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Thanks Grongy.
I've just been doing a bit of research on Amroth and Nimrodel. Pity I didn't remember them in time to include them. Tolkien seemed to relish in his tragic love tales.
Waaa! I can't beleive this thread got ignored, espesialy cause its so fun. weeee! Big Smile Smilie

Question: Whos the best LotRs villan

*The Witch King
*The Mouth of Sauron
*Saruman (the inexplicably creepy) Ha Ha Ha Smilie
*Lurtz (cause he deserved a mention!)
*The Uruk-Hai (Yay! Big Smile Smilie)
*The Balrog
*Shelob (eew! spider! :P)
*The Watcher in the Water
*The Barrow Wight
Halo's suggestion will be a good one for use in a couple more weeks; however, it comes too soon after our current one, which is about our favorite Tolkien named orc. Smile Smilie

Meanwhile, are there any other ideas out there? I can already imagining Taz breathing down my neck for a new one. Very Big Grin Smilie
Thanks Halo_Black!
Not sure what other polls you've already had, so apologies if this one's already been done.

Question:- Where in Middle Earth would you choose for a two week vacation?

* The Grey Havens
* Rivendell
* Lorien
* The Shire
* Minas Tirith
* Dol Amroth
* Ithilien
* Laketown
* Umbar
* Moria
* Dorwinion
* The Grey Mountains

* Have used this one, thank you! Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 14/9/2002 by Allyssa]
Thanks Halo_Black!

Your welcome Big Smile Smilie hope it was of some help Taz.
Is there something wrong with the Poll? I cannot seem to vote.
Me too.

Not sure what other polls you've already had, so apologies if this one's already been done.
Valedhelgwath: If you click on the link Polls at the bottom of the poll (right beside the Results link) you can see a list of the previous questions.

And yes we did do a vacation visitation preference. Rivendel was the winner with 181 votes out of 424 (42.69 %) Thank you for your suggestion.

[Edited on 8/5/2002 by Grondmaster]
Thanks Grond. That's what I love about this site; lots of little hiding places to explore.

And the poll seems to have fixed itself (one sentence probably totally dismissing hours of hard work that Taz spent mending it)
I still can't post when I'm logged in though. Is that just me? Big Smile Smilie
Nope, me too. I just vote before I log in. Smile Smilie
Is The Poll the only place that the "Comment" button works, as opposed to those for the articles on the main page, or is it just me? Taz has been ignoring my queries about this, which I assume is due to the agony of his lovelife.
[Note] - This has now been fixed and I wasn't ignoring Grondy Mad Smilie It was just harder to fix than expected Animated Wink Smilie

Keeping to the title of this thread, could anyone come up with some suggestions for a new poll? I think it's about that time - Thanks
Who was Tolkien's "lovliest" couple?

1) Luthien and Beren
2) Aragorn and Arwen
3) Samwaise and Rose Cotton
4) Tom Bombadil and Goldberry
5) Galadriel and Celeborn
6) Faramir and Eowyn
7) Elrond and Celebrian
8) Dior and Nimroth
9) Earendil and Elwing
10) Elwe and Melian
11) Tuor and Idril
12) Aldarion and Erendis

*used this one, thank you! Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 14/9/2002 by Allyssa]
Thanks Val, a great poll.

I need to know what you think about running a poll on short story competition short listings?

Is is feasable? and if so, how many do you need?
Don't see how it would be. I mean the poll would have to assume the voter has actually bothered to read all of the 'short stories'... I can't link the vote options to the stories themselves so I see no other way round it.
Okay gang, we need another poll please. The old one is starting to get long in the tooth. Big Smile Smilie
Please! Can anyone suggest a new poll or is it going to be left up to me!!?? *oh dear*...
Taz, all I can come up with for the moment is:

Who is your favourite 'bad guy'?

- Ungoliant
- Gollum
- the Balrog
- Saruman
- Sauron/Melkor
- Shelob
- Smaug
- Shargrat
- Gorbag
- Grishnakh
- Ugluk
Thanks, not going to go with that one just because I am looking for something a little different and that still reminds me of:

'Which of the following characters from the LotR do you consider to best fit a villains stereotype?'

