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Now ladies and gentlemen here is another pointless thread, brought to you by T’rin Turambar.

It's simple really, as soon as you visit this thread, post the 1st thing that comes to your mind.... no holds barred!
no holds barred

Remember the Family Friendly rules before posting those lovely thoughts. Smile Smilie
i'mma good boy! well not really.... had too many wobbly pops last night, and fell off a roof, alas i didn't land proper and my ankle got broke Sad Smilie
Poor Turin! I hope you are alright...I like your idea, usually the most random thoughts are the most interesting!

Right this very moment I was thinking that it is a shame that I do not have the means to donate large sums of money to needy groups and/or countries. I would love to make a difference somehow. I was musing how a lot of us Americans are quite a bit more well-off than those of other countries, like Chad and Sudan and Zaire and Ethiopia, just to name a few African countries in need. Even so, a good percentage of those who do have the means to do some substantial good would never even think about the condition of their fellow humans...only about which car to buy next, etc. It breaks my heart. I try to donate as much time to different charities here in my community as well as worldwide(online), but I feel it is not enough. Well, Turin, you wanted to know! I actually think about this quite a lot...I suppose that is not as interesting or strange as you had wanted, but oh well...

What I'm thinking at the moment is : "Why am I here?"
It's simple really, as soon as you visit this thread, post the 1st thing that comes to your mind.... no holds barred!

Erm, abiding to that.... The first thought that came to my mind was "Another gaming thread? Where're all the discussions? Lost among RPGs and games!!"

No offence folks! Just something that came to my mind!
I've got an oral exam in...20 min. So I am wondering which one of the topics I will draw. Crossing fingers for the roadplan one. Smile Smilie
I'm thinking of : The fact that i have an exam tomorrow and don't feel really comfotable about it, but instead of learning I sit here on this forum (which is new to me by the way). Sad Smilie
Welcome welcome! Hm...right now I'm thinking about my book project and horses running in fields...what a life?
i was thinking...

"hmmm i wonder how many people will have replied to my thread?"

I'm thinking about dragons and mountains. Smile Smilie
I'm thinking about how cruel it is of Hailey, keeping two enormous flemish giant rabbits in such a tiny cage. And the other six rabbits, in even smaller cages. And those three dogs of hers terrorising them all the time. how could she? Poor wabs. Phoebe especially. I LOVE that dulap of hers.

Cool thread, Turin!
i was just thinking how nice it was to talk to a buddy of mine, i haven't talked to in about a year....

I'm also the proud owner of an acre of land... on the moon, i hope i get money in return on this investment.

thx loni!
hellooooo again. You have land on the moon? I don't get it. How is that profitable?

I'm laughing in my mind at my Dad. HAHAHAHAAH!!!!!! He really didn't know what I was saying when I said "I antiuca ner ar i anvanya vende matar," which means 'the fattest man and the most beautiful maiden are eating" when we were the first two to sit down to dinner. IT'S TRUE!!!!! He is fat!!!!!! Alright, so I'm not so amazingly beautiful. BUT HOW DO YOU KNOW!!!!! YOU CAN'T SEE ME!!!!! *scary music*
darn it i was hobbling on one foot today and i fell over and did something nasty to my thumb, it's movable but hurts when i put any tension on it... darn i'm a wreck!

Loni there is a website that sells plots of land on the moon, i think it's legit check it out!

Planetary Investments <-----LINK
IMHO What you would be buying is a piece of paper. In order to stake a claim of ownership they must have gone to the moon and staked their claim. It has about as much legality as the one where you have a star named after you. The website may even be phony and I certainly would never give them my credit card number.

Turin's gonna be hurting a lot more is that was a phoney website!

