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Scooby-Doo, Dangermouse, Cow and Chicken, Captain Caveman, Bugs Bunny, Hong Kong Phooey, The Hair Bear Bunch, Wacky Races, does the Clangers count? or the Flumps? The Family Ness, Bod, Roobarb, Henry's Cat Ummmm I'll get back to you when I've searched my memory banks a bit more.
He's amazing!
He's fantastic!
Wherever there is danger he'll be there!

Yeah Danger Mouse is my favourite ever. Is South Park a cartoon? 2nd if it is. Then Doraemon, Drac Pack, Transformers, Scooby Doo, Dilbert and that witch thing (Mathilda?)

And I've always rooted for the coyote.
Pogo was my favorite cartoon comic strip. TV cartoon was Snagglepus "Exit stage left."
Movie Cartoon was Henry the teenie-weenie Chicken Hawk and his battles with Foghorn Leghorn, "I say, put it there, boy." Smile Smilie
I forgot south park how could i??? and transformers too...

the rest you were telling (except for the cartoonnetwork toons) i really can't place.
ooh! can we have comics too? right then......
Spiderman, X-Men, Iron Man, The Hulk, Howard the Duck, Big Comics, Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, 2000 AD......
Fave cartoon? Hmmmm...damn, I can't deside what I like best, Cardcaptors or He-Man!
I love Sylvester, Tom and Jerry, (de smurfen, for Boring and any other Dutch people), Scooby Doo, and the Aristocats (I know, it's a film, but they were great)!
Big Smile Smilie
Man I love the Smurfs(Brit equivalent) and Duckman, and Ren and Stimpy, and South Park and the Simpsons and I'm going on a bit now aren't I?
The Adventures of Little Koala, David the Gnome, Garfield and Friends, Pepper Ann, the Simpsons, Peanuts (comic strip, but whatever), Roadrunner and Wyle E. Coyote, Bugs Bunny, Tiny Toons, Rescue Rangers...hmm, that's all for now, but there's more, I know...Big Smile Smilie
Ren and stimpy tehy Rule!!!! they are great!!! just brilliant
about comics i like Spawn he just so fun!
I forgot Garfield!!! How could I forget Garfield? He's the best! Big Smile Smilie
Itchy & Scratchy for me Smile Smilie
Fave cartoon? Hmmmm...****, I can't deside what I like best, Cardcaptors or He-Man!

...or Dungeons & Dragons, damn I loved that cartoon! Big Smile Smilie
ooh yeah dungeon and dragons kewlie with that little bald tworp off a DM
I saw that again last year, it hasn't aged at all well...... stupid ****ing unicorn, really annoying, worse than Schnarf from Thundercats.
Oooh, forgot about He-Man! Yeah! Smile Smilie

I used to like the Simpsons when they first came out, but I can't stand 'em now. I also hate the Roadrunner! I hate him, I hate him! Mad Smilie
Meep Meep *runs like b*ggery*
*takes out flamethrower & roasts roadrunner*

Have a drumstick, Plastic. Smile Smilie
You can't do that the roadrunner is uncatchable!!!
Faster than Flames!

I do feel sorry for Wylie though. Think he needs to hire a better engineering firm. "He who representes is own self in court, has a fool for a client." That sort of problem.
Ah, but "A bad coyote always blames his gadgets" or suchlike....
Faster than Flames!

I do feel sorry for Wylie though. Think he needs to hire a better engineering firm. "He who representes is own self in court, has a fool for a client." That sort of problem.

As Gomez Adams says "As God as my witness, I am that fool!"

My favs were/are Thundercats, Herculoids, Robotech, Reboot, Underdog, George of the Jungle, Tom Slick, Speed Racer, Voltron (orinigal), Sailor Moon, Spongebob Squarepants, Rocko's Modern World... more later
Loved Roadrunner too. The coyote could never catch him, indeed, feel sorry for him a bit. But dead funny though! Big Smile Smilie
oh my gosh, guys...Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...remember them?

My favorite cartoon turtle was Churchy La Femme drawn by Walt Kelly the creater of Pogo, in whose strip Churchy habitated.

