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I am so friggen tired of all the stupid RPG threads that cover this site. People, why are they so fun? You could spend all the time you use playing them and convert it into something useful, such as animation and stuff like that and actually make a game. Honestly!!!!!!!!!!!
Well then, if it bothers you so much, try another site where you won't have to view the titles of threads you've never been in, or deal with it and continue with your discussion threads.
You either like RPGs or you don't. If you don't like them, then try to ignore them. The posting here at PT comes in waves; suddenly there is a lot of Tolkien related discussions, then it is mostly RPG, then we have some discussions again. These people have fun by creating a story together, and I can't see what is wrong with that.
Happy Elf Smilie
Why are they so fun, you ask. Well, my answer is that you get to be someone completely different, even a different gender, and act out their lives like you could never do. You can become a sorcerer(in different RPGs), a carpenter, a baker, a mathematician, or even swordfight, and you might not be able to do those things in the real world. You can be villianous, heroic, devilish, attractive, ugly, smart, dumb, male, female, the possiblities are endless! You get to work a plot with people you know, and make a story and life together, even if in reality they live halfway across the world and speak Spanish, Dutch, or Chinese and you don't.
Well said D’neniel. Happy Elf Smilie

If one doesn't like the heat, one should stay out of the kitchen, furnace, and sauna. If one doesn't like RPG threads, one should simply ignore them, for the RPG threads are there for those who do.

There are many games in the Ivy Bush Tavern that I think are stupid, but as long as there are members who choose to continue playing them, I will be there to support them and will even enter in to the gameplay once in a while. I also acknowledge that some members don't like some of the games I enjoy.

This is just one of the facts of life: One can't please everyone all the time and anyone who tries is bound to fail. We must learn that there are some battles we can win, and there are some battles we can't, and the earliest we learn to differentiate these, the better off we will be. Teacher Smilie
Awww... come on, Grondy, I know you jolly well enjoy the jolly old Ivy Bush... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
or, uh, maybe you don't...but you've always seemed to!! Cat Smilie
i agree with all that has been said, and what do you have against roleplay anyways.