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if u could throw somee stuff into the fires of Mt. Doom, wot would they be?
mine would be shoes and things that require the use of shoes
feel free to post more than once.
Hey, great thread idea. Now we have someplace to vent our frustration at worldly things that bother us.

I'd toss in the entire fashion world. It may clog mount doom for a bit, but it would be worth it. Just think: there would be no one to tell you that you shouldn't wear a brown belt whilst wearing black shoes. No media influence about what is "hip" this season, and to dictate what attractive is. No commercial pressure telling you that there is something wrong with you and that you need to purchase "x" to get with it.

Ahhh.. I'm feeling better just thinking about it; consuming flames.
Well, I have to say that I have already thrown stuff into my fire place. It is quite therapeutic. There was a person that I would have thrown in, but I just burned the stuffed animal she gave me instead. Now I just toss in any papers that can be recycled. (I am not sure our city does a good job recycling). Hmmmm, what would be some thing good to throw into Mt. Doom, these days....I guess it would have to be all the bad feelings people harbor for one another (including my own) and all of the prejudice in the world. On this day of Thanksgiving here in the U.S. we need to all realize what we have for which we are thankful.

Hey Elrose, you ought to live in the left ear of the fifty mile high Arthur Dent statue. I couldn't find which of Douglas Adams' books this was in, but I remember it from the BBC radio play of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Anyway, those birds were also allergic to shoes, though their sense of domestic hygine left something to be desired.

I'd toss into Orodruin all the advertisments I receive as snail mail spam, as well as that stuffed in the center of my morning newspaper that must be thrown away before I can read the daily news.
I'd toss in all the mail I still receive for the previous occupant of the house where I live. After three years, he's still getting more mail than me. I'd toss on top all of the old Yellow Pages telephone directories that people are using to ring me up for the fences he used to build.
I'd toss all tea leaves in the world, and then make a statue of a coffee bean where the white tree is!
Let me see.....All the spam e-mails, phone calls etc........all spam even the spam in tins.

If I want a holiday to Mars or a bank account in Tim-buck-two I'll decide to look for it.

u dont like SPAM????? the spam in cans, trhatswhy its all caps..
I usually have Spam in the can about once a year. I slice it about 1/8 inch thick and fry the heck out of it. I like the taste of the carcinogens. Spreading it with orange marmalade before eating, makes it even better.
eggs spam, bacon, spam spam with bacon? or spam with spam on eggs with spam?
I was never a huge fan of SPAM, but Daddy liked it, and every time I think of SPAM, I think of Daddy. I remember when I was a kid, we used to eat fried SPAM sandwiches, they were not too bad, but he enjoyed them more than I did. I just ate them to make him happy and spend more time with him. It was a father daughter thing, and I have not had one in years. I am not sure that I could eat one now though, the thought of eating one these days, just turns my stomach, unless I ate it with someone from my father's generation. It just might bring back good memories.

Never actually tried SPAM...and I dont plan on it any time soon.

But if I threw things into Mt. Doom, I would throw my homework assignments, so I could tell my teacher that Mt. Doom ate my homework.
Also I would throw the last few Saxaphones and Trumpets in my band into Mt. Doom. They deserve this horrible fate because they are HORRIBLE and my band director should kick them out, but she is to nice.
Lastly, I would throw in anything in the world that is pink. I hate pink!
I would throw in anything in the world that is pink. I hate pink!
That's too bad, because when I answer a census and they ask for my race, and I have choices like: White, Black, Hispanic, Native-American, Asian, Pacific-islander, or other_______, I always fill in the blank so it reads "other pink. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
It was a father daughter thing,

My mum would make cakes and my dad and me would fight (playfully) over the bowl to scrape it, we would also fight (again playfully) for the cabbage water to drink Very Mad Smilie ....he died 10 years ago, bless him. I wish we could still do that....I'd let him win every time.
For a start I'd toss in all the cabbage water. Yukky stuff!
but really really good for you.......full of iron hehehe
But I can get that from eating the cabbage itself. I like savoy cabbage raw.

Can I throw the Crazy Frog into the fires of Mount Doom?
who now?
The mobile phone ringtone - you know - beep beep brrrrr brrrr sssssssssssssss wwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep meeeeeeeeep type stuff.

In fact, let's just throw all mobile phone ringtones into the fire!
Can I throw the Crazy Frog into the fires of Mount Doom?

Yes. Yes, you can. But maybe it can't be destroyed unless it is trown into the bubbling demonic pit it came from. But please, do try.
It is unknown to most ppl that the Crazy Frog was the alter ego of Andy Serkis, before he did Gollum.

Right now Andy is preparing for yet another incarnation : Goofy Toad. Or was it Sleazy Salamander?
Let's see...I would throw in Ally McBeal, Anna Karenina, and other neurotic characters that I just want to slap and yell, "Snap out of it!" at. Hmmm...mosquitoes, I would get rid of those too. Nasty little creatures. Oh, and any other little creatures that penetrate my house. They're fine outside, but not IN my house!
Let's see...I would throw in Ally McBeal, Anna Karenina, and other neurotic characters that I just want to slap and yell, "Snap out of it!" at.

Have you been working in Soviet mental institutions?

I thought Ally McBeal was quite lovely. Besides, everyone in that law firm was mad as a hatter.
What's the deal with 'mad hatter'? Who the hell is this?
Never read Alice in Wonderland?
Have you been working in Soviet mental institutions?

How did you know I've spent time in Soviet mental institutions!? Perhaps this is why I can't get rid of this pesky, talking bat that hovers around me, and that darn shadow of Rasputin!

So, the term "mad as a hatter" didn't actually come from Alice in Wonderland originally. Do you know where the term came from? (A bit of trivia for everyone.) I love Alice in Wonderland though; her neurosis is much different from Ally and Anna.

Ugh, Ally McBeal was so annoying! (Lucy Liu was fantastic though.) And Anna, don't get me started on her...
I think the "mad as a hatter" thing came from way back when all the hatters used mercury when they made the hats. The mercury damaged their brains or something and they all went mad. This explains why my science teacher last year was so loony-when she was a kid they would break thermometers on purpose and play with the mercury.

I toss gas-hogging SUV's and Paris Hilton into Mount Doom. As well as Christmases with no snow. I hate those.
Now we know what's wrong with me, I used to coat dimes with mercury because it made them more shiny than their natural silver. Of course this was back when they were really made from silver rather than copper laminates.
and we know wots the matter with everyone in youre time period who eventually got those dimes.