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I have the only animated avatar on this site, or at least that I've seen. It's awesome. I was going to have a different one but it was 8.23kb, just slightly too big.
But who are you? Niether this thread nor your journal contain your nick. Give us a chance to comment/message, etc. by supplying your name!
Yes, Mr. Noname, I've also noticed your special avatar. Is it supposed to be Hedwig?
Well, with 35 posts I assume you have been here for a few days, (enter name here), so you should check your e-mail (the one you signed up with) for an e-mail from and reply as soon as you can. Or e-mail Grep/Ant at and say what username you want. Smile Smilie

We suddenly found a few no-names, but we don't know why the names are gone. Computers...
Peculiar avatar. Is it a flying Furby ?
Just so eveyone knows, this is D-Rob. My username has been changed to " ". Beets me as to why. And as far as my avatar is concerned, it's and animated owl from Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. It is most definately not a flying furby or Hedwig (I do not like Harry Potter. I don't hate him, but I don't like him). If you find an animated image that is close to 8kb that you want as your avatar, reduce the colors or resize it using and you may get it to fit.
D-Rob, Well done, you helped fix the missing username problem - A while back i wrote some code into the user profile ( that would allow users to change their username and e-mail, when i updated the live site with the code i removed the ability to change the username from the web page itself but not the update profile process. Recently when somone changed their profile, there being no username shown on screen the update file simly erased the username.

I've fixed it now - to get your username back go to update profile and write in your username and you're away.
Hopefully, people will begin to use animated avatars, not that they are better, but they definately give you more character. I like the avatar Grep! And thanks for fixing the problem with usernames.
Don't thank me! It was my fault in the first place!
Hi, im pretty new here and i wonder how i can have a Avatar
I tried it before i had 3kb,gif file,70x70 but it didn`t worked
does someone know why?
Make sure it is .gif and not .GIF, it won't work if it is .GIF.
The animated owl is fine because it is fairly relaxed, movement-wise. Gene Wilder, however, is rather manic and gives me a headache. Sorry, Grep. Please consider a goddesses' needs when choosing an animated avatar. Thank you.

srry dont need help anymore i figured it out
Hmmm it is a bit intense, but then again thats what I like about it! I find a more normal one!
I luuuuuuuuve it !! looks really Cool!!
you know what, ive noticed that all people with two words in their names are actually names, but the second word doesnt have a capital, for example: my name is Elessar Loss’helin, the capital is on the second word, but it says whenever i post Elessar loss’helin without the capital, ive noticed it with alot of 'two word user names' could that be fixed? or should i update it and add the capital myself??
I entered mine as "Gandalf-Olorin," and got "Gandalf-olorin." I guess it means the same, so I won't quibble.
I don't know anything about the name thingy, but it ticks me off too.

I also think Grep's avatar is a little odd, but I'm cool with it. I think that we are still the only two people with animated avatars. Get going people!!! Not that it matters, but I think they are great!!!
well you dont have that problem D-Rob, but hey i took the initiative and it worked yay!!!!!
I haven't come across the two name thing before - there's nothing in the code on the site that forces it to be that way, try updating your username in the member profile and see if that fixes it. If not drop me an e-mail and i'll investigate further.
How do you like my new avatar?
This is my new Avatar. Or do you like the owl more?

Lost_and_Alone now uses this avatar.
People, get on the animated avatars!!!!!!!!!! Or at least find one that's clever or a symbol, especially if you don't have an avatar.
I liked the warcraft owl better.
Me olde eyes see only a minor difference in colors, if there is a difference in faces, it is wasted on me. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
D-Rob, is that avatar from Saving Private Ryan?
I just noticed the rain in D-Rob's avatar.
It's rain? Good news, I thought my cataract was playing up again.
I love my avitar, as it's my tattoo. Just wondering though, is it possible to animate anything....?? Or do you have to have a special picture??
All animated pictures are is a set of pictures combined together. So technically, yes, any picture can be an animated picture if you just give it more than one frame or picture.

I'm pretty sure that my avatar is from Saving Private Ryan, but I wouldn't know. I asked a guy to make it for me. I told him what I wanted, and he made it. It was made a long time ago and is on the web in various places.
I think there are software available for animating gif images.
Mine is a tweaked piece of Thror's map from the beginning of The Hobbit. As I'm not to bright when it comes to utilizing existing programs on my compy, and I'm even worse at installing new, useful ones, I'm very proud of this avatar since I did the tweaking myself!
Orc Smiling Smilie
The gate of Moria and since I'm Mellon I made it my Avatar
i too tweaked mine myslelf, i taken the picture and changed it around, size and type. Big Blue Eyes!!! Scary almost??? i used to have the elvish red script, and before that the elvish blue script, i like mine now as its different to any others, what do you think???
Elessar Loss’helin: I like your avatar a lot! When I first saw it I had to do a double take. It makes me think of the BWP; almost as if there was a flashlight in front of the face Orc Smiling Smilie
All in all I think it's awesome!
Thanks, i like yours too, i couldnt figure it out, but i knew i had seen that picture before, it hadnt clicked. Im confused, as i dont know what BWP is!!! well theres a light on the otherside of the black shape in front of the nose, thats how i got the light effect Big Smile Smilie

oh yes, call me Loss, Elessar Losseh’lin is a mouthful Big Smile Smilie
lol, okay Loss!

By BWP I meant Blair Witch Project. I wasn't certain on the spelling so I slugged out! Wiggle Smilie

D-Rob: the owl avatar reminds me of the Labyrinth; always a good thing!
I quite like Loss's avatar. The new one he has on the day of this posting, I mean, cuz he changes often. The colors are very becoming, Loss!
Well thank you Clover, but in case anyone thinks im going to change it again next week, you are very much mistaken, this avatar is my favourite so far, and will stick with me for quite some time, i like that it seems that his outer lining is engulfed in flame, appropriate id say Elf With a Big Grin Smilie thanks Clover (dont ever change your avatar, i love it Orc Smiling Smilie )
Say Rafael, is your avatar the logo of the Norwegian Tall Ships Flotilla or whatever it was that Amari’ told me was being held in your local waters?
OK, complete technophobe here. Avatars are very cool. I wants one. How do I go about it?
You find a picture of what you had in mind for your avatar, save it, open it up in photoshop. You have to resize it to 70 x 70 pixels, that way it's the right size fit for the site. Save it in photoshop as a .gif file. So you shoulod have a picture 70 x 70 pixels and a .gif file. Then upload it in your edit profile section of 'My Account', then it should work, if it doesn't, log out, leave the site completely and close the window and log back in again. Hope this helps Orc Smiling Smilie
I changed my avatar back to the gate of Moria ,since my name is indeed MELLON Smile Smilie Hope you all like it Happy Elf Smilie
Mine is a trading card picture of Elladan.
Mines the same, easy going 'rain' falling again. Wish it would turn to snow seeing as how its Christmas time and at my house we currently have no snow. We usually get a lot, by the way.

I prolly ought to get a new avatar.
I woke up this morning to about a half inch of the nasty white stuff. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I woke up this morning to about a half inch of the nasty white stuff.


you see that ugly thing in the top right corner? that's suppose to be the argonath. i got myself into all kind of trouble to find a decent picture and when i converted it to .gif format it got all ruined!
a decent picture and when i converted it to .gif format it got all ruined!you see that ugly thing in the top right corner? that's suppose to be the argonath. i got myself into all kind of trouble to find

Hey Smile Smilie I can see what your avatar is and I love it but maybe if you send it to Amar’’ she'll help you with it Smile Smilie
ok i have another, the seal of the knight templars. can i send that one too?
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