Thanks though and please keep 'em coming!!!!
*scratches head*

Could do favourite elf? Legolas, Galadriel, Celeborn, Arwen, Haldir, Elrond, Glorfindel, Erestor, Figwit and so on...

Favourite Dunedan? nah, too obvious

Fav Dwarf? Thorin, Gimli, Gloin, Fili, Kili, etc. pretty obvious too.

Fav Hobbit? (excluding Frodo)

Fav. Vala?

Fav. Mia? nah, too obvious again.

Favourite Chapter from each book? Selections being some of the more memorable passages

Sorry, the best I could think of at present Sad Smilie
New poll is up, thanks for the chapter idea.
Good poll Allyssa/Taz! I know you've got the new one up, but here a few suggestions for future polls. Of course others are welcomed to change/ improve on them:

A) Which Middle Earth tavern are you most likely to frequent?
1) The Prancing Pony, Bree
2) The Forsaken Inn, Great East Road
3) The Golden Perch, Stock
4) The Ivy Bush, Bywater
5) The Green Dragon, Bywater
6) The Bridge Inn, Brandywine
7) The Floating Log, Frogmorton

B) Which character would you want to escort you through a secluded Orc infested alley on a dark winter's night?
1) Gil-galad
2) Huan
3) Glorfindel
4) Aragorn
5) Luthien
6) Gandalf
7) Melian
8) Elrond
9) Hurin
10) Earendil
11) Eowyn
12) Tom Bombadil

C) Be honest. Whose demise had you blubbering most like a baby?
1) Denethor
2) Huan
3) Theoden
4) Boromir
5) Saruman
6) Gollum
7) Turin
8) Glorfindel
9) Finrod Felagund
10) Gandalf Animated Wink Smilie
11) Beren
12) Grima Wormtongue

D) Which will be your preferred mode of transport in ME?
1) Shadowfax
2) Vingilot
3) Thorondor
4) Oliphaunt
5) Warg
6) Treebeard's shoulder
7) Gwaihir
8) Stybba
9) The Witch-King's winged creature (name anyone?)
10) Bill the pony
11) On foot

E) Which is the most tragic figure in ME?
1) Gollum
2) Turin
3) Frodo
4) Hurin
5) Boromir
6) Thorin Oakenshield
7) Melkor/Morgoth
8) Feanor
9) Saruman
10) Arwen

F) Now that you've had time to reflect, which scene/part from the movie disappointed you the most?
1) The wrestling wizards
2) Arwen's "Come and claim him"
3) The Council of Elrond
4) The Battle at Weathertop
5) The Arwen & Aragorn mushy scene
6) Inside Prancing Pony
7) Arwen stealing Glorfindel's part
8) Battling the cave troll at Moria
9) Galadriel's Mirror
10) The collapsing steps at Moria
11) Sauron's easy death in the Battle of Dagorland
12) Boromir's death

World Cup Fever! Sorry Taz!
Which character would you want most on your favourite football team?
1) Gothmog Nesta, your centre-half Lord of the Balrogs
2) Gandalf Zidane, your wizard playmaker
3) Shelob Kahn, your eight-handed goalkeeper
4) Morgoth Desailly, tall, commanding and bad tempered, your other centre-half
5) Legolas Figo, your swift-footed winger
6) Gollum Owen, your slippery 'fox-in-the-box' star striker
7) Luthien Beckham, your inspirational skipper with the fragile (but blessed) foot.
8) Bilbo Carlos, your attacking left-back
9) Witch-King Vieri - tall and imposing figure of a dangerous striker
10) Saruman Keane - most likely to be sent home from a tournament
Very Big Grin Smilie

[Edited on 15/6/2002 by Ungoliant]
WOOHO, thanks Ungoliant... should last us a while! Smile Smilie
Ungoliant: You need to update your List of Taverns with two newly (last Saturday and tonight) discovered ones:

The Bridge Inn at the Brandywine Bridge, which had been torn down during their absence, making necessary their spending their first night back in The Shire uncomfortably in the bridge's hobbit guard-house.

The Floating Log which was located in Frogmorton and was where the hobbits had planned on spending their second night, but they had to spend it in the Shirriff'-house instead, because Sharkey had ordered closed, all The Shire's remaining inns.