I was thinking how nice it would be for my family to pick up their laundry, rather than leave it strewn out all over their respective floors, and how if they would even fold their own clean laundry once in a while(primarily my hubby) it would make my millenium as I DETEST laundry with an unbridled passion...he does not ever fold my laundry...I might not be so darn overwhelmed all the time if someone would pull their own weight every once in a while! I am not asking for the moon, after all...
Ah. I dont know where to start.........
Im totally lost in my life. I have no idea what id like to do.....School is a agonizing rutine, constantly repeating and memorizing boring useless facts is not my idea of a education.....
Ethy, I have found that sometimes in life things can seem quite monotonous and one can get stuck in a rut easily. I have also found that sometimes these times hold the most hope because it is "Always darkest before the dawn" and out of stagnation comes renewal...or something like that!

I think you know what's on my mind if you read my journal! Boring Smilie
Many thoughts in my mind.... Most importantly, why am I still awake at 4:15 am?
I think you know what's on my mind if you read my journal!

Dang, and i just wanted to start my own RPG, centering around Legolas : "Forest Gimp".

Guess that won't happen now... Very Sad Smilie
Dang, and i just wanted to start my own RPG, centering around Legolas : "Forest Gimp".

Guess that won't happen now... Very Sad Smilie
Well I disagree, I think we need yet another Legolamb centered RPG where we can let our imaginations run wild and skateboard across the waving strands of Rohan's grassy plains. Not starting that thread, which if it were to lead to the stunting of even one member's creative juices, would be tantamount to a sin of omission, for which the author of said journal entry will be an accessory to the crime. So tell me, how have I gone wrong in this thinking?
You haven't, for as I stated in said journal, I myself am guilty of said crime...So I am at once hypocrite and saint! So you are right, in a sense. But a stifling of artistic vision is not the answer, so said journal writer will try harder to look on both sides of the fence...and that's what's on my mind.

Regarding the Legolas RPG, Grondy, can we have full creative reign and be able to enslave Mr. Hunky Mirkwood Elfie Prince? Very Evil Smilie I think I could find some things for him to do...
Only if our eight year olds can read it without their mothers writing us nasty letters because someone's passion got the better of them and they violated our Family Friendly Site rules. Elk Grinning Smilie
Soo... we have permission ’optimistic smile’
I'll help write a passionate roleplaying thread about Legolas I Love You Smilie
OK. We need a Faramir as well as a Legolas fan club!!
I'll help write a passionate roleplaying thread about Legolas I Love You Smilie

I am sure Virs Legolas rpg would have been very passionate, but not the way you wish for...

I am glad to see that Tolkien discussions are up and running again. Smile Smilie I just hope it will last.
I am glad to see that Tolkien discussions are up and running again. I just hope it will last.

Erm, Amie, does that mean that I can finally get rid of that "Save me, please save me" look? Wink Smilie
Let's hope so, Migsy!!!

Besides, if it weren't for all of our common appreciation for the Master's, I mean Tolkien's, work, then we really wouldn't be here, would we? Well, I'd be here, but not here...????????

What is on my mind at the moment is the rising death toll of the earthquake/tsunami...All of those countless thousands of people, clinging to life, many losing it...and now those that did survive have the horrible possibility of contaminated water supplies and rapidly spreading disease-What next? Again, I wish I was disgustingly wealthy, so that I could donate some of the aide to those poor folk that my countrymen are being so stingy with! I would actually fly there and work my ars* off trying to help, if I could...It makes me wonder what I, as a housewife with limited income, could possibly do to help. I am generally not religious, per say, though I am spiritual, but since last Sunday, I have been praying a lot more. Maybe that is all I can do, but I wish we could all do more...
I am thinking that i shoould really be more exeptant of Harry Potter
Sigh, I can't post what's normally on my mind, and especially with the sideshow planned for 14 August in TN, despite the fact I think (at least in one respect) the majority is with me (which makes me wonder about other things.) Meanwhile, it's been so long since I've written anything besides an Elizabethan sonnet I'm afraid to participate in any RPGs.
im thinking that i really should get off the computer although ive only been on for 6 hours...... Shaking Head Smilie
im thinking six hours is alot
im thinking it probabally is so bye!
ummm, rivendellelf?
I'm thinking this is a pretty stupid (inane) thread and I should probably run it through the shreader.
im thinking that this is fun cuz it doesnt have any rules!
im thinking a few things. one is that "has Rivvendellelf disapeered? another is the answer to the riddle "Think of words ending in -GRY. Angry and hungry are two of them. There are only three words in the English language. What is the third word? The word is something that everyone uses every day. If you have listened carefully, I have already told you what it is."
and the last is that i love this thread even though i completely forgot bout it!
has Rivvendellelf disapeered

who is Rivvendellelf?

