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so...ive been looking for a "three word game" with no limit to the words....couldnt find one so i made one...if there is one, please point me in the right direction...note this isnt an RP, i use Gimli and others, so can yous.

Gimli sits down after starting the fire. "Legolas, why dont you pull out that thing you play and give us a tune?"
Aragorn: "NO!"
Legolas: "dont you like my playing aragorn?"
Aragorn: " just that....uhhh....erm....Orcs! they will here! and...attack us!"

Why should one talk the talk, when one cannot even walk the walk?

You can't be serious, man.
Hey, Elrose, I like the beginning of the story Big Laugh Smilie
Why don't you write it full and put it as a journal entry, we'll just spoil the inceptive masterpiece!
ur so mean to me.....:-D
You can't be serious, man.

incedently, i find it very hard to be seriuos....mayb i should make a journal entry...