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1. Cirdan
2. Lorien Ithink
3. Aule
4. Gorthaur the Cruel
5. Possibly Ulmo. If not then Manwe. I'll stick with Ulmo.
Okay I'll bite on this one too,

1. Cirdan
2. Irmo(Lorien) and Nienna
3. Aule
4. Gorthaur
5. Ulmo
Elf Smilie

1. Cirdan.
2. He lived in Lorien, he learned compassion from Nienna, he was sent to Middle Earth by Manw’. I have no idea who he served.
3. Aul’.
4. Gorthaur.
5. Ulmo.
Ok this looks fun Aule! Big Smile Smilie So my answers...

1. Cirdan
2. Lorien
3. Aule
4. Gorthaur
5. Manwe
Here are the answers:
1. C’rdan
2. Manw’ and Varda
3. Aul’
4. Gorthaur
5. Ulmo

The most of you had it rightBig Smile Smilie

The next 5 quizzes are the following:

1. What was Sarumans name in Valinor?
2. Who was the most powerful ainur?
3. From what hobbit "race" was Sm’agol from?
4. What kind of jewel is an adamant?
5. Who was also known as Queen of the Earth?

sorry that they are a little to easy.....I’ll get some tough ones tomorrowBig Smile Smilie ENJOY AND GOOD LUCK Big Laugh Smilie
and I wish for someone to prove me wrong in those cases where I might be wrong...

Aule, just to let you know (because you asked for it), I believe that my original answer to the second question on your first quiz is correct. Olorin was originally the servant of Irmo and Nienna, not Manwe and Varda as you have listed. Eonwe I believe was the servant of Manwe (pg. 21 Sil), and Ilmare was the handmaiden of Varda (also see the Silmarillion reading discussion group notes posted by Val on chapter 1). Anyway, here are my answers to your next quiz,

1. Curunir
2. Melkor
3. "akin to the fathers of the fathers of the Stoors"
4. diamond
5. Yavanna (mistress of the earth)
Elf Smilie

There as also recently been a discussion on Olorin's master valar in History of > What of the Blue Wizards
Well Aule, upon further review, and upon my having just read the discussion in the ’where are the missing wizards thread?’(Thanks for the heads up on the thread Val) it looks like pretty much all of the answers to question #2 on your first quiz are correct, so we’ve got ourselves a win, win situation! Anyway, your quizzes have already been worth it for me since I picked up some cool new info today, so thanks, and keep em coming!
Cyclops Smilie
1. Curumno
2. Melkor
3. akin to the fathers of the fathers of the Stoors
4. diamond
5. Yavanna Kementar’
The new quizzes are:
1. Who is also named Mahal?
2. Who betrayed T’rin and was slain by H’rin?
3. Who was the High King of the Noldor(thank you komosot,you pointed outmy error....the first king is who I am going for.)
4. Who was the High King of the Sindar?
5. Who was the High King of the elves?

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1. Aule
2. Mim
3. Uh, there were many, be more specific. Finwe, Feanor, Fingolfin, Fingon, Turgon, Gil-galad.
4. Elu Thingol
5. Ingwe
1. Aule
2. Mim
3. Finwe
4. Elwe (Elu Thingol)
5. Ingwe
1. Aul’
2. M’m
3. Finw’
4. Elw’
5. Ingw’

New quizzes hereBig Smile Smilie

1. Which numenorean king was it that lead the attack on the Valar?
2. Who gave Barahir the ring that is known as The Ring of Barahir?
3. What is Galadriels fathers name?
4. What is Isildurs brothers name?
5. Dol Guldur is located where?

1. Ar-Pharazon
2. Finrod Felagund
3. Finarfin
4. Anarion
5. Southern Mirkwood
Peredhil was right!

1. Who had the surname/title Und’miel?
2. Who had the surname/title Tin’viel?
3. Who had the surname/title Serind’?
4. Who had the surname/title C’thalion?
5. Who had the surname/title Eluch’l?
1. Aniron
2. Luthien
3. Miriel
4. Beren?
5. Not a clue and cant be bothered to look it up.
1. Arwen
2. Luthien
3. Miriel
4. Beleg
5. Dior
Grondy is the man! 5/5 correct!!!

1. Arwen Und’miel
2. L’thien Tin’viel
3. Miriel Serind’
4. Beleg C’thalion
5. Dior Eluch’l

Next 5 quizzes!

1. Who slew the mightiest of the winged dragons?
2. What was the mightiest of the winged dragons name?
3. What was the name of the lord of the balrogs?
4. Who slew him?(look at question 3)
5. What race is the Oghor-hai?

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Sure you can.........And you are completely correct!!!!
Can I join in?

1) Earendil
2) Ancalagon the Black
3) Gothmog
4) Ecthelion of the Fountain
5) Druedain (Woses)
I’ll have a special quiz this time.....the one who gets it right will be entitled "The Aul’ apprentice of the month"!

Here it is, so fill in the blanks:
Gil-galad was an _____-king.
Of him the harpers sadly sing:
the last whose realm was ____ and ____
between the Mountains and the Sea.

His _____ was long, his _____ was keen,
his shining helm afar was seen;
the countless stars of heaven's field
were mirrored in his silver ______.

But long ago he rode away,
and where he dwelleth none can say;
for into darkness fell his star
in _____ where the shadows are.
Hear ye hear ye!
I have an announcement to make... I have granted Perwing the title "The Aul’ apprentice of the month"! Hear ye hear ye!!

Good job Perwing Big Laugh Smilie

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I knew that one, but being apprentice to Aule sounds too much like hard work Wink Smilie
Even Sam could sing that one without clasping his hands behind his back like a school boy. I like the way the BBC radio version is sung; the tune is very haunting.
You did a fine work my young apprentice Big Laugh Smilie
And Grondy do not despair, you will get your chance too..... Wink Smilie And Val indeed it is hard to be my apprentice, but it is folly not to try Big Smile Smilie
1. Can this world survive without Heidi Klum?????
2. What was the name of Minas Tirith before?
3. Who had the title/surname Peredhil?
4. Who had the title/surname Celebrindal?
5. Which ent died a horrible death in the battle at Isengard that made the other ents go furious??

Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

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Question 1: I wouldn't like to try! Tongue Smilie
So Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry SmilieSo Angry Smilie

Perwing....The Valar may have forgiven the noldor for what they did but I doubt that they will ever be able to forgive you for that post.....Not even Eru would’ve forgiven you for dissing the race of men’s L’thien.....That is unforgivable!

Big Laugh Smilie do not take this so serious Perwing....everyone is entitled to a opinion....

She's not my favourite, all hail Kylie, but I'm greedy so send her my way! are right Perwing....there is other fishies in the sea....Heidi is a foxy babe....but there are alot of others....