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put your favourite books and discription of them here, so others will read it
(One book per post for less confusion.)
and then you can comment on them later on, after you have read them or if you already have.
One of my very favorite novels is On the Road by Jack Kerouac. It was written in first-person during the "beatnik" period of the late 1950's-early 1960's and the content is a little mature for younger readers. However, it is not only believable and clever, it is timeless in its appeal and the characters are memorably unique. If you are into "slice of life"-type books, try this one on for size...but watch out, you may find yourself saying "Yassss" a lot...
(Dean Moriarty lives!)
WEll... I like TLOTr. SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! I guess you mean other than the Tolkien books.

I like Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the OPera . I like PRide and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I like The Scarlet PImpernel a little. The movie is way better. I guess that's the extent of all my non-Tolkien favourites.

I am soooo sad.
Hello :o)

I'm reading 'There And Back Again' an actor's tale by Sean Astin. It does give a good insight as to how Sean got involved in LOTR (and his past involvement in other films) but he comes across as being very insecure but a very nice person. I think there is a similarity between Sean and Sam.

It's very good so far...

When I finish I'll get back to you.

Maydmarion >^..^<
my favourite book other than Tolkien would be 'The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant The Unbeliever'... long name, huh. but a very good book, more mature reading than LOTR but it earns S.D. the right to be shoulder2shoulder with Tolkien. there is also a second chronicles and each chronicles has three books. A lot of reading.
I am a fast reader and I am am almost finished the last book of the second chronicles. (around 3000 pages i think, i don't know.)
That's some good reading, Aragorn Jr! Perhaps sometime I'll get around to it myself. I adore the book Eragon by Christopher Paolini. It's such a great book, I recommend it to a reader of any age! Well, it's graphic in the violence sometimes, so more mature readers =)
I have read ERAGON!! i love that book, and i have read it like two times. It is kind of graphical, but i still like it, (first time I read it i was about 13 and i am now 14). did you know that the second book is coming out soon this year? Thanks for posting that, Adreia. i can't wait for it...
Oh dear, fantasy fans.

Me no like fantasy books.
Les Miserables is one of my favorite books, and I am dead serious.
Ah yes, the second book! I can't wait for it to come out! And it's no problem posting it. I've read it once, and am going to again. (First time is also 13 lol...still am >>; ) I'm sure it will be as good as the first
Anything by Wilbur Smith! I can't really say which one is my favourite because whenever i read another one of his books for my first time I think it's one of the best pieces of literature i've ever read!
oi! Loni!
Loni said:
Me no like fantasy books.

If you don't like fantasy books, why are you here?
The Bourne Identity, The Book rocks! the jury's still out on the movie.
If you like suspense it is a good read.
Oh yes to Wilbur Smith, his books are great. I can't say what's my favourite as I love all I have read.

I have also recenlty re read a lot of the books I read when younger, Jane Eyre, Rebecca, Wuthering Heights etc... etc... a great experience you definatly get something out of re reading books.

Books rule! Thumbs Up Smilie

DISCWORLD!!!!!! By Terry Pratchett. 'nuf said, really, but since you want a description...
Discworld is, as you may have guessed, a world shaped like a disc- flat. It is carried through space on the backs of four elephants, which are in turn standing on the back of the Great A'tuin, a giant turtle. The disc has eight colors (the eight being octarine, a sort of greenish purple) and an extremely high magical field, which means practically anything can happen. The first book in the series is The Color of Magic and the best one (in my opinion) is Night Watch.
There's this book that i found quite good, but for younger readers. It's called HEX, and it's about teenage ganster sort of thing in the future, without being graphical. The hexes are mutated genes that give them the ability to interface with anything electric, thus making them threats to the world. The cops want to exterminate them.

Also quite similar is the book called Hackers, its about hackers, (duh!) but it's quite good. So Loni, I'm not all fantasy fan, but I love most books. Unless they're boring.

Oh yes to Wilbur Smith, his books are great. I can't say what's my favourite as I love all I have read.


I keep telling people about how great Wilbur Smith is, but no one listens.... You are the first person to acknowlege his presence on these forums, besides me of course!
I have to agree about Eragon. I was 13 when i first read it and read it again when 14, cant wait for Eldist. But i also like the Wheel of time series. 11 books by Robert Jordan who is another good fantasy/fiction writer.
I also love any book by Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams. Can't say which I like best, both are hilarious reads.

Another one high up my list at the moment is Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code". Very good story, though I only read it once, and I'm sure that if I read it again, it'll be a little less good already.

