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I wanted to make a little discussion on LOTR based games, or if you play one which one?
I play Battle for Middle-earth 2 and the expansion, Do you?
I ignored the games based on the movies when they first came out, and finally asked for and received the FotR and the RotK games last Christmas, but could get neither of them running on my WIN 98 computor and could no longer find any online support for them. So that was a big bust.

I have a couple text based games for my Commodore 64 on for The Hobbit and another for the Fellowship; and also a war strategy LotR game. I never completed any of these.

The strategy games are kinda tough to finish, especially if you are evil Smile Smilie
Playing with evil is pretty easy if you use the following cheat: hit 'Enter' and type 'M3lk0r Rul3zzz!!!!'.
My grandson messed with my computer and finally was able to get the 'LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring. movie game to run Sunday and I have started playing it. I've just encountered the first Ringwraith at Gaffer Gamgee's and have yet to successfully run away from it.
I own LotR: Battle for Middle-Earth 2 and LotR: The Third Age. Both are extremely good games. I especially like the parts in the Third Age where it ties into the book/movie. Battle for Middle-Earth 2 is a fun game too, especially the War of the Ring minigame thingy. I am a fan of RTS games (Real-time Strategy. Battle for Middle-Earth 1&2 are examples.) Big Smile Smilie
I am very pleased with both games!
I have somewhere the old Lord of the Rings strategy type computer game for the Commodore 64; though I never played it much. I decided I didn't like strategy war games. I also have both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings text and graphic games by Wessely-Addison for the C=64 they are like the old Zork text games, but have almost full screen static pictures while you are texting. I was never able to get Bilbo to Lake Town or Frodo past Rivendell.
i had a good lord of the rings game on my old working machine but after it crashed it doesn't work anymore... i made the game myself and i liked it alot... a shame it was corrupted...
i don't really like the newer games that have come out.. im one of the older rpg players Smile Smilie
Marco posted Friday 1st February 2008 (08:52pm)
Does Any 1 play this game and add me as a friend we'll play some time.itll be FUN i love that game though i wish they would have put more effort in it like umm...... if your playing elfs i wish u could be playin just lorien forces or mirkwood forces or rivendell forces not all put together. u know Same for men. u eather play rohans armies or gondors armies and u would be able to call for reinforcements from rohan if u were gondor u know! One Eye Smilie
i play battle for middle earrth two any one want to play sometime?!!!!! Dunce Smilie
HELP In LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring, I'm having trouble distracting the Black Rider with thrown stones so Frodo can get from behind the big boulder near Bagshot Row on to the Bywater road. Which direction should I throw the stones left or right and in which direction should I then run left or right? It seems I meet a Black Rider either way. This is after I picked up the Ring and gave the Key to the Gaffer.
I got past that section, it taken me a while too...

I think you go to a hill behind the Gaffer and wait there on the top to see the pattern of where the Nazgul are going, there's one thats galloping around, once he's gone right, you run down into the field and keep on going until you come to the road, look both ways Orc Smiling Smilie and run... From there I think your at the mill or near it... You come the bridge next, there's one Rider the other side, just lure him away with rocks, preferably further away from you Elf With a Big Grin Smilie... After that there's some wolves, there aren't any Nazgul here, so go nuts beating them with yer stick... I think there's another bridge and then you come to another boulder...

I think at the boulder you throw a stone a little bit ahead of the Nazgul waiting there, he'll run to it, then you run to the other side of the boulder your hiding behind, and throw another rock in front of you, but towards and near the boulder you were hiding and then run past while he is looking around for the second rock... It taken me a few times, but that's the best way I think... I've tried it so many times, I've memorized it Orc Smiling SmilieTeacher Smilie

I gave up on the barrow downs, I lost Sam, Merry and Pippin and kept getting killed by the Barrow-Wights Orc Smiling Smilie
how on earth did you get it working grondy?
i am a programmer by my education and i can't get it working Smile Smilie
I took my first programming course on IBM mainframes in 1963, and could program both my Commodore 64 and 128 computers, but the PC is beyond me. So I simply let my fifteen year old grandson uninstall and reinstall the FotR game and he got it to work. He still couldn't get the RotK game to work though.

