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I'm BACK!!!

Well, I'm sure that EVERYONE knew that I had left. I'm like, the most loved person on PT. Most definately, yes.
Heh heh..I vaguely remember you...but not enough to realize whether or not I missed you, Big Smile Smilie
Time to throw a few logs on the fire, build it up, get the spit out of the shed and prepare Christmas Dinner..... Mmmmmm.... spit-roasted D-rob.... with parsnips, stuffing, roast potatoes, brussels sprouts... Yum!
Yes I remember your avatar as one of, if not the first of our animated ones, except around here in western Washington State we get enough rain that I don't relish seeing it in someone's avatar. Still it isn't my call what you use for yours, so you're welcome to it. Wiggle Smilie
You old rascal, back now, eh? I noticed you were gone, even though all you did when you were here was just skulk and sneak around. Getting better at it now, are we?

Glad to see you surfacing again, matey!
I love you, too, Vee.
Skulking? Sneaking? Not me, no never....
And yes, I had the first animated avatar here. It was the owl.

And D-Rob sneakily sneaks away...
To know to love him. Smile Smilie
Heh, even the unobservant I have noticed D-Rob about the forum in the old posts. I'd wondered where you dissapeared to! I always kind of liked your avi, as it reminds me of my old home in western Washington...everywhere seems so incredibly brown after living there nearly six years...
Happy returning!
School has kept me plenty busy, trying to graduate and all. Doing great so far. I took a mock AP Calculus test and blew it away. If I do that good on the real thing I'll never have to take math again. I try to visit when I can Smile Smilie.
Hi D-Rob; that rain on your helmet still looks like it is probably trickling down your back making you miserable, yet you can smile.
HAHA! I was going to start another thread saying I'm back! It's been months? Or has it? It seems like months... But then I saw this one was still on page one (suprised? not really...) So I just decided to give it a bump!

D-Rob attempts to proudly swagger and sneak at the same time but switches quite tactfully... Oh, I do say, look at this earthworm!

Edit: By the way, I got a 4 on my AP Calculus test! That means I'm pretty good. No more math for me!
Congrats D-Rob; aren't you going to try Differential Equations next; they are quite interesting if you can get a professor who speaks your language without an indecipherable accent. I couldn't. Orc Grinning Smilie
Of course I've missed you D-Rob : Love your avatar, good to see you around again
I knew you would be this busy after grad, it is a different world out there following high s hcool.
You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
It's good to be back. I'll try to stick around, PT is great!

MIA once more, i DO wonder just what he is up to these days. Come back sir and let us know.