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It's interesting that we all seem to have fairly similar dreams...dreams are such a personal thing, it's odd to read someone's account of a dream that's almost the same as one you had, you know?

I've had the fake-getting-married dream, too...freaked me out entirely (I'm much too young to think about marriage! eek!).

Last week I was going nuts studying for a physics final exam, and I dreamed about physics...actually solved a problem I had been working on, which was incredibly cool. (Too bad I can't do all my problem sets in my sleep...)
I once had a nightmare that I'd got married but when I tried to wake up I found I really had.
I had this nightmare once. My brother was on my bike in my garden, he did a wheelie and feel backwards, I ran outside, the bike caught alight, he told me to get mum and dad, I ran to mum and told her, she kept on going with the ironing. I ran outside to try and help him and as I got outside the door, the bike blew up and I cryed in my dream and woke up! I found my pillow drenched! I was still crying, I couldn`t get back to sleep until 2 hours later! When I think about this dream it always makes me cry! Well, you should have worked out by now, that I`m crying right now! Very Sad Smilie It`s just soo sad when I think about it! I realise though when I have that dream that I`m so lucky to have a brother like him, even though he gives me the beats everyday! Big Laugh Smilie

Oh no! I can`t stop crying now! Very Sad Smilie
My most best and bizarre dream was...well theres two heres the first.
I was flying around the world under my own power.*I love it when that happens* and I'm going to see a friend who I haven't seen for a long time. I'm travelling through the country when all of a sudden Istart to fly around th e world new york and the statue , London and Big Ben all the big places...when suddenlt Aliens attack in big spaceships and start sucking people off the planet...literally. I am flying about and all these people are being sucked up and Im trying to stop myself being sucked up. But Then I decided to fly up to the spaceship[ and fight the aliens.
So I do and its this big green slime thing and its children keep on coming out from and attacking so I am fighting and then it all ends. Did I save the world we shall never know.
My best dream was this..First I was a cartoon but not any cartoon . I was in the X-Men wehich rocked. The whole gand was there and we were in the white house the Oval office if I remember correctly and Beast was chatting to me and so was Logan. It didn't last long though but it was groovey.
I dreamed I was getting married once too Ring. And in my dream it was fake too! And I kept thinking (in my dream) that I was too young to get married (which I am) and it really freaked me out. Strange, I know.
The other day I drempt some one was cutting my toes. I wonder what tosh psychiatrickarist would come up with about that?

I once had a nightmare that I'd got married but when I tried to wake up I found I really had.

Either way that would be a bummer!
Hey Ross, exellent theme! I'll be coming in here a lot since I always have strange dreams. I usually just have nightmares, and I always dream them several times..well here's mine:

I was dreaming my worst nightmare all over again one night, it is too scary to tell what pops up in there, but anyway; When I got close to the place where the bad parts start I appeared in my own dream saying these exact words:

"Stop, don't go any further! You have dreamed this before and you know this will scare the living daylights out of you! Follow me, I know a place where you can hide until it is over." So I took dream me in my hand and followed dream me towards a big wooden dor.
Just before I walked in the door I turned around and there one of the creatures from my nightmare appeared and said with a terrible voice: "You will pay for this! Sooner or later you'll be back and no one will be here to save you." Dream me pulled me in the door and said: "Go and sit in that corner till this passes. Close your eyes and cover your ears, it will make it less scary." Dream me patted me on the cheek and smiled.

So I did what dream me said. The room shook and I could feel light from the on-going war outside creeping in under the door and through the keyhole. This went on for a long time, but all of a sudden it became silent. I didn't dare open my eyes, cause I didn't know if the bad part was over. Then I felt a light pat on my shoulder and a warm voice saying: "You can open your eyes now, they are gone"

I walked towards the door, still scared of opening it, but then I could smell flowers! I opened the door and stood in the middle of a beautiful landscape with trees and flowers all around me! The sun was shining, the wind was warm, and I heared laughter! Further down the field were all my friends gathered and they where having a barbecue! They were all happy to see me, especially Freddie Prince Jr, who said he had missed me sooo much!( I don't even like the guy *shivers*)

This is my brain....hope you all understand why I underline certain stuff.
Your dream me must take after you Celebrian, she also is a nice person. Sounds like you have found a way to cope with that particular nightmare. Happy Elf Smilie
Yes Celebrian that was an interesting dream. And you did find a way to get over it! I have a lot of nightmares recently, I think I shall have to try talking to 'dream me'. Wink Smilie
Woaw Celebrian! That dream of yours really made me think! I think Dream me is your subconcious helping you to get through an uncomfortable situation, kind of like when self-defence kicks in, you know?

