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I just switched to Linux (as in JUST BARELY), and was kind of wondering how many other people are using Linux as their OS? Hehe, PT looks so much more block-like on Ubuntu...
I just switched to Linux (as in JUST BARELY), and was kind of wondering how many other people are using Linux as their OS?

According to PT's system tracker, less than 2% of the site's visitors.
Are you trying to challenge LostandAlone for the most locked threads award or soemthing?
This thread isn't locked.
There is little to say about this subject, and the CMs don't all have nice tempers.
D-Rob was just asking a perfectly pertinent question. There's nothing whatsoever wrong with that, hence it should not even be considered to lock this thread.
Lol, what brought this up? Maybe she didn't belive you, Vir. It is true that less than 2% of those who visit PT is using Linux.

I had the mini linux version (have forgotten what it's called) on my old, crappy computer. It was the only OS it could run. But it worked. Smile Smilie One of our comps have linux, but I don't use that much. But I do use the firefox browser, thunderbird e-mail and open office, and have tried xchat and amsn. It's good to have a choise.
I often wish I was computer literate enough to use Linex; my Word for Windows just crapped out and crashes the computer when I try to open a new or existing document. So now I'm stuck using Wordpad on my Second Edition Win 98 machine.

Still, my 21 year old Commodore 128 is now working as strong as ever, excepts for its two double-sided floppy drives which don't, but its CMD HD200, FD4000, and RAMLink drives do, as does the single sided floppy drive.

I suppose I ought to upgrade the PC to a more modern OS, but it is now six years old and running at only 700Hz, it is probably too slow and has too little RAM to run them efficiently.
No, Grondy, they will RUN a better OS, but not efficiently or even half-way decent. Linux takes considerably less resources than a Mac or Windows, especially the new Windows Vista is a resource hog, although Windows claims otherwise. I like Linux a lot, but there is just so little support for many programs. I don't remember the statistics exactly, but it's like 93% of computers sold use Windows of some form, and Mac goes in second, but barely ahead of the other types combined. So software engineers don't focus on Linux or sometimes even Mac; it's just not worth the time.
I use fedora core 6. I had both windows XP and Suse Linux 10.1 before last week, but finally switched to the best preforming OS: Linux.