Taz: We now have two more names for tavern headers, in case we need them. I don't know how we missed these last winter, or did we, maybe I just forgot.
I know how we missed them, the research skwerl who was coming up with them, got really bored with the book about half way through the two towers, put it down and hasn't yet picked it up again. Sorry.

btw, love the footy one Golly, LMAO!
Done, fixed it, thanks for the info Grondy. Why thanks, glad you liked it Plastic. Big Smile Smilie

Taz, here's a couple more polls for future reference:

G) Which will be the most mismatched fight of all time?
1) Sauron vs. Pippin for ME's palantir broadcasting rights
2) Isildur vs. Gollum for the One Ring
3) Barad-Dur vs. Bag End as ME's most fortified HQ
4) Bert, Tom and Bill Huggins vs. sunlight
5) Treebeard vs. Barliman in the Middle Earth beverage wars
6) Shelob vs. Rosie Cotton for Sam Gamgee
7) Smaug vs. Thorin Oakenshield for the deed to the Lonely Mountain
8) Huan the Hound of Valinor vs. Bill the pony for 'The Most Faithful Animal Companion' title
9) Thorondor vs. Roac son of Carc for ME airspace control
10) Tom Bombadil vs. Fatty Bolger as the LotR character most likely to be left out of movies

H) If these were the only remaining candidates left on ME, which potential partner are you most likely to introduce to your parents?
1) Ugluk
2) Sauron
3) Gollum
4) Morgoth Bauglir
5) Ungoliant Gloomweaver
6) Gothmog
7) The Nazghul Lord
8) Saruman
9) Smaug
10) Shelob

I) Which Middle Earth recipe do you wish to be handed down by your grandmother?
1) Dwarven Creamy Cram Delight
2) Lembas Lorienese
3) Bilbo's Seed-Cake Special
4) The Eagles' Special Barbeque Sauce
5) Treebeard's Sparkling Ent-draught
6) Sam's Succulent Coney Stew
7) Beorn's Secret Honey-Cakes
8) Gildor's Fresh Elven Bread
9) Gollum's Sushi and Wasabe Surprise
10) Barliman's Golden Enchanted Beer
11) Farmer Maggot's Magic Mushrooms Smile Smilie

J) Which of these job vacancies would you apply for?
1) Seamstress for Arwen's 'Banners 'R' Us'
2) Brewmaster for Treebeard's 'Sparkling Ent-draught' distilleries
3) Maintenance Engineer for 'Gimli Construction Company Ltd'
4) Herbalist for Aragorn's 'The Royal Healing Hands Hospital'
5) Mailman for Gwaihir's Overnight Delivery Services
6) Beast therapist for Morgoth's 'The Angband Children's Zoo'
7) Tree Vet for 'Ungoliant's Landscaping Services'
8) Weaponsmith for Eowyn's 'Heroes for Hire Pte. Ltd.'
9) Lemba Chef for 'The Lorien Institute of Culinary Arts'
10) Manicurist for the 'Legolas Greenleaf Beauty Salon'
11) Partner for Grima Wormtongue's law firm
12) Web designer for Shelob's 'Home'

K) Who would you vote for as Prime Minister or President?
1) Fingolfin
2) Aragorn
3) Elrond
4) Galadriel
5) Bard I
6) Samwise Gamgee
7) Dain II Ironfoot
8) Beorn
9) Melian
10) Faramir
11) Gandalf
12) Haleth of the Haladin

L) You have to journey through Mirkwood, but are allowed only one companion. Choose one of the following:
1) Balrog
2) Hobbit
3) Dwarf
4) Troll
5) Elf
6) Dragon
7) Skin-changer
8) Orc
9) Ent
10) Wizard
11) Human
12) A very fast horse

M) Whose weapon would you borrow if you had to go into battle?
1) Grond from Morgoth
2) Narsil from Elendil
3) Glamring from Turgon or Gandalf
4) Anduril, the Flame of the West, from Aragorn
5) Sting from Bilbo
6) Orcrist from Thorin Oakenshield
7) Ringil from Fingolfin
8) Herugrim from Theoden
9) Gurthang from Turin Turambar
10) Aeglos from Gil-galad
11) Aranruth from Thingol
12) Anguirel from Eol

[Edited on 15/6/2002 by Ungoliant]
Gee Golly, you're good at this!
Thanks gnampie! Big Smile Smilie

