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Thread: So...Is the Lord of the Rings trilogy your favorite movie? Heck no!

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I like Scary Movie 1, but I don`t have a favourite. LOTR does tie with alot of films.

Right, alert, all council members, can you please help me delete anything that may be embarressing, my brother`s coming on here to have a look just to wind me up! I hate him, please help me!

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LOL, i agree with you on the titanic factor. Yuck Yuck Yuck! but sorry to say, i have not seen any of the other ones. Sad Smilie o well. il live
But i am counting down the days until XMen2 comes out. 25 days for me, not counting today! heehee, im obsessed!......kinda
I really don`t like XMEN! *Shudders* I don`t want to start an arguement, but what I do want is: TO STAY ON THIS SUBJECT! Big Laugh Smilie
Heck yeah!!! For me personally, FOTR the extended DVD version has become hands down my favorite film of all time! It’s just my personal opinion, but I feel that the extended DVD version is quite possibly the greatest translation from book to film of all time, but then again I’m an obsessed Tolkien fan! Too bad I can’t say the same about the Two Towers. At this point I can’t even say that TTT is in my top 100 of all time. I’m waiting until the extended DVD version comes out until I pass my final judgment.

Delidia, if you’re interested in finding out what movies some of the people like around here, I suggest checking out the brilliant films thread located in this same tavern (if you haven't already). I personally have come close to listing my current top 100 favorite films of all time. BTW, I’m looking forward to X2 coming out as well (25 days for me). I was a big comic fan when I was a kid, and owned most of the original X-men comics at one time. I thought the first one was decent (just got X-men 1.5 2 weeks ago on DVD), but I’m hoping that X2 is going to be even better!
Cyclops Smilie
Yea! I have to get the DVD. Sad Smilie *sniffle* If i had a car, i would've bought it by now, but i dont, and that stinks. But thats ok, il get it sooner or later.(SOONER is my choice Wink Smilie )

Oh well now to name a few bad ones.
1.Titanic(did leo and kate do it enough!fornicators!)

But worth watching to see the sprout-faced boy die horribly I think. (And certain parts of Ms. Winslet...) and there's always the happy joy of watching many people die at once...
Here are mine, not in order. (I know I've posted this in other places as well, but I'm gonna do it here anyway)

The Usual Suspects
Fight Club
The Shawshank Redemption
The Matrix
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

There are more, but I can't think of them now.
Well my favourite trilogy would have to be the first 3 Rocky films the others were okay.
Fav Movies:
Orignal Scarface
White Heat
The Searchers
She wore a Yellow Ribbon
The Big Lebowski
Orignal Frankenstein,WolfMan,Invisilbe Man
and many many more.
OH! he has X-Men on the list!
White Heat
The Searchers

Go Dar!!!!! Im not the only person obsessed.

OK! I confess. I did close my eyes when the Senetor blew up0, i was grossed out! It was disgusting, but the rest was the best.
But worth watching the sprout-faced boy die horribly I think. (And certain parts of Ms. Winslet...)

Haha! I was laughing watchinig him(the sprout-faced boy Wink Smilie ) die, it was hilarious and it was stupid. As for the part about Kate Winslet(Never liked her, thought she was a s-ok, nevermind) hehe, i wouldnt know, so im shuttin up!
Titanic was the biggest load of paff ever. Once hollywood gets their greasy claws into something..they ruin it.Plus Celine Dion ahhhhhhhhh no she must never sing again.
now what about good films. One of my all time favourite the Porkys flims. Now they our classics.
Not sure if LOTR is my fav movie, I don't think so even though I love it dearly..

Can't stand romantic comedies. Can't stand romantic comedies. And Titanic.... Ugggh!! Romantic tragedy is just as bad. And how come the water poring into the boat was warmer than the water outside the boat? They ran around with ice water to the waist but didn't freeze untill they had to jump from the boat!! Movies have to make sense!

But these are good:
-Shrek (Oh the Matrix scene! Priceless)
-The Matrix
-Fight Club
-The sixth sense
-The Shawshank Redemption
-Sleapers (Think it was called that? Brad Pitt, juvy prison)
-La belle vie (or something like that) An Italian movie. Heartbreaking..

And I bet I'll love Ice Age when ever I get to see it. And Deep Blue Sea was hilarious! Celebrian and I laughed and laughed. (Yes we know it was suppose to be scary). Don't think the others in the cinema liked us very much.. Wink Smilie
hmm I actually do love the LotR movies so far... but lets see

Star Wars Trilogy
The Graduate
Bonnie and Clyde
The Great Escape
The Thomas Crown Affair. OLD VERSION
LeMons (sp) (yes I have a thing for Steve McQueen movies!!!)
Run Lola Run
Jesus Christ Superstar
American History X
The Seven Samuri...{think thats the title.. Akira Kurosawa. (sp) }
Ocean's Eleven. OLD VERSION
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs

uh.. the list goes on but my fingers are tired...

