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I am rearranging my bookshelf and I am putting labels on it. What are your opinions on how I should arrange them and what labels to put up?
Only two categories/labels required:

Ha! I like your thinking Vee! But in answer to your question Findarato I would suggest sending Rednell an email with this question. She works in a library and could probably give you a nice, sensible answer which would result in a very efficiently organized library. As for myself...we'll its hopeless for me to comment as all my books end up in a drawer or a box after being read. Some day I'll have the space for a proper bookshelf, but not today! Good luck!
I told him to put everything under "Miscellaneous". Big Smile Smilie
I didn't ask you, D-Rob. Smile Smilie (Gently whacks him on the head)

Anyone else have ideas?
Alphabetically? Depends on how many books you have, of course. Or categories: thrillers, detectives, classics, ...
Or simply:

1) The ones I would read in a few days' time.
2) The ones I would read in a few months' time.
3) The ones I might wanna read.
4) The ones I'll never read.

The last category consists of books pertaining to academics!
Add to the above list:
5) Books I have read and want to re-read again.
I came across this same dilemma when arranging my Stephen King books...I eventually arranged them according to date of publication. If you have a lot of books by one author, I would suggest going that way...If you ever want to read the books in the order they were written, you can. Another suggestion is just to order them by author's last name...that is the tried and true way to do it...but as long as you find a way that pleases you, that's all matters. Winking Smilie
Or simply:

1) The ones I would read in a few days' time.
2) The ones I would read in a few months' time.
3) The ones I might wanna read.
4) The ones I'll never read.

Add to the above list:
5) Books I have read and want to re-read again.

Well, Grondy. Agreed. But then, that has already been taken care of. You read a book and then put it in a slot depending on when next will you read it. If the book is really bad and you never want to read it, just put it in slot number 4. I've done that myself. *cough*Harry Potter*cough*
Lord_aragorn86, I agree with everything you've said here. That way, Harry Potter will never be accidentally picked up and the lame text books get dusty and not used like they are supposed to. It's off topic, but because I promised to not start new threads, here it goes anyway. Does ANYONE like Harry Potter?
Thank you a lot for not starting any new threads. But then instead of changing the topic of an already well-established thread *cough*, just search around PT a bit and maybe somewhere you'll find a nice, little thread about Hairy Potty gathering dust.

And as for your question. I don't like Hairy Potty and I don't care if others do!
I just wanted opinions... How do you arrange your bookshelf, Lord_aragorn86?
Well, I don't know how much help I can be really as I am trained in a particular method of materials classification.
However, for my personal collection of books, I sort my fiction by the author's last name and then by title if multiple titles. One thing that I do different from the library is keep series together and in order. Nonfiction book, I just sort category. I don't have enough of any one subject (other than Tolkien) to worry about more precision than that. Read Smilie
I sort all my videos and dvd's by title. Smile Smilie
Fast Asleep Smilie Thanks Rednell, but I didn't understand a word you just said. Thanks, though.
How do you arrange your bookshelf, Lord_aragorn86?

I think my parents will die of a shock if I went so far as to arrange my bookshelf or my room for that matter. And I'm very kind-hearted. And I love my parents!
Amen. My mother would freak if I had anything less than 10 items of anything on the floor, but the bookshelf really needs rearranging.
I put the largest ones at one end, and the smallest ones at the other.... And I've stopped putting my Tolkien ones on the bookcase because they invariably find their way back upstairs next to my PC.
Uhuh. I do that too, actually. Large books at one end, smaller ones at the other. Sometimes looks a bit silly though, if the smallest is about 5 cms high. Since I haven't got enough shelves to put all my books on, I put two rows of books on one shelf. But now I feel sorry for the ones at the back, so I think I'll just buy more bookshelves. Cardboard boxes aren't really a solution, are they?
I ought to buy some floor to ceiling bookshelves. I have one long wall of bookshelves about three feet high filled often with rows front and back plus other books stacked on top another foot or two in highth and a couple overflowing boxes on the floor to boot. Right now there is no order in their placement.
Grondy said:
Add to the above list:
5) Books I have read and want to re-read again.