Hum.. It was a clever way of you to get through the dream though. Smile Smilie

I want a dream me to beat the livind manure out of all the people and creatures that keeo attacking me in my current dreams. Why can't I have any peaceful dreams to remember! Sad Smilie
Oh Ross, try drinking some camomill tea before you go to sleep, it is said to help. You can also try thinking of really peaceful things when you go to bed.
I think that a persons dreams are reflecting his/hers mind. If you have a lot of things to think about or are stressed your dreams reflects on that.
Oh Ross, try drinking some camomill tea before you go to sleep, it is said to help. You can also try thinking of really peaceful things when you go to bed.

Camomill tea, camomill tea. I'm an brit we don't go around drinking that poncy tea. It's straight old fasioned Indian tea for us. Tongue Smilie
Peaceful things, I'm really quite tranquil much against popular opinion, when I'm going to bed the last thing I've usually done, is played with my Guinea pig for the past hour or so. Although you could be right about the stress thing. Maybe I should get myself some of them weird silver ball things.
Once I dreamt that some persons who were supposed to be my friends, pushed me out in the water and held me under. I struggeled and couldn't breathe, but I suddenly stopped. (If you've seen the movie "Dragonfly" with K.Costner, maybe you will recall he got stuck under water when all of a sudden he saw a light.)

I saw a light, and guess who? Dream me again, and this time she was angry. She shook hard me saying; Why aren't you fighting? Don't you know this is just a dream?? You can not drown, this is not real water and you are not really here! Now wake up, wake up!!
I woke up gasping for air....I feel so weird right now Disturbed Smilie
Your Dream Me is very interesting Celebrian. And Aire, I agree with you that our dreams reflect our minds.
A few nights ago I dreamed that for some reason my school was fighting Smaug. We had these little red things that were supposed to be shields in one hand and a sword in the other. Suddenly all my friends were gone and I was down in this pit with the dragon. And I thought, this is really hard, this fighting stuff, so I dropped the shield so I could have both hands on the sword. And the dragon stabbed me right then, so I thought, okay, the shield is worth holding. Then I contrived to get one of my friends into the pit too because it was too hard for me to manage shield and sword at the same time. Very cruel of me I suppose, and very strange dream. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I signed up to take fencing next year at my new school...
*laughs* Great dreams Celeb! A freind of mine has a way to wake from nightmares too, when it gets to scary she finds puddle of water (in her dream of course) and jumps into it and wakes up! Big Smile Smilie

I once dreamt I was walking in a fireld with lots of small, young, thin trees and they stroke me in the face as I walked and I thought "Hmmm... So I DO feel things when I dream" And then I woke up. *lol*

Posted 3/3/2003 by me in The Prancing Pony > LotR imaginations (mine has finally gone almost 2 far)

I had a nice dream sunday morning (I had awoken and fell asleep again.)

Celebrian and I were actors along side Orlando and the others in lotr. I don't know who we were suppose to be, but we were as important as the others. We were shooting a scene where Orli and I (no it had nothing to do with romance) was standing at the top of a loong staircase divided by low walls so it looked as the stairs were made of many staircases put together. The scene started with us looking down and some hooded guy come running up the stairs (probably trying to get away from Aragorn) and we had to run across the staircase and jump over the walls and we just caught him. Legolas were quicker me and as he ran in front of me I noticed his blond wig had parts that were darker blond than the rest of the wig but I didn’t have much time to think about it. As we catch him he uses his magic (glowing eyes would be added by computers later(!)) to get free and I/my character falls back and the take is over.

Then we all laugh a bit over my weird little fall and Orli teases me in a friendly matter, and I meet up with Celeb and the director says to us ’We just finished the set for Lothlorien, you care to take a look?’ And Celeb and I get really excited and almost dances our way there, and we have pretty elven dresses on, and the director smiles at our childish joy. And there is beautiful flowers along the road ’cause in my dream Lothlorien was like a big big heavenly garden (loth=flowers you know). And everything was so wonderful..

I have ’envied’ the actors of lotr for the friendship they made and how close they all became to each other, I’ve wished I had a role in lotr and to be part of that friendship, not because they are famous but for the closeness they feel for each other. And now Celeb and I were a part of it! It was so beautiful, I repeated the dream in my head and later wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget. But as in real life I wasn’t totally satisfied with what they had done with the movie. You read about the wig-thing I noticed and when entering Lothlorien it didn’t quite look like I had expected it too, just as I would have noticed and thought in the real life watching the movie. But the feeling of being a part of it all was perfect.