Long Live Steve McQueen! er.. except that he's dead Sad Smilie

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Darous, I noticed that you listed ’The Big Lebowski’ on your list. Great movie, and I thought you might get a kick out of this, I know who the real ’dude’ is! Jeff Bridges lives in Santa Barbara (so do I), and he based the character of the ’dude’ on an actual person who lives here in town. Funny enough the real ’dude’ works for a guy who manages one of my friends bands, so I have been in the same room with this guy quite a few times. Let me just say if you saw this guy, you would know instantly that he was the real ’dude’. Jeff looks almost exactly like him in the film! I haven’t caught him drinking any White Russians yet though. I’ve heard through some of my friends that he was actually kind of mad at Jeff Bridges when the film came out for basing that character on him (probably felt like he deserved some heavy royalties). Anyway, true story, thought you might enjoy! BTW, I like your Wolverine quote!
Elf Smilie
OK, The Big Lebowski is by far the stupidest movie on earth. Every other word is **** "He peed on my rug, he peed on my rug!" I mean, come on. It was dumb.
Plus Celine Dion ahhhhhhhh no she must never sing again.

*sobs* I love her! she is one of my favorite singers, i liked her since i was old enough to say: "Play it again Mummy!"
And I bet I'll love Ice Age whenever i get to see it

AHHHHHH!!!!!!! You havent seen it yet? Ohmigosh! Rent it, i was laughing the whole time!

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The orignal film is fantastic amd it will scare you silly. But the remake of it is not as good. But its always the same when Hollywood tries to do a remake it sucks. another example is the Time Machine the orignal is fantastic i watch it when ever I can but the new one no thank you.
Lost in Space as well the tv series was great but the movie ahhhh Johnathan Harris's Dr smith was highly superior to Gary Oldmans "save me your morales you Overcautious Concoction" or "The pain the pain"
Celine Dion is right up there with Enya as far as I'm concerned. Wish I was deaf in BOTH ears sometimes.

Big Lebowski was great, loved it. And yay to Long Live Steve mcqueen (excepting of course, that he is dead)

X-men I quite liked... liked the line "What did you expect? Yellow Spandex?" very cool. And the Matrix is still the most over-rated load of cack I've ever seen.
X-men I quite liked... liked the line "Well, what would you prefer? Yellow Spandex?" very cool.

lol, yea, that was really funny. I forgot who played Cyclops Cyclops Smilie but he was funny, especially when Hugh Jackman, or Wolverine, gave Cyclops the finger with his metal knive things. that was kool!
ladyoflegolas(t’ri):see? THIS is my obsession. much much not normal(Yea i know that was weird but dont get on my case)

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I saw a five minute preview of the new Matrix film this morning...WOW!! It looks awesome.
Ahem. My choice is not on there. but otherwise, D: None of the above.
what... you think because I live under a mountain I dont know movies Asteroth??

ah well..

did I mention I love Steve McQueen movies??
Well my favourite movie is definately Leon.I am also quite found of Star Wars(I HATE IT SOME MUCH WHEN Qui Gon Jinn DIED).
The Matrix was cool too and I loved Ice Age.I just couldn't stop laughing at the movie.The little guy with that acorn Big Smile Smilie *lol*
The guy with the little acorn has a name. his name is Scrat, and he is a cross with a squirrel and a rat. well, duh.
No need to get personal here.I didn't know his name DUH Very Mad Smilie
Forgive me for being so stupid...
I wasnt. I was stating a fact. And everybody is stupid once in their lives.
It's not only once with you Nef Big Laugh Smilie

excuse me?
Shrek was a big disappointment. I kept hearing good things about it, then I watched it, and iI can't understand what the **** is so good about it. It was pretty boring.

You are ****in kidding me. It is soooooooooooooooooooooooo hilarious. It has(well the American one) Eddie Murphy in it! he is soo funny, you gotta love him. It was all donkey. *nods*
I loved Shreck! That was a great film. I also like, along with you: Brave Heart, LOTR, Robin Hood, Rocky Movies e.t.c...alot of films.

Who likes The Mummy and The Mummy Returns? They were both great films! I liked them also because they were set in Egypt and I learnt alot from that. Great films. Big Smile Smilie
HOLY GRAIL! Any of Mel Brooks' movies like Men in Tights or Spaceballs, The Matrix, Braveheart, and Lilo and Stitch. My friends and I love quoting that movie!!!
Lilo and Stitch was not only Hilarious, but cute and sad at the same time. I love that movie. And quoting it is fun too uruk_slayer Wink Smilie
Never seen it. Sad Smilie
Never even heard of it.
Wink Smilie lol. Ive heard of it, but dont know what its about or when it came out or anything!
12 days and Il see my lovely X2!!!
Well, I've seen Ice Age. Slightly dissapionted, Shrek was SO much better.