Thanks Loss, one of these days I'll get back to it. Right now I'm playing the original Dungeon Siege game using the DS:Legend of Aranna engine and Kingmaker using the original Neverwinter Nights engine.
a! i have it! a minor bug in the exe file.. it was a bit corrupted but i got it fixed and the game works well Smile Smilie

if you want help whit the rotk i might be able to help you Big Smile Smilie
edit: hehe finally got my game creator software and a better computer for running it.. give me a few months and i will try to get you something nice.. like a demo Smile Smilie
I play both BFME2 and Lord of the Rings Online, the Shadows of Angmar, an MMO and one of the only games based on the books rather than the films. Very interesting it is too.
mmh... grond do you know how to fight trolls proper? im getting a hard time when two of them appear in a knife in the dark chapter..
A review by arath

By far this game stays most loyal to the storyline even whit the few changes to stop the game from getting too long... it offers a tolkien fan fun for atleast one time to fully play thru.

the story
the fact that there are some levels in where you just adventure whitout fighting.. give a nice addition to the a game and reveals more on the actual fellowship.
fitting voice-actors ( i liked them Big Smile Smilie)
excellent demos (a bit blurry but...)


in some points absurdly difficult
the "stiffnes" of the battlesystem (as you complete the combo you leave yourself open to attacks)
few minor bugs:
gimli gets stuck in moria in several points
in some levels the music is a bit off sync
the game is a bit too easy if not included the absurdly difficult parts..

all in all:
-A excellent game whit alot of content.
-A bit too short perhaps...
-it is great to see that boromir does not die in the end Big Smile Smilie
-8 / 10

if you are a tolkien fan then this is a must have game Big Smile Smilie
Wait a minute - is this a role playing game?
grond do you know how to fight trolls proper?

In Neverwinter Nights I have found acid arrows or bolts, or an acid blade works well against Trolls. Of course if they are Stone Trolls or Stone Golums, a sonic screwdriver works best. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie If you are lacking one of those, use a sonic hammer or blade. I have yet to meet any trolls in the LotR games; I'm still trying to get Frodo to Bywater. Happy Elf Smilie
not a roleplaying game...
more like a adventure game
i can kill the trolls in fotr but it takes a lot of time and is difficult when there are two Big Smile Smilie
im wondering if i shold by lotr online the mmo lordofall is it good?
In most online games they offer you a free trial.
You should take advantage from that opportunity to see if it is your kind of a game. Smile Smilie
I just ordered Lotr Online, I've played the trial.
The graphics are stunning, each time i went up a hill and looked down, i would stare at the beautiful landscape for several minutes.
And it's one of the few Mmo's with a storyline Smile Smilie
If you decide to buy it, send me a pm Wink Smilie

Can't wait to battle the "Watcher" ^^

Well, I see there are (or were) quite a few here who played these games. I have played both BfME games, and slightly prefer the first. I've played the Third Age on Nintendo Gamecube, and a little bit of Aragorn's Quest and LoTR Conquest. I play LoTRO mostly. I would think that the number of LOTRO players has increased since the game went free-to-play. I myself would not have started if it hadn't been free-to-play. I love how that game is only partly based on the movies, and is also based on the books. For example, in the character creation screen, it says how or by whom each class was inspired by. Some are obvious, like the Hunter being inspired by Legolas, but then there's classes inspired by Celebrimbor and Luthien Tinuviel. Also, I just met Tom Bombadil. It's also one of the few MMORPG's that are story-driven. And it's a really good story too!

Hi Rukain, I have all the movie tie ins but am on Xbox so couldnt get Aragorn's Quest......  Whats it like?

Cant wait for Lego LOTR's the trailers are great!

Here is the Halloween Lego Merri & Pippin Special short!

I have actually never played Xbox...or even touched one. I have none of the movie tie ins, but I'd like to play them sometime. Aragorn's Quest is the story, told by Sam to his children, of Aragorn's part in the Lord of the Rings. It plays sort of like repeated flachbacks, alternating between the present, (playing as one of Sam's sons, I think it was Frodo) and the past, or the story (Playing as Aragorn). I never finished it, but what i played was good. The graphics weren't great in my opinion, though.

The Halloween vid was awesome! and I too can't wait for the LEGO LoTR games.

Thanks Runain. It's the graphics and music which make the movie games great. TFOTR obviously was made way before movie info became available. Not like the films at all but it has Bombidil in it! It's rather strange. The next two are straight from the movies. Aragorns quest sounds interesting.

Has anyone played the old PC game "The Lord of the Rings: Volume 1" from Interplay? It came out around 1990. It's my favorite LOTR game (and actually, one of my favorite PC games of all time).