Hey, Grondy, how do you re-read a book again??

And I think that you should just copy me, and chuck them everywhere.
Hey, Grondy, how do you re-read a book again??
Well, I read it once, then I re-read it, and the third time I re-read it again, as I do for all subsequent readings. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Angel Smilie
hey, grondy, what do you call it when you re-read for the 4th time?
You re-read it again for the second time, silly.

I don't classify my bookcase. I just KNOW where everything is. Like I know 'Heidi' is up on the top left. And 'Heidi Grows uP' is down on the bottom right. And Heidi's Children' is in the upper jmiddle right. And Pride and Prejudice - that's in the middle drawer out in the shed, where I put it when I'd finished reading it for some reason. And my "Phantm of the Opera' is on the floor by the armchair. That's hwere it lives on the weekends. Then it's in my bag. I am currently rereading it again and again until I can find something else gripping I can read. and TLOTR - that's permanently on my bottom bunk. And The Hobbit - top right of my OTHER bookshelf. And so on.

So when I want to find a book I DON"T know, I just scan my whole bookcase. Hmm... maybe I DO need a classification system....
I just get rid of books that I don't read any more, like I had about 300 books in my bookcase, and it is now reduced to about 50-100. It cuts down on needing a classification system at all.
I'm thinking about putting up a shelf only for Les Miserables.
I have Steinbeck, Tolkien, Stephen King and many works by Russian authors all across my bed and quite a few books on the celtic history and fantasy fairytales, too.
Eventually, when my tastes wander those books find their way to a bookshelf or beneath the sheets for late night reading... Oddly, I find comfort in knowing my favorite books are within reach...
Smile Smilie
Like Val and Tommie I have my books organized in ascending height. The smallest book is on the left of the shelf and the largest on the right.
At least, that was what it used to be. No I've moved out and currently I don't own a bookshelf yet. So all my books are nicely placed in a cardbord box under my bed. Except for LotR, which I'm currently reading. That one is besides my bed.
I have one box for fiction, and one box for theology related books. Both boxes have the books neatly fit in it, like a 3D jigsaw puzzle, made of books.
That 3-D interlocking puzzle bos system is great Deathmc, or it is until one needs a particular title in a hurry, which then leaves one with an overflowing box of books. Very Big Grin Smilie
Indeedo. The other big problem of my system is that I never quite know whether I own a book or not. The problem grows when people start seeing you as the public library. I haven't got altogether that many books, folks! Anyway, today I'm clearing out another cupboard to make room for my books. About time too.
I do have some sort of order (however minute) in my bookcases; certain books are grouped together either by author or genre. In one bookcase I have all my 'precious' books - old family leather bound bibles, Shakespeare, Giles cartoons, Charles Addams, Clementine, certain poetry books plus a few Bill Bryson and others. In another I have mainly non-fiction, dragonology books, Steinbeck, Dirk Bogarde, Solzehnitsen(sp), Orwell, Waugh, Wyndam and others. In another I have mainly science fiction grouped together in Asimov, Clarke, Bear, Card, Banks plus all my Pratchett and Doublas Adams books and various Star Trek compendiums etc. In another I have a mixture of every genre including those I have yet to read and Collen McCullough, Edna O'Brien, Fay Weldon, Ursula Le Guin, Tad Williams - actually, quite a lot of fantasy books are in this one plus some poetry and cartoons such as Farside, Andy Capp, Mac and Peanuts. Upstairs in a wardrobe are shelves of books I have read and may not read again for years or books or books I have nowhere else to put. Under my bed are crates of sci fi books like Harry Harrelson(sp), Star Trek fiction and other series, odd books I might want to refer to and some historical non-fiction books, poetry and plays. There are more odd books on shelves in other cupboards and a few boxes of books up in the roof space.