Were you old enough and still could, you would remember that Pogo ran against Ike. Ike's campaign button said, "I like Ike!"; Pogo's said, "I go Pogo!". Pogo won and sloped back to the swamp; Ike had to serve two terms and took up golf to get away from the White House and Mamie. Big Smile Smilie
*puts on his TV historian hat*
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the movie version of the Cartoon Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles who were mutated turtles named after italian painters that lived in a sewer.
Had I been able to remember their Ninja master (who was a rat) was called Splinter the other night, we would have won that darn quiz by a lot more.
I just discovered Dilbert. I laughed so much that I thought I will roll on the floor!
Yeah Dilbert is great since it's very true to life. I used to give all my new engineers a stack of Dilbert books to read before they start their first day at that they'll get no illusions about working life. They seem to appreciate it - some of them even turned up for work the next day. Smile Smilie

Comic strips - I like Boondocks too.
Cartoon Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

are you sure about the hero part? Because I rememeber the theme song, and it said 'teenage mutant ninja turtles' in it...unless were there two versions of the cartoon?
Far Side... never could get enough of that one.
*bangs rusty memory into action*
I remember now, it was only "hero" turtles over here in the UK as the BBC thought "Ninja Turtles sounded a little bloodthirsty and unhealthy for kiddies. Hooray for Auntie!
My favorite cartoon series was the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. That also included 'Fractured Fairy Tales', 'Sherman and Mr. Peabody', and 'Dudley Doright of the Mounties'. They were all hilarious. Smile Smilie
The turtles! How could I forget them?! I used to love Leonardo (the purple one, right?) Big Smile Smilie
The theme here was also Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. I still have a video of them somewhere... Cool Smilie

Tigger Smilie
Taz? Oh Tazzy? Could you fix me up with an Eeyor smilie as well? Please? *looks very sweet and adorable all of a sudden*
Angel Smilie
Leonardo was the blue one...Donatello was the purple one...Splinter's the coolest Big Smile Smilie
Splinter, the rat? He was really cool, yeah. Donatello, that's my fav... Ta chika. Big Smile Smilie
My favourites have got to be the vultures in Jungle Book. They were "so" the Beatles. And the Simpsons.... I'm sure there's a fat Homer inside of me just trying to burst out.
Simpson, Homer Simpson, He's the greatest guy in history,
Sinpson, Homer Simpson, He's about to hit a chestnut tree.... DOH!!

*Flinstones, meet the Flinstones, they're a modern stone age family...*
did anyone ever see when they combined the Jetsons and the Flintstones? I don't remember if it was a movie or just a special episode or what...

this is off-topic, but whatever...what exactly does 'Ta' mean? Every now and again somebody says it around here, but I've never heard anyone say it in real life...
I have assumed it means "thank you". If it doesn't ,I may be in trouble; for being the recipient, not the initiator. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Ha Ha Ha Smilie
No, it does. It's short for thanks. I do it quite a lot I think. Don't you say it too? I do... And my English teacher doesn't seem to mind. Big Smile Smilie
Yep, and Ta Muchly means thanks very much, it's very british indeed.
ok cool...guess it's just one of those things that hasn't migrated across the pond yet...ta muchly for the explaination! (hehe)
Ladies and Gentlemen are you not forgetting the wonderful classics such as Battle of the Planets, Ullysse's, Cities of Gold and of course Dogtanian????? Surely they cant have been overlooked.......... Cool Smilie
Cities of Gold! I saw all of them, it went on forever it seemed, and then I went on holiday and missed the last episode, I have no idea how it ended. I wouldn't mind but the same thing happened on the repeats.
And Dogtanian and the Muskehounds seriously rocked.
I never got to see the end either! and yes it did go on forever. best bit was when they got the golden that rocked!
Jumping Flame Smilie Man, this thread really takes me back to the day! I loved Thundercats, The Transformers, Voltron, TMNT, He-Man, Sooby-Doo, Tom and Jerry....

Anyone remember Tranzor-Z? Part of the giant robot genre but it stood out cuz of the female robot and her ballistic boobs!

And Gummi Bears! That one was hilarious! You didn't have to be a kid to get the jokes.

As comic strips go, Farside is my absolute fave. I have several Farside gallery books and if I need a good hardy laugh I just crack one open to any page.
I LOVE the Far Side.

My favourite is: "Einstien discovers that time is actually money"

and "The Sheep the grow steel wool have no know predators"

Does anyone know of a website for The Far Side?
Well, other than Mr. Larson and his lawyers have pretty much cleaned them off the net, as Gary doesn't like the idea of his work being available to just anybody. And you got to respect the guys wishes, however this guy here does do Larson Searches for you if you're after a specific cartoon.
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