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So Angry Smilie saw Smile Smilie so So Angry Smilie beat up Smile Smilie and he became Very Sad Smilie but So Angry Smilie didn't get anything from Christmas Smilie that year.
What? Very Mad Smilie
I think this very useful thread should be deleted.
I am of the same opinion as Virumor. This thread gets me Mad Smilie and So Angry Smilie and its also very Boring Smilie
Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie So let a Sleeping Smilie Dog Smilie lie; don't post in it and it will die a natural Dead Smilie .
Or you could just stay Cool Smilie , sit back and Smoke Smilie a little, and enjoy the fact that it is Big Laugh Smilie.
or u could make it fun! like write a story about the smileys! so
Cat Smilie
is from New Jersey. he enjoys chasing Duck Smilie around the park!

or am i insane...
well i hope that Teacher Smilie will turn in to Exploding Head Smilie or else Teacher Smilie will always be Boring Smilie and you wont Ha Ha Ha Smilie in class.
Once upon a time the Snowman Smilie the Duck Smilie went to a Birthday Smile Smilie Pary Smilie . They met kitty Cat Smilie and paws the Puppy Smilie who were In Love Smilie and Kiss Smilie next to the Christmas Tree Smilie .. Sadly the Moderator Smilie said the could not be In Love Smilie . The Very Evil Smilie Baby Girl Smilie wanted to send everyone home coz she was So Angry Smilie but everyone had fallen Fast Asleep Smilie


Merry Christmas Smilie to all he he he
do u ever have that experience where u r using multiple tabs or windows and one u just leave on posting for pt and then u find it and are just like So Angry Smilie omg, this is smiley story right! sweet

Cool Smilie and Rolling Eyes Smilie wanted to Making Out Smilie but Moderator Smilie said that they shouldnt. so Cool Smilie went up to Moderator Smilie and smaked him Dead Smilie Stick it to the Man! jk