But come on, come and join the fun!
Very Big Grin Smilie
Those are good, Golly! Big Smile Smilie Hey Taz, come and see this, put one up!!
Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Tommy, he just did, the day before yesterday. And Ungoliant is one of the best Poll makers we have. Still, I think the reason she came up with all the good ones was because once upon a time she posted a lame one as a joke, and Taz ran with it anyway. So now to better her reputation, she posts only the good ones, for which we thank you, Ungoliant. Smile Smilie
Thanks guys. Yeah well, Taz/Grondy have a sneaky way of making me behave myself.... Animated Wink Smilie

Got some other poll ideas, but the options are too long. Am thinking of a way to shorten them so that Taz could theoretically fit them in. Here are some more though:

N) Who was the most hopeless parent in ME?
1) Earendil
2) Elwing
3) Denethor
4) Gaffer Gamgee
5) Finwe
6) Eol
7) Thingol
8) Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
9) Hurin
10) Feanor
11) Morwen
12) Ungoliant

O) Assuming you can get them past customs, which of the following ME items would you like best as a souvenir?
1) An 'I Love Moria' mithril keyring
2) A pouch of Longbottom Leaf tobacco
3) A bottle of King Thranduil's best Dorwinion wine
4) A 2nd edition print of the Red Book of Westmarch
5) A mini-palantir paperweight
6) A box of earth c/w mallorn nut from Galadriel's orchard
7) An autographed CD of The Valar's greatest hits
8) A miniature Anduril penknife c/w scabbard
9) A young sapling from the White Tree of Gondor
10) A faux Simaril pendant c/w matching earrings
11) A group photo with the entire Fellowship of the Ring
12) A Balrog t-shirt for your boss * Have used this one, thank you! Big Smile Smilie

P) You are a dwarf. Where would you live?
1) Aglarond
2) In post-Balrog Moria
3) In Mirkwood with my best mate Legolas
4) Ered Mithrin
5) Nulukkizdin
6) Ered Luin
7) Khazad-dum
8) Erebor
9) Nogrod (Tummunzahar)
10) Iron Hills
11) In post-war Gondor
12) Belegost (Gabilgathol)

Q) Which hobbit would you vote for as the Shire's mayor?
1) Frodo Baggins
2) Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck
3) Bullroarer Took
4) Rosie Cotton
5) Farmer Maggot
6) Peregrine 'Pippin' Took
7) Fredregar 'Fatty' Bolger
8) Bilbo Baggins
9) Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
10) Gerontius 'The Old' Took
11) Samwise Gamgee
12) Farmer Cotton

R) Enemy sighted! O Glorious Captain, which stronghold would you choose to defend?
1) Hornburg
2) Formenos
3) Osgiliath
4) Minas Morgul
5) Henneth Annun
6) Utumno
7) Barad-dur
8) Gondolin
9) Isengard
10) Barad Eithel
11) Minas Tirith
12) Angband * Have used this one, thank you! Big Smile Smilie

S) You are a reformed Dark Lord, languishing in The Void. To banish loneliness, you would propose marriage to:
1) Luthien
2) Celebrian
3) Melian
4) Arwen
5) Goldberry
6) Nimloth of Doriath
7) Haleth of the Haladin
8) Galadriel
9) Nienna
10) Arien
11) Eowyn
12) Idril Celebrindal

T) Without checking your credentials, a careless Vala has given you a small vial containing the Potion of Life. You would use it on:
1) Boromir
2) Ancalagon the Black
3) Theoden
4) The Nazghul Lord
5) Hurin
6) Saruman
7) Gil-galad
8) Gothmog, Lord of Balrogs
9) Thorin Oakenshield
10) Smeagol-Gollum
11) Finrod Felagund
12) Sauron * Have used this one, thank you! Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 15/6/2002 by Ungoliant]

[Edited on 14/9/2002 by Allyssa]
I've got too much time watching Germany play. Smile Smilie Here are a few more:

