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AAARRRGHH!!! Too late! Wink Smilie
Big Smile Smilie
Seen it Yester eve on dutch tellie it's good isn't it? a bungee jumping Legolas
Yeah, seen it now. What sort of hair does Mr Bloom call that! (I must be getting old!)
Shame it had to have the "Hi, I'm Troy McClure, you might remember me from such behind-the-scenes documentaries as Reach for the Apes and I was a teenage Stormtrooper." voice over.
I just hate voice-overs. You don't understand either of the two languages they're talking then!! And why do voice-over when they have invented such a marvellous thing like subtitles... Smile Smilie
I saw the programme in my TV-guide, but I couldn't watch, so I thought I'd record it. Finally that recorder would have come in handy!!! But in the morning I discovered I forgot to record it! Blast! Wink Smilie
Not dubbing, just narration, you know? Like the guy at the movie trailers who says "It was a time of war, it was a time of love, it was time for tea and biscuits, and only one dog could save them all... The mighty Rambo" or suchlike.
LOL! Crazy about your dog, *Plastic?
Been a few years since I read any, but old P. G. wrote some pretty hilarious stuff. I liked his stories about playing cow pasture pool or whuzzit called, er golf, yes that was it. Female duffer and some contest, quite good fun. Smile Smilie
He's my bestest mate in the whole world!
I got a cat with the same meaning to me, so I understand... Smile Smilie
Shh! Not so loud! You know how Taz gets with the cats & dogs post... Wink Smilie

I have a lovely little Labrador puppy...well, not really puppy...she's 7 years old now...but whatever...
What's her name, chika? My cat's called Sammy, but don't tell anyone, especially not Taz, ok? Otherwise he'll be *taz.
Big Smile Smilie
Don't worry Chika, I still call Rambo a puppy, and he's 11 now!
Big Smile Smilie
Must be one hell of a dog then! My cat's seven now. As lazy as a dog though. Wink Smilie
Big Smile Smilie
Nope, all he does is eat, sleep, fart and hassle me for walks. I couldn't handle one of those enthusiastic dogs.
Your dog and my cat have a lot in common, you know. My cat only sleeps, eats, annoys me, and ruins my furniture... Smile Smilie
I didn't know enthousiastic dogs existed... *cooking

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Ahh, what the heck...Taz probably won't spot this topic anyway

I've got 2 cats - a black one with a white belly/chest called Jeeves. And a ginger kitten called...guess..yes, Bertie. You cat sounds like my Jeeves, Tommy.
My dog's the most hyper thing you've ever met...her name's Taffy...she was supposed to be nuts as a puppy and then calm down when she turned 3 or 4, but she's still off the walls.
lol Big Smile Smilie That sounds a bit like my cat...
Fan of Wodehouse, *ungoliant? I just love him... Smile Smilie
My cat's black and white too, a bit like the Felix cat you see in the commercials... Smile Smilie
Never thought I'd meet any other Wodehouse fans, especially not here!
Plastic! Tommy! Wodehouse fans too, eh? I love him! The best theraphy for modern day blues is still to curl up in bed with Jeeves, Bertie or the Blandings gang - with a pot of coffee, a bottle of wine, cigarettes & my cat Jeeves on my lap.

That must be why we all get along so well, we have a lot of common likes. How does it go?
"Opposites repell and likes attract, except in love and magnets."
I think I just made that up, probably not. Big Smile Smilie
I've never heard that before, you probably did make it up. Would work as a lyric to a seriously cheesey song though, The Osmonds or the Bay City Rollers would have made millions from that!
And it rhymes as well! Well done - more please, I love rhymes! Hmm, maybe we should start off Stranger's old rhyming thingy again.
Listen I know this thread is named "Information" but that does not mean post stuff about yourselves, cats and everything else that happens to crawl out of your living quarters.

We have quite a few inn's now people so you have little excuse! *taz Oh ya, happy new year.
Sorry taz, wasn't my fault this time, someone else started it, and if they didn't then some bigger boys made me do it. *shuffles feet and looks guilty*
You did too start're the one who brought up your dog in the first place. Wink Smilie
Yeah but only as part of an amusing Movie trailer parody, which was very informative. Tommy asked me about him, it was her fault.
So I moved the topic here where we can go on about dogs and cats, snakes and snails, and slugs and quails to our heart's content. Big Smile Smilie
Cats & dogs will get him each time Smile Smilie on earth did Taz notice? He must have a nose like a bloodhound!
He hit on it right away, maybe he has a bot search engine looking for the word combination. He hasn't jumped in about Rambo or some other pooch or kitty cat. It must be "dogs and cats" or am I just being paranoid here, looking for a conspiratorial group or the law under every mousepad.
I think he just actually paid attention to what he was reading for once! That and they are quite short words and easy to spot Wink Smilie
Oh Dick. See Spot run. Run Spot, run. Look at Puff Jane. Look, look at Puff. See Sally pull Puff's tail. Bad Sally. Oh, oh, see Sally's hand. Bad Puff.

THe afore easy reading was brought to you, courtesy of my first grade reader.
Could you explain some of those long words for me? I can't cope with more than three letters at a time Big Smile Smilie
PG Wodehouse is fantastic! Great humour! I loved reading (darn can't find the title of the book!!) whatever the name was, it's a great book! Smile Smilie
missed special and this a very funny thread Big Smile Smilie