Something that's been high up my list ever since I read it is "Schindler's list" by Thomas Keneally. Very good book.
I recomend everyone to read David Eddings! There kinda Lord of the Ringish, and he has written various series... now there are some very good books. The first series I would recomend would be the belgariad and the Malloreon, which are connected, they are probably the most ingenious since Tolkien...
I have found another eddings fan Big Smile Smilie
David and Leigh eddings have some very good books out there and the whole series is good.
one of my favorite authors is R.A. Salvatore! he is soooo awesome.
he wrote books about Drizzt who is one of my favorite characters.

Beware ! Any member who posts in here that his or her favourite book is not Lord of the Rings, will have his or her account deleted by the Council (and rightfully so).

OK, saying that, my favourite book is Tigana, by Guy Gavriel Kay.
im a bit of a fan of the Di Vinci code, however I dont believe, as some do, that all the stuff in it is true. I also must profess a love for the Iliad, by Homer, in its original form and the concentrated, more story orientated versions by authors such as Roger Lancelyn Green, (GRRRRRRRR to the film Troy)
Well, Miruvor, my favorite book is probably the Silmarillion, so there. I agree with the others that David Eddings is quite good, even if Belgaion does seem oddly familiar....

I'm still obsessed with Jordans WoT, too, and I personally don't have a problem with the style/number of books until ACoS. The first six were just as they should be; the last four probably should have been two, but they're still a lot better than everyone makes out, they're just not up to say, the Fires of Heaven or The Dragon Reborn. Essentially, people are busting Jordans chops because he wrote some truly great books at the start of the series, and completely ignoring the effect of rumored personal problems after LoC. The way he takes virtually every fantasy character and concept we've known from the cradle and turns them and their relationships on their head is fascinating. Example: anyone who's read the series knows how important the Sword in the Stone is, and that King Arthur's been dead a thosand years before that importance becomes relevant. Galahad's (#!#$! Avatar) still a jerk though, maybe moreso.

Kerouac, what can I say about Kerouac? On the Road and LotR have probably had more effect on me than any other (psuedo)fiction I've read, though I still don't think Kerouac belongs in fiction. If you haven't read the Dharma Bums you should, it's soooo good, and the "sequel" in Desolation Angels, too, even if I don't like how it ends (one more reason to despise William Burroughs.) As I've said elsewhere, Kerouac expresses all my most complex and difficult to describe feelings, thoughts, and beliefs far better than I ever could. It's like someone translated my soul into English and had me read it.

Oh, you want something not previously mentioned? Well, Piers Anthony's a hack, but I love him, especially the Incarnations of Immortality series that gets into the metaphysical questions I like while still presenting a good story. Joel Rosenbergs even more of a hack, but his Gaurdians of the Flame series is very entertaining; I find myself quoting Walter Slovotskys Laws all the time. Robert Adams Horseclans series, also not "great art" is good, too. The only place besides WoT where I've found good analysis and use of cavalry tactics (now I know what a dragoon is!) Needless to say, when the Orcs pivoted 180’ in the film version of RotK I was outraged. Flanked infantry don't turn in place, they execute a comples turning movement (about which libraries have been written,) or more to the point, they TRY while the cavalry charges, comes out the other side, turns and charges again. The best illustration is from Rosenberg, oddly enough: "If they run, we chase 'em down and kill 'em. If they don't run we make 'em run, THEN we chase 'em down and kill 'em." The technical term for flanked infantry is "hamburger."

Um, lit... read the Divine Comedy, not just the Inferno. I like Kerouac, but don't care for Joyce (go fig.) Anything by Twain, I especially loved Connecticutt Yankee (even if it reminds me of someone I can't mention) and Tom Sawyer was the first novel I ever read (much better than Huck, IMHO.) As a young kid the rule was Tom twice and Huck once every summer for more years than I can remember. Gilgamesh, of which the Odyssey is thinly disguised (and inferior) plagiarism. There's another book I'd have you read, which would also count as great literature (among other things,) but I can't tell you what it is. If you Google me you'll probably figure it out though. If you can find it, P. D. Ouspenskys Tertium Organum is an incredible book on metaphysics, and I recommend The Metaphyiscs itself. The world of the material is much shakier than most guess, 'cos they missed that classic from which all modern scientific inquiry derives (from The Metaphysics Bacon goes on to Novum Organum, and he created the scientific method.) Philo of Alexandria is startling, to say the least, even if he committed some errors.

The Drew Pearson Diaries are good, too. The world hasn't changes so much as we like to believe.

--Rant ends.--