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Thread: I said I'd get round to it Calenthang.The Green Dragon what it looks like.

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Posted by Darous 3/28/03

Well Calenthang you asked for a description and I thought the best place for one would be in the inn itself instead off chat. So I'll add a bit whenever I can and anybody else can as well.

Well Calenthang as I said he appraoched it and thought it was a sea monster but then he relised it was dragon shaped inn. The inside of the inn is quaint there are couches in each of the corners and the bar is at the back. There are tables scattered around the floor. To the back is the scullery where the food is cooked and a fat chef wobbles around with cleaver in hand incase some trys to enter.There are various pictures hanging from the walls commemorating heros from long ago and there mighty battles. To the right there is a a oak door which leads through to the innkeeper and his counter where you may ask for a room.
Well that will do for now next will be the upper levels and more details on the bar itself.

As the Green Dragon Inn was located in Hobbiton, Darous' preceding description was probably that of the inn in the Fourth Age after the return to The Shire of the four famous hobbits and the inn's subsequent remodel and complete makeover after it was dismantled or at least structurally damaged by the southerners during Sharkey's brief reign as Chief. rrPrior to this the inn was composed of a single story of rustic style similar to that of the Tudor daub and wattle with exposed beams and thatched roof. rrThe original interior was much the same as described above in its later reincarnation, except there were two doors on one end of the main room, one leading to a hallway off of which were the six doors to the individual rooms, the other leading via a covered walkway along the courtyard to the stables which had stalls for twelve ponies. Big folk and their horses never stayed in Hobbiton for they didn't feel welcome in such cramped quarters, much to the relief of both the locals and their guests. rrOccasionally Dwarven travelers stopped at the inn but usually only if the weather was inclement, but they had no qualms spending the night there for the ale was good and the hobbits were not intimidated by their size.rrOf course all this may be just a bunch of horse-pucky dreamt up as something to do while waiting to see what on the Sci-Fi Channel come the next hour. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
G-Master thank you for your input. It is welcomed but not what we are looking for...sorry but this is all part of the imagination. An exercise in expanding ones synapses and entering a unknown realm of thought. So that ideas may flow forth like a river which has burst from its dams.
My description came directly from my imagination and not from any book, as I don't believe Tolkien ever provided a description for any of his inns or taverns except for the miniscule bit about 'The Prancing Pony'.

Still, I'll butt out and you people can go for it. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Grondy let me apologise for my rashnise. late night no sleep Jumping Flame Smilie your input was welcomed and shall be added to the moulding of The Dragon Inn
Keep it up you two!!!
I want to read more.
Darous get this chat problem fixed man I want to see you in there. Smoke Smilie
I will try to make some kind of post in here that matches the subject but it won't be today.

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Come on Darous - we need to know more.
I forgot about this...hahahaha god it was a good while ago but now I have found it well the green dragon shall be written