not been on PT in so long, but I saw this thread and had to reply. The last site I visited before logging in to PT today was from an email I got from Tarrent. Smile Smilie It is a beautiful site, that I think everyone needs to visit on a daily basis. I think Tarrant even said as much in his email. Well here it is.

Greven, your previous post should be selected as post of the week! Very Big Grin Smilie
My favourite is the en guard smilie. I love it!

(don't I look marvellous with my 'Community Supporter' status? All thanks to Vee! Watch this space for my avatar!)

I'm listening to yesterday's program online, because we won't get it on-air until tomorrow evening.
Elfstone, I was curious to know at what website you were, cause you wrote "I highly doubt anyone else here would be interested in that one!"

I was on the website for the Angels (a MLB baseball team) Nimrodel amarie. I wrote what I did because unless you’re an Angels fan, you probably wouldn’t have a reason to visit that site. As far as I know, I’m the only Angels fan that just so happens to also frequent PT.

Anyhoo, not like they need the advertisement, but I just came from
Elf Smilie
Elfstone, to be frank I'm not a baseball fan, but I liked that site, really Angel Smilie