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i got an email where you type in your full name but... with your nose!! so i thought this would be fun.

similar to Psychological Wording, but all Tolkien's works.
if i go gtolkiuen (Tolkien) look on your keyboard and look all around the letters i have 'typed' and itll make you think but only to do with Tolkien's books Smile Smilie. the person who guesses it correctly can do the next 'word' oh and it's gotta be in bold Big Smile Smilie

Hint: cross your eyes!! and look around the letters of the letter typed!


Sorry to sound a bit dense - can you explain a bit more :o/
i remeber posting pretty much the same thing but i think it accidently got deleted...
okay, i have typed in a word to do with Tolkien and you have to guess what it is, (because ive made mistakes because i did it with my nose) then if you get it right then you type in the next word to do with Tolkien with your nose!!!

What are you doing? The "most ridiculous game"-competition won't start until July!
rings? but I don't understand the game
Ki! Once I saw this game go for thirty pages on a novelling site. You type a word- with your nose. The first person to guess what you wrote gets to type the new word, and the way we played, it had to be an associated word. I agree with Elanorraine that the word must be 'ring'. If so, you must go next, Elanorraine! Kiri, and luck to you and your nose!
there's nothing wrong with getting a head start, unless it is wrong Big Smile Smilie Mir

yes it is rings you can 'type' the next word Elanorraine!!

yes you got it spot on Laurelome and welcome to PT!
Since it's been awhile...I'm just going to do one...

Well, that has got to be frodo, right? I am afraid I'm not much around these days (and I'm trying to wean myself from staring at the computer too much). So I'll try one but no guarantee that I'll be back in a timely manner if no one can guess it. It shouldn't be too hard, though....


Oh dear, my nose must be too long, pointy, and accurate. Sad Smilie And I even tried to hit a few extra keys! *sigh* Right after the movies came out I was told (unprovoked!) that I resembled an elf, which is much better than being called pinocchio (which was an unfortunate appellation I heard in my 12-13 year old stage), but obviously the traits which Illuvitar blessed me with make this game too transparent for me to play!