im thinking about and potatoes...dont know why though...
I was just trying to figure out how to cope with those "logarithmischen Gleichungen" in maths... my cousin wants to know and I haven't got any idea myself... um... better not tell her that. if it looks like I have an idea of what I'm talking about she maybe won't notice... yea, I know, I should search for my maths book and try to find the solution of the problem. I only remember I hated that stuff last year... *argh* and I think I shouldn't spend that much time online, mum will be angry, I know it. get out girl, get out!!! ciao
This isn't a pointless thread...I have something on my mind. I am currently working in academia, and I am getting pretty sick of it. I am trying to get back into the corporate world where people actually work or they will get fired (as I write this during work hours Wink Smilie ). It is pretty hard to get fired in academia because of all of the unions, so many people have no incentive to work. I feel like the academic environment is stale, static, stagnant and needs to catch up with the rest of the world, but they are so resistant to change, they don't want new blood with new ideas, for it threatens their traditions. I think I have realized that many of the people I work with would never make it in the corporate's time for me to move back to the world of finance!
Just's nearly Christmas wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Fat Santa Smilie Standing Up Santa Smilie Snowman Smilie Tired Santa Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie :wavingsanta;
Smiling Santa Smilie Christmas Smilie Merry Christmas Smilie

I've been dying to use these smilies he he he I lurve Chrissiemas - wish we could have some snow this xmas!

Has anyone noticed how much weight Peter Jackson has lost - I saw him on TV at George Lucas's lifetime award, I had to look twice. What about the action figures made of him - will they make thinner ones!!!!!
now youve said that, i'm thinking about christmas card lists, and shopping.
and when to put up the decorations.....
and now i'm thinking who puts their decorations up and when...

i'm thinking about doing it on the 1st december... then they can stay up for a while...
I'm thinking about it too...but I'm trying to think of how far my cash can stretch this year....eeeeee...I better start shopping now!!! Standing Up Santa Smilie There are no children in my family so Christmas isn't as exciting as I'm sure it could be...actually, most holidays don't seem to be. I think it's time somebody had a baby! Not me, of course, but someone! I think we need to have a rejuvenation in our family of holidays, and start seeing them through the eyes of children.
Oh wow - another who puts up deckies on 1 Dec - I always do even though both my girls are grown up. I still buy them an advent calendar, hubby also gets one - he's got a Star Wars one this year. I've been buying prezzies all year - I just like buying for people - also cross stitching for others.

I also buy my girls a new tree decoration each year so when they move out Very Sad Smilie they have a set of decs for the tree. I have also done this for my sister's 3 little ones.

Oh go on Eruwn - why not you I'll do a x-stitch for you!!!!! - I think Rhapsody having a baby?

I would love another but can't

Well Happy Christmas everyone - you will hear me saying this a lot now......
Right now Im thinking that I should get off the Internet and go do my Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science projects. evil teachers Teacher Smilie Teacher Smilie oh well, ill do it later...maybe...
Right now I'm thinking we have given in to the corporations who want to sell us stuff we don't need. And their pushing Christmas three months ahead of time, and having people speak positively about it, shows just how far our civilization has fallen. Happy New Year!!!

Have you purchased your St. Valentine's Day cards yet?
Better hurry: Only Eleventy-One Shopping Days Left! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Im thinking about the fact that I should really be getting off the internet now, hmmmm, nope i dont think i will get off yet, mayb though...
Also im thinking about how i have to get up for school at like 600 am and i really dont want a stupid paper for English due...Teacher Smilie
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