U) Which Elf or half-Elf had the best name?
1) Glorfindel (golden-haired)
2) Nimloth (white-blossom)
3) Earendil (sea-lover)
4) Galadriel (lady of light)
5) Feanor (spirit of fire)
6) Elwing (star-spray)
7) Gil-galad (star of radiance)
8) Aredhel (noble-elf)
9) Turgon (commander of power)
10) Arwen Undomiel (royal-maiden/Evenstar)
11) Celembriador (hand of silver)
12)Idril Celebrindal (sparkle-brilliance/silverfoot)
* Have used this one, thank you! Big Smile Smilie

V) Which language or dialect would you most like to learn?
1) Sindarin
2) Khudzul (Dwarvish)
3) The Black Speech
4) Entish *
5) Westron
6) Telerin
7) Orkish
8) Speech of the Woses (Druedain)
9) Rohirric
10) Adunaic
11) Hobbitish
12) Quenya

* - Deleted Nandorin

[Edited on 27/6/2002 by Ungoliant]

[Edited on 14/9/2002 by Allyssa]
*Bows to Ungoliant*, you really do amaze me sometimes.
Awww Tazzy, thanks! *feels all chuffed now*
Most impressive Ungoliant!! Pixie Smilie How do you do it?
Pixie Smilie
Great, Golly! But why didn't you add the Entish? Very Sad Smilie It's not among them, is it? Would love to learn that.... Big Smile Smilie
Well I thought about it but I wasn't sure whether it was a separate language or dialect. I'll check and modify the options, ok!
We mere humans have too short a lifespan to become fluent in entish. For instance, can you imagine the damage occurring to our bladders while waiting to get the directions to the head (loo, toilet, bathroom, facilities) in entish. I mean, if it takes a paragraph to say "no" in entish, it would take three pages just to ask the question and maybe another four or five to get the "third door on the left" answer. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
lol, Grondy, I think I'll stick to Dwarvish! I like what Robert Foster had to say about Orkish though:
The Orkish tongue were rich in curses but weak in grammar

I'm an Orc then!
Thanks Allyssa, I just have a lot of free time right now since I've purposely cleared my calendar for the whole month in order to watch footy. So I can think up polls in between matches.
I'm an Orc then!

Very Big Grin Smilie
This is in response to Tommy's query. I've checked around and can't confirm whether Entish is a separate language. Does anyone know?
I think we can take it that Entish was a language; Treebeard thought it was. Big Smile Smilie

In Treebeard's prologue to the duet between the Ent and the Entwife, found in TTT, Book III, Chapter 4 entitled 'Treebeard', he says:
It was never an Entish song, mark you: it would have been a very long song in Entish! But we know it by heart, and hum it now and again. This is how it goes in your tongue:

ENT: When Spring unfolds the beechen leaf,
and sap is in the bough; ...

... Treebeard ended his song. 'That is how it goes,' he said. 'It's Elvish of course: lighthearted, quickworded, and soon over. I daresay it is fair enough. But the Ents could say more on their side, if they had time!.
I doubt that Tolkien actually developed Entish however, as his lifespan was much too short for that. Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 26/6/2002 by Grondmaster]
I like the new poll, btw. Big Smile Smilie

I take it Entish is a separate language. Remember the council the Ents had, they spoke their own language there, didn't they?
Question: What Location in Tolkiens world would you most like to see as a theme park?

1.Imladris (Rivendell)
3.Morgul Vale
4.The Grey Havens
6.Minas Tirith
10.Fangorn forest
*Have used this one, thank you! Smile SmilieOk! So many more places to choose from! Hope you dont think its too lame an idea???

[Edited on 17/10/2002 by Allyssa]
Question: Which rare Middle Earth being would you most like to see stuffed and hanging on the wall?

1. Nazgul
2. Treebeard
3. Tom Bombadil
4. Gandalf
5. An Elf
6. Balrog
7. Gollum
8. Gwaihir
9. Saruman
10. Shadowfax
11. Shelob
12.The Guardian at the Gate

Nice one Cirdan!

Thanks G & Tommy. I'll edit the poll now then. Thumbs Up Smilie
Cheers Spidy! But nothing compared to your mammoth number of ideas! I'll keep thinking.......
Ah, thanks Golly. Feel so much better now. Animated Wink Smilie

*reads Cirdan's poll*
Hey! I don't feel like being stuffed and hung on the wall! Exploding Head Smilie
No, kidding. Animated Wink Smilie Nice poll.
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