But for once the Norwegian voices were SO much better than the original ones.
The norwegian voice for Manfred the mammuth, O Jespersen the so called "High-priest of Evil" (named that by someone who didn't like his jokes, and a name O.J. uses gladly) was a million times better than Ray Romano. He is just like him! So great!

And to use the dialect they speak in the city of Bergen for the sloth was absolutly brilliant! But I guess you have to be norwegian to understand why. Wink Smilie

But Shrek is the best. In English of course.
My top three in order

1st Leon
2nd Shawshank Redemption
3rd Empire Strikes Back
Oh yeah, you can add Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to my list too. I just saw it again yesterday, and it's great.
Shawshank Redemption is a great movie! Lilo and Stitch, I loved that, I did cry though at the end, that`s one thing I must admit and I laughed ALOT!!

YEAY! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Well, any Monty Python movie, really. That is SO my humour! Big Smile Smilie I just LOVE the brittish humour! (How could you now?)

Hum, besides those I haven't got a clue. There are just so many good movies! I do like StarWars, but just like Elda I think it's so sad when Qui-Gon Jinn dies... *sobs*

I never really got what was so funny with Ice Age, though. I like Disneymovies and cartoons, but Ice Age? Naah.. I much prefer Monsters Inc. then. Hehe, the cute monsters!! Big Smile Smilie

I will probably be burned for saying this but Mulholland Drive is my favortie movie. I just love David Lynch and the complete escape of simplicity in that movie just makes me smile.
My other favorties are the LotR: Fellowship DVD EXtended ed. it was just amazing. (Can't wait for TTT)
Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Hunter Thompson rules!), The whole Hannibal Lecter trilogy. The Shinning...just to name a few.
Dark Helmet!

Your mother was a hampster and your father smelt of elderberries. Now go away before I taunt you one more time. Kiniget!
LORD is a good movie, not my fav though. My favorite movie is definatly The Ring, cause it's the first movie that I watched with my bf. (did't watch all of it though.... lol Wink Smilie )
Angel Smilie In Love Smilie I Love You Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Wiggle Smilie Angel Smilie In Love Smilie I Love You Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Wiggle Smilie Angel Smilie In Love Smilie I Love You Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Wiggle Smilie Angel Smilie In Love Smilie I Love You Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Wiggle Smilie Angel Smilie In Love Smilie I Love You Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Wiggle Smilie Angel Smilie In Love Smilie I Love You Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Wiggle Smilie Angel Smilie In Love Smilie I Love You Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Wiggle Smilie Angel Smilie In Love Smilie I Love You Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Wiggle Smilie Angel Smilie In Love Smilie I Love You Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Wiggle Smilie Angel Smilie In Love Smilie I Love You Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Wiggle Smilie Angel Smilie In Love Smilie I Love You Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Wiggle Smilie
I heard it was scary...
The lotr is one of my faveorit movies of all time. TH absolutly WORST movie is the lizzie McGuire movie! So dumb!
LOTR is ok, i liked the original star wars (not the episode one and two crap), but definetely MATRIX all the way.
FotR is my fave movie of them all; TTT kind of disappointed me; Matrix was good (excellent idea, great effects!), Reloaded ... hmmm, it had its good parts, yet it could've been much better; Star Wars was great and I liked Episode II just as much (especially the effects, the starships and young furious Anakin: I just love the part when he founds his mother and decides to take revenge!).

Of course, there would be others; if I think of any, I'll be back! Oh, Terminator II also!

LOTR was decent, but Peter Jackson really screwecd up the scene at mount doom (when gollum fell in): in the book it was a really original idea, with a good twist, but in the films, Frodo falls and holds on with one hand. Dead Smilie i mean this is frodo who moments ago couldn't walk to save his life! and so cliche, i mean falling off something and holding on with one hand. there was 'the little princess and various adventure films. Peter J just over dramatisized that part. My favourite film would have to be Miss Congeniality (sorry bad spelling)
i mean this is frodo who moments ago couldn't walk to save his life!

I agree with you Snowgum, me matey. Except for this. I agree that PJ stuffed it up. Except remember, when Frodo is defendign the Ring or thinks that the Ring is at stake, he gets new strength. Kind of, the last strength. Defending your life. That type of stuff. And remember in the book when he puts on the Ring and claims it he stands up straight and he's all waaaaab. (Don't know what word to describe it, so I just said wab)

I think you mean 'defending' silly wab. but Frodo, when he fell off wasn't trying to defend the ring, he just fell off. And of course he'd try to save his life but he's not that strong is he? I don't know
Thank you, Snowgum. But I think you'll find when typing at high speed one does make mistakes. And I do know how to spell 'defending,' as you well know. And I do agree that he couldn't've held on. I just say that he was strong enough to stand up and walk and that when he put on the Ring.
okay, just checking