A few days ago I had a remarkable dream. I was walking with my brother among peaceful fields full of ripe corn waving gently in the wind. We had both large packs on our backs. And then we stopped and my brother put his pack at his feet and began to unfold it and you know what it was? A "foldable" jet plane, a real little plane size of a car but able to fly very quickly all over the fields! We unfolded it, entered it and very soon we were high in the sky, flying very quickly over the fields, high and low and high again!.. My brother proved to be a very good, very daring pilot. I admired him and I promised myself that I, too, wiill buy myself such a plane and will learn to pilot it!
This dream was nice, but usually I am having nightmares and I am glad to be awake again!

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That is very strange Ring. I would be scared too though if all I could see was a bleeping green line.
I once had this dream that I was driving in the car with my teacher and we saw this GIANT, I mean GIANT American flag. And then all of a sudden we were being chased by people. And then I was in my room and I was crying because there was a witch in the next room and she was coming in here. I remember saying, please don't let her come in here, but my mom said, that's life. The last thing I remember from that dream was the witch (who turned out to actually be a vampire) was bending over me and about to bite me. This was one of the strangest nightmares I've ever had.
i had a dream that my dead uncle was in our freezer. We invited our family to see him again, and we decided to un-thaw him, in the microwave. We put him in ( dont ask how he fit ) and he hopped out in the form of a black sponge monkey, and our outside was a jungle.
You need serious help.

Deep freezed uncle? Lovely.
I dreamed I was caught in a big spiderweb and then I woke myself up this morning and found I was tangled in the bedclothes. It was scary for a bit. Super Scared Smilie
I had a whole night of falling dreams last week. It was not what you would call a nice peaceful sleep.
Have any of you people ever seen the show Teen Titans? it comes on Cartoon network. Anyways, i had a dream that i was on that show, as one of the good guys, and suddenly i turned into the enemy and they all turned on me and i started to run. Well, there's this guy on there that can turn into animals, right? well, he turned into a T-Rex and squashed me. I woke up all sweaty and couldnt get back to sleep.
When i did get back to sleep, i had a dream about my family walking out of the supermarket and these guys came up to me and said if i didnt buy their drugs they'd kill my family. I told them to get lost and hey had a huge machine gun and blasted my 9-year-old sister with it, then they killed my 12-year-old brother with a bazooka.
I think that I'm, like, messed ^. Disturbed Smilie
But something good that happed..... the next night i dreamed that Legolas arrived at my house and we eloped. In Love Smilie
Well, so far this doesn't seem to have happened to anyone else so I may soon be put in Celebrian's weird brain catagory (don't mind, do you? Wink Smilie ). I dream things that happen later on. Sometimes it's big things, other times it's small things and not every night, either. Here's an example: the other night, I dreamed the guy I'm half in love with came up, wrapped his arms around me, and said something about me being a pretty girl (which is big stuff for him...poor guy hardly gives out any compliments). Two days later, every movement, every word was mimicked. It has happened...mmmm...more than ten times, I'd say.

It scares me, too, because I know the difference between a "this is the future" dream and a normal one - they somehow have different feels to them. And I recently had the most horrible dream about my dad and it has that odd feeling to it. *Shivers* I've prayed every day since then it doesn't happen to him.

So do I get put in the loony estate now? Very Mad Smilie
I had a dream I was in a store by my self and it was just me and the cashier and it was a small store with just shelves on the walls that's it. actually it wa a cd shop!! anyways this big guy walks in and the first thing i think is oh man I wonder if he would kidnapp me and then he walks over to me without saying a word and starts trying to grab me and then I woke up!! Do you think he only kidnapped me because i thought that?? i think so.
I dreamed I was caught in a big spiderweb and then I woke myself up this morning and found I was tangled in the bedclothes. It was scary for a bit.

This reminds me of a dream I once had: I dreamt I was falling off the roof of my parens' house, and when I woke up, I found I had fallen out of bed. Big Laugh Smilie

Another weird dream I had once was me being in an entirely white house, with white rooms, and a white piano in one of the rooms. There were only two objects in the entire house: a calender, and a piano. Every Wednesday (yes, Wednesday), two or three white "shapes" (humans, but entirely white and unrecognizable) came to the house and taught me to play the piano. That's it. Orc Going Huh Smilie

And then one of the scariest dreams I ever had was about ghosts, an empty house and evil dwarves. Don't laugh, it scared the living daylights out of me, and though I don't have nightmares frequently, whenever I have one, parts of that dream come back to me. Super Scared Smilie
I think i have seen too much Kill Bill, as I have been dreaming that my friend straight (that's his nick name btw) is this pimp guy and I have to fight him. And he is in this club at the far table surrounded by people and I walk in to the club wearing this formal dress thing and as i approach him to fight him this director comes out of no where and yells cut. I know realise im on a film set and we are only acting. At this point the scene starts again with straight sitting at the table as I walk in to the club. it was really strange because the dream was shown like a film with close ups and long shots it even had music. I think im going mad! Very Mad Smilie
Last night I dreamed we needed a ride home so I commandeered a hook and ladder firetruck and drove it up a hill and down a narrow road on the other side only to have the roade run dry at the bottom due to a river crossing with no bridge. For some reason I couldn't back up, so we got out and decided to walk when I woke up.

