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In my thread on Vee, Amarie was attacked and so this thread is dedicated to those who love Amarie and wish to express thanks and love, which includes me.
I haven't been here very long. However, it doesn't take an evil genius like myself to figure out that Amarie has a kind and loving heart that is welcome to everyone. My deepest, heartfelt thanks and love to you, Amarie.
Oh you foolish, foolish people........... Amarie is lovely and wonderful and EVIL through and through.... but she looks cute in a hard hat.

I came over here from a back-and-forth in the Vee thread. It's a fair bet that Amarie is is going to read this sometimes.

I commented that the picture of Amarie in the Council page was intimidating and following that thread implicitly evil. (This is all light congenial stuff, of course.) However, I AM really impressed with that image: it has genuine presence and is actually intimidating. Of course having Norway around as a background helps a lot.

Otherwise Amarie's presence here is consistently benevolent, even cute. Her website supports that interpretation.

Possibly the chat rooms display darker and more arcane stuff. I don't chat. I don't know.
I never said Amarie wasn't evil. That was d-rob. I already told you that he has no common sense. Amarie may be evil, but this is the internet, you can be who you want to be. But either way, I like Amarie.
Yes, and it seems the only PTer able (or willing) to spell "Amari’" correct. What an honour, from the pedantic point of view.
Amari’ can be evil...
I've just never seen it Big Smile Smilie: Amari’ has always been nice and well she was one of the reasons that i came back to PT. Smile Smilie I say that Ama is AMAzing (hopes that ppl will laugh at the joke alougth it's corny) Tiger_Eyes
Amarie is a Nordic Goddess and the patron saint of those seeking new avatars. Her kindness and beauty are unparalelled in this dimension and her mercy to all of us minions is far too kind. However; she has been deceiving us all-Blackie(her darling kitty) is the one true goddess and has all the power; Ama is merely her minion...just so that's cleared up. And another thing, Amarie is not evil, she's just special. Wiggle Smilie
In my thread on Vee, Amarie was attacked...

Amarie was attacked? Amarie? Hey, she was the one who started shooting rubberbands at other people. Who's doing the attacking here? Wink Smilie

(I will say that I do love her picture on the Council Page, and she always makes intelligent, well thought-out and well-worded posts.)
I firmly believe that Amarie was applying aggressive defense tactics by shooting the rubberband. I will stand by Amarie through thick and thin, and Vee too. Even if they are wrong, but in my opinion, they haven't been wrong yet.
Okay, okay, Amari
I will stand by Amarie through thick and thin, and Vee too. Even if they are wrong, but in my opinion, they haven't been wrong yet.

Fin, Fin, Fin...Are you trying to be teacher's pet (or Council's pet I should say)? Be careful! I think Amarie and Vee are already casting their spell on you (You two should be ashamed of yourselves!)
Amarie was attacked? Amarie?

Eh? *looks around completely bewildered*

Who? What? Where? Who dares to!!
No, but I give everyone a chance. They aren't the only ones I like. But Amarie is nice to me and Vee has a cool avatar. I like you too, Eruwen, but not as much as them. What have you done that was nice to me? You haven't done anything wrong, so I like you. But I still stand by my statements, and besides, I am a master spellcaster (guffah...) and their spells will only work on me if they use their council privileges to enforce them.

Amari’ takes a lot of time to spell, Shaya puma. I can do it but my computer is too slow to have more than one window open at once. I guess I could copy and paste...
Amarie was attacked in the thread named, "Vee."

A family friendly site, that's what we are. Reading that folks get attacked doesn't make me very happy..
I like you too, Eruwen.

I like that statement better if you stop it right there. Let's not consider the rest of the sentence. Big Laugh Smilie

What have I done that's nice? Hey, I'm talking to you, aren't I? AND...I'm trying to save you from being BBQ'd and shot by stray rubberbands!!!
Thanks for your concern, Eruwen. I guess talking to a guy like me is considered being nice...

A family friendly site, that's what we are. Reading that folks get attacked doesn't make me very happy..

