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ok, I dont know if there is already a thread of this, and if there is, please inform me. The way of the game is, someone starts off by putting the first letter of a word that has to be at least 4 letters long. You only say one letter, and then the next person carries it on, not knowing what the person before wants to spell, but making a word out of the letters said before. If you complete a word, which is bad, the you get the first letter that spells out ghost "G". BUT, do not point out that you completed a word, because if the person that posts after you does not point out that you completed a word, then you are in the clear. Also, if you believe that someone does not know what they are spelling and are just simply guessing letters, then you can challenge them to tell you the word that they are trying to spell. If they do not know, or if they said a letter wrong, they get a letter from the word 'ghost'. There first person to spell out the word ghost is the loser, and the last one left standing is the winner. Remember, each person can only post one letter. If anyone knows how to play this game, and I have left something out, feel free to add too it. Also, if my directions are unclear, feel free to ask questions. Have fun!

I will start it off.

ok im not sure how this works but ok

G? confused....
am i supposed to be trying to spell a word or not?
OG + I
this is creepy, you are spelling my serious....
Im confused as well ...what are we suppose to do ?
ok, i put the letter O first, and then the next letter posted was G, I am not sure what they were trying to spell, but say they put the letter ummmm. . . . p, and then the next person put e, and the next put n, the person who put 'n' would have completed a word, 'open'. ok, do the next person that decides to post can do one of two things, if they noticed that the person before them completed the word 'open', they can point it out, and the person who completed the word will get a 'g', the first letter to the word ghost. BUT, if the person doesn't notice that the player who put the letter 'n' completed a word and puts another letter like. . . . . . . i, beggining the word 'opening' maybe,and then the person that completed the word 'open' is in the clear, because they did not point it out. also, if you are like me and have no idea what the person who last posted was trying to spell,( sry i dont know why you put the 'g' lol i am dumb) then you can challenge them by asking the word that they were trying to spell. If they do not know what they were spelling, or they ended up putting the wrong lettter and was spelling the word wrong, they they get a 'g' from the word ghost. The more you screw up, the more letters from the word 'ghost' that you get. If you finally get all the letters to the word ghost, then you have lost the game. The last person that is left after everyone else has lost, then you are the winner.
I think I understand, so....


I kinda get it ok

ok quick question, are we starting a new word?
Nah we use ur O and carried on from that so far we got OVE does that make sense?
Except that you've ignored the G and I that was posted before the V, so now you have spelled OGIVE...

I challenge you that you do not know what word you are spelling
haha clever. i thought that he cancelled that out coz it made no sense coz hardly anyone knos what the game is. Do you think that we should start a new word?
Let's take vote, not a long vote but a-wait, why not let Rane decide? It IS her

true true what do you think Rane?
....lets just start over....if we are startint over i say "P" if not o well.
Ogive = In Architecture, the diagonal rib or groin of a Gothic vault.
Also the nose shape of a certain class of bullets, which I assume has the same profile as the vault.

Carry on as you feel best. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
you sly dog you! Wink Smilie
ya, i looked it up, ya its a word...
so shall we start over and ignore grondy for making us look follish? Wink Smilie
I don't know Grondy is a powerful ally, should we displease him? well hez already given us a word so itz recked now anyway so we should start over.
if im not the person thats supposed to start, ignore me..
shouldnt you not say what letters there are so far?
if not...


hmm the only things about restating the letters is that it makes it easier to point out that someone has completed a word. but whatever you guyz wanna do.

It seems as though I have two choices....

*hoping she gets the game right*
ok, N


but i dont think we can add anythying to it now, soooooo what happens now? do i get ghost? or am i 'out in the clear'?
I think if I challenge that you have made a word, you will indeed gain a G for your Ghost collection and be one letter closer to losing. We used to play this at school, where you took turns to add a letter and had no choise to participate on your turn. The flaw of playing here, however, is that if you open the page and see you have no option but to post a losing letter, you will not post at all and leave it to the next person to lose.

Anyway, I'll begin the next word with the letter J
lol true true. . . . but you do have a "G" now. If someone would have called icefangs when she spelt out breath, she could have gotten a "g" and then we could have started a new word. but n e way!!!

can you spell a word in a different language? like jalapinio?

I'd be inclined to stick to English, but that's down to Ranelera. Whatever, I challenge Elrose that he cannot spell an English word from Jeq
mwhehehe...."jequirity" another word for indian liquirise...a G for you!
ok, what happens now? can we start a new word? this game is kinda complicated online...
let's see... I'll just start one...

*is return-ed!!!!*


I'll not be a cheater and not post......!
Hah, hah.
i think you need a g now...

Mellon lucked out, for in my book, but not in my dictionary, "whee" is a word used as an exclamation showing happy excitement, or have I got the wrong spelling? No matter...


in my dictionary, whee is a word, i used it in scrabble

You are correct about whee Grondy , my fault
(Not a fault Mellon, as no one caught it before the next post was made. We could have a rule that we could remove a letter from our own partial-Ghosts if we can slip a word by someone. However, as this game is already a record keeper's nightmare, being online, I guess we don't need to clutter up the works.

The only way to keep score is for the first poster to edit their post with a list of people who have earned a letter in "Ghost" along with those letters.)

The word remains: bilgih
i henceforth challenge the previous poster that he does not know what he is trying to spell (so what happens now)
Which one of us; most of us didn't have a word in mind. However, I guess Ranelera was the last one by adding the E, so they can claim the G towards their first spelling of ghost.

He/she also forgot to check that the tag ends of their previous post were correctly accomplished which they weren't, the [ /b ] goes at the end and the [ b ] goes at the beginning, not the otherway around. We all need to check our posts after we submit them, so we don't look like the silly people we are, or at least, I am. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Anyway, I edited his/her post to correct the error. Were I to receive a PM from Ranelera with his/her gender, I'd add it to our list in The Forsaken Inn. Happy Elf Smilie

And I guess Elessar loss’helin can start us out with a new first letter as he made the successful challenge.
i suggest ellesar something or another say "g"
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