In front of me here are my Tolkien books on a shelf above my desk plus dictionary and thesaurus and Titania's Book of White Magic.

It's fun to look for a book and get sidetracked by all the others.

Well, currently since I'm living in a hostel, I don't have much room to keep all my books there. So I've left most of my books back in Kuwait (sadly) but then I have LOTR, a few Alistair Macleans and a compilation of all Sherlock Holmes Novel and stories withm e right now. And the order of keeping them is simple:

Sherlock Holmes right below (since I hardly read it), then comes 2 Alistair Macleans (HMS Ulysses and Where Eagles dare), then I have my LOTR and then The Guns of Navarone. The book Force 10 from Navarone is lying on my table since I'm in the process of reading it.

But back in Kuwait, I have the books properly shelved according to my probability of picking up the book from the shelf to read. The ones I read least are on the farthest left.
Because i am living with my parents, I tend to let them buy the books, then i read them. And i would like to add, if you are re-reading anything or you really enjoyed something, you should probably know where you left it, although I think that alphabetical order would be good (If there is more than one book, go by alphabetical order in the name of the series e.g. LOTR)
Nice question, being in the same profession as Rednell... LOL What do I do with my books? Yes I keep track of them in a small cataloguing programme. What we did here is keep the books together at genre. Literature, hard core SF, reference works, fantasy, war novels, children books, romance, thrillers, non-fiction books (we even have a separation in those, history, marketing, management, strategy..), art books, within every genre we sorted them on size or on author name. I don't like labels (at work is a diffent matter). And yes, I all my Tolkien books are at one shelf... I have almost HOME complete in the same style (the british black paperback ed.).

Not sure if this helps, but try to find a system that you can work with. Remain practical Wink Smilie
Lady Feawen mentioned Russian authors...they sure have a way with words, don't they? I love Russian authors. As for my bookshelf, I organize it by categories...I don't have many books yet due to lack of money to buy them. I only have a biography/nonfiction/educational section, an X-Men section, and a Tolkien section.
I love Russian authors.

You should see my dad's collection of Russian books (not actually in russian, but russion authers.) He loves them, but I don't think he likes X-Men much though...
In my bedroom I have two small bookshelfs consisting of the books in no particular arrangment. In corners, and staked under beds, on my desk, and on a large trunk, and other strange furniture are piles of books; everything from your typical American novel, to stupid-fun books like Dragonology, to Thersauruses, to Dictionaies, Dictionararies of Etymology, to collections of poems, to school textbooks, and notebooks, tons of notebooks. Right now, sitting at my computer, the ones that stand out are The Complete Chronicals of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, a beautifully illustrated Peter Pan, The Silmarillion, Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night's Dream, and Chicken Soup for the Soul, (and five notebooks). Personally, I can do fine with an unorginized room of books; but that's just me. (If you think I am crazy, I'll have you know I'm only thirteen). Perhaps though, I might organize mine.. though, they are all so different and crazy, I can't find a system I'd like better then the present one.

Arwen Read Smilie
While clearing out one of my cupboards yesterday, I thought I might just as well get it over with and sort my books on the shelves in one go. In one cupboard I put all my children's books. It's in the far right corner, which is not easy to reach, but I won't re-read those now anyway. In another, I put all the classics (I tend to buy a lot of classic novels without ever reading them) and my Russian books. In a third I put all the other fiction and non-fiction books (all the rest, basically). My Tolkien, Pratchett and Adams books (together with about 15 others I haven't read yet) are on a shelf in my room in Ghent, where I spend most of my time, so they are very comfortable there. So are all my dictionaries, schoolbooks and thesauri, and my collection of Garfields and Hagars. The rest of my comic books are at home, in a cupboard in an altogether different room than my other books.

I keep the book I am currently reading on my nightstand, and always carry a book in my backpack (to read on the train, in dull classes, whenever).

Tomorrow we're going to clear out the attick, not sure what we'll find. I hope there's more books up there! I have some room left in my cupboard now. Big Smile Smilie