Hey...Amarie was doing the attacking! How does she get away with it? Good and Evil Smilie *mumbles to herself*
Findarato, you start the weirdest threads.
hey, everyone stop picking on both Amari’ AND Vee. they have been great to me despite the fact that everyone has been saying that they're going to eat me. They've been really kind and welcoming for me so leave them alone.

*Shoots rubber band at anyone who thinks otherwise.*
Loni, Loni, Loni. She's a crazy one, but she speaks the truth. Of course, I find the weirdest threads to be among the best.
Amarie's such a nice person! She's evil, but she's also nice. Amarie is a role model for many of us. Amarie is such a great person overall! We'll love her forever.
I think I have made another friend!!! How about it Aragorn_jr? Friends?

I hereby declare that Eruwen is also friend, even if it is a one-sided friendship.

Findarato, you start the weirdest threads.

Loni, thank you for the complimenting my threads.
I was just being lazy. I know I can type the e with the snake bite, but I'd have to look it up. As it is I did cut and paste.
Amari’ is definitely a goddess and I also will shoot a "stray" rubberband at anyone who wishes to disagree with me.
Is it just me or are these threads getting a little toooo sycophantic (and not to mention a little creepy?)

Glad to be considered your friend though, Fin, so as a friend, dare I say, "Tone down the worshipfulness a bit?"
Nah, me too. But I just read d-rob's post in the thread "Vee" and he doesn't like Vee. I see him at school everyday. I think I'll beat him up.

I say, "Tone down the worshipfulness a bit?"

Worshipfulness? What is that supposed to mean? Are you implying something?
Hm...Eruwen's got a good point. Perhaps we're going a bit over the top with words here...but then again, they are all the truth....this is quite interesting!
Now now children. I go away for a couple of hours for Taekwon-do class, and what do I return to? The 'sing Amaries praise' thread is almost turning into a fist fight! You are all so cute though. Awww... *hugs all* I think I should bookmark this thread and come here when I feel blue.

Ok, gather around now children.
The 'attack' wasn't worse than that I felt a rubber band shot in the direction of the 'attacker' would be more than enough. I know I haven't been mean to Eruwen, so I thought it was funny to be 'accused' of it. Just 'sisterly' teasing. Trust me, if I really felt attacked you would have heard about it. Both Vee and I are quite able to kick butts.

I hereby declare that Eruwen is also friend, even if it is a one-sided friendship.

Oh don't be silly, there is no reason to accuse Eruwen of being unfriendly to you.

I don't like where this thread is going. If this continues this thread will be closed.

(Hangs head in disappointment) Sorry, Amari’. (Gets on knees to plead) Don't banish me to Siberia. I promise not to beat up D-rob anymore, too.
I don't like where this thread is going. If this continues this thread will be closed.

Likewise with the Vee thread. A joke's a joke but when it starts getting out of hand that's the time to call it a day.

I seem to have started two controversial threads. Again, I'm sorry. I'll try to do a better job. I still love both Amari’ and Vee, though.

I, Findarato, the creator of the "Vee" and "Amari’" threads, hereby declare that anyone who posts in either thread must post something nice or funny, but must not go overboard. I, Findarato, feel that this declaration needs to be said. I love Amari’, and I do not wish to have her against me in any way shape or form. Will everyone now try to be more kind and loving, or does Amari’ need to lock this thread?

I hope she doesn't because I feel that she needs to be recognized and honored and needs to feel loved and appreciated. I hope that this thread stays open so everyone can express their love for Amari’ because she deserves it.
I love you, Amari’. Ahh... words of peace amidst a storm, don't you think? Calming, that lovely phrase is. "I love you." What a marvelous phrase. It helps one to avoid contention and hatred and all in between. I must go to the "Vee" thread at once!!
I agree with Loni and Eruwen. These threads are getting sooo strange...D-Rob and Fin, we are all here for the fellowship and casual conversation, not drama or over-the-top verbal bashing, okay? I would really like to see some better posts come from you both-just have fun and relax a bit, please?
Moderator Smilie I have locked this thread as the discussion has run well past its course. If you have an issue with this you may send me a PM (private message). Moderator Smilie