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ooo another lame game from Elrose! well for those of u who have taken geomotry u no wot the transitive property of equality is if 1=2 and 2=3 then 1=3 yes? k cool

so to the game. think of Associations and now think of transitive, combine them. u get one person giving a name or place ect. from LotR and then the next says wot that reminds him/her of then wot THAT reminds him of ect. for as long as they like. then they give another name/place.


Elrose: Ring

Gildor: Sauron evil Homework school teachers learning apple tree Isaac Newton gravity
and so on
so ill start

taters, hobbits, fish, spiders, Gandalf, bald, loin cloths, Mexico

The Dead Marshes
nasty smell, good smell, love, peace, Jesus, religion, Aethiesm, Douglas Adams, towels

swords, shiny, weathertop, nazgul, cheese, fire, Moria, Aragorn

Arwen, Aragorn, Hidalgo, horses, Sundays, youth syphony, violin, music, Ireland, green

oliphaunts, elephants, africa, grandma, san francisco, Muir Woods, elves, bows, archery

Gandalf, magic, Herry Potter, dumbledore, ALIVE DARN IT!, shouting, argumnts, lawyers, grandfether, potatoes, Ireland

theoden, rohan, eowyn, dernhelm, men, evil, sauron, ring, weddings, parents, hate, divorce, grandma, hope, estel

Nazgul, Frodo, hobbits, Shire, England, tea, Laura, Germany, chocolate

stone, work, sweat, soccer, BEST TIME OF UR LIFE!, ummm soccer again?,

Elves, green, hills, social studies, project that i havent started, homework, school, evil teachers, friends, Wheel of Time

Vala, plural, grammar, grammar nazi, Mrs. Rohr, roar, lions, masks, halloween, fun, Mace, Mace Widu, purple, kt

Gondor, Minas tirith, beregond, pippin, denethor, faramir, boromir, death, sad Sad Smilie, not in the FIRST BOOK!!!

Gondor, Minas tirith, beregond, pippin, denethor, faramir, boromir, death, sad , not in the FIRST BOOK!!!

nor in the third one, I would add Read Smilie

stars, pointy ears, long hair, bright eyes, beauty, wisdom, dignity, nobility, courage, songs, wars, sorrow, Beleriand, Aman, great deeds, Silmarils, ships, lembas, Cuivienen, quenya, Morgoth, Thangorodrim, Great Battle, Curse of Mandos, Lothlorien, Menegroth, Gondolin, Nargothrond, Doriath, Arda... Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

SHORT!!!, noegyth nibin, petty dwarves, gimli, durin, moria, darkness, bridge, wheel of time, aes sedai, green, warders, jenna, stare, 4th period, hallway, lunch, school, math, tigonometry, shouldnt be doing in 7th grade DARN IT!

jolly - short - shire - adventures - eating - drinking - smoking - drinking- thirsty - water - GET ME WATER!!

forest, ents, pippin and merry, treebeard, orcs, song of living things, green day, american idiot, shes a rebel, whatsername, wake me up when september ends, fathers, family