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Ross said posted on [2/7/2003 at 06:32 PM
On the DeLoreans were I live some arse would park right next to you so you couldn't open the doors.

On Mellie's picture woof woof grrr (sorry I know you may have a chiild reading this)

Mellie is once again blushing. Thanks for the nice comments on my pic.

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Peredhil, where do you live? Who knows we may be neighbors. lol.

Not likely Mellie. I live in England.
Grrrrauw!! Mellie is steaming hot!Big Smile Smilie
/me blushes, thanks Aule. I am worried about the Delorean tonight. We are suppose to have tornados and baseball size hail. Unfortunately, the car will not fit in the garage. I am kinda nervous.
*gimli raises hand*

Can I ride in the car when it runs... WITH YOU! Orc Grinning Smilie
Well, we had lots of rain, and wind, but no hail or tornados. YEAH!!!!!!!! The car is safe.

Yes, Gimli you can ride in the car with me, when we get it fixed. But you have to come to Texas to do that.

Thank you Asteroth. That was very sweet of you.

Some pics of our Delorean.
I Love In Love Smilie DeLoreans!! Where did you get it? I want one sooooo bad!! I can drive next year and it would be soooo cool to have one!!