(I have suddenly started dreaming again, or at least remembering dreaming, these past two weeks. I don't remember having a had dream for at least a year before now.)

Hey Nil i read your post and i hope your dreams about your dad dont come true. but Nil, this dreaming of yours is a kind of premonition or Dejavu. and this is not loony stuff its pretty serious. i mean if u have it once, thats ok but if u have it regularly then its serious stuff. there is a sort of explanation to this phenomenon and its quite high level philosophy (i read it somewhere). these dreams are different from the usual ones. can you remember these dreams vividly and to the last detail , after u wake up that is ? may god give u strength Nil, as i feel u will have more of this kind of dreams, sometime later in the future.
Ayan... do you think that the whole dejavu dreams are really that big of a deal? I have those alot, but i never really pay attention to them anymore. If they're some kind of psycological thing, i must be the biggest nutcase ever. it's kinda wierd.
I think I can put one of my more... er... family-friendly dreams here: I was in a huge 'mansion' with only one room, all with red and gold paint, embellishments, and carpetry. The drapes were tall and black, with silver edges, tattered and shuffling in a faint wind, and went all around the huge room, which had earth for a floor, with the wooden walkways ’ running above from wall to wall and along the sides ’ having the abovementioned carpetry. Great trees of all shapes and hues were in there, tall and with strangely-colored blossoms, from violet and orange and red to black and white tintillating tendrils, over a rain of always-falling leaves, regenerating and rejuvenating. A white orb about the size of the Stone of Erech shone in the middle of the orchard, and though the trees remained, all else melted away and fell, like the lone piece of land was flying through an uncharted expanse of blue and grey. Finally, my mind's eye rotated around the orb, which turned black with fiery symbols swirling around it, liquid and piercing, and it exploded, projecting fragments of magma out onto the surrounding trees, which burned and withered. In its place, I appeared, crouched down and dressed in fine clothes of black cloth, with golden and crimson embroidery and embellishments. I slowly stood up, drawing a silvery sword from its keeping-place in a grotesque sculpture that'd taken the place of one of the trees. It shattered in my hand as I held it up, and one of the shards fell down and embedded itself in my palm. I stayed calm and stone-faced, not allowing myself to flinch or cry out as the pain shot through my hand and the land shook again, sending me to some hilly region with sheltered vales and slow, sinuous streams curving their way through the land like serpents. Blood poured from my wound onto the ground, moving at an unnatural speed and billowing upward to form a face, suspended in the air at my waist. It was not mine, though I knew it, and he opened his red lids to show black eyes, deep and unmoving, which then sprang out as spears of darkness, twisting themselves around me and twining me in their cold embrace. I was pushed into the mud by this d’mon of blood and leaves, sinking until I saw no more. My hands spasmed as I fell into a latent void, buried under earth and stone. Alone, I opened my eyes again and saw the mansion again, but filled with thousands of gilded birdcages instead of trees, rested upon tables and chairs, between countless manuscripts and books. On the walls ran innumerable books, and ladders up to higher levels shot up. In each birdcage was a biscuit. I raised my hands and all the doors of the cages opened, with a swarm of biscuits flying in a crescent wave into a great mass above my head, circling in the air. As I ran to one of the large windows and opened it, the swarm moved with me. I pulled down the tattered linen to reveal a mirror in the window's stead, which I smashed with the flat of my hand. The fragments did not fall as it shattered, but stayed in place, rotating and melting together to form a liquid, which flowed out of the window and onto the pockmarked and barren wasteland beneath the sill. I started to throw biscuit after biscuit out of the window, as if it were a bird, and then was pushed by some unknown malice over the sill and dropped a number of levels down, until darkness took me and my dream ended.
I've always been a huge Hellboy fan and now they've bought the movie out, well, its only made me worse. I went out and bought a cuddley toy Hellboy (I got an Abe plushie too, incase the Hellboy plushie gets lonely.) and a couple of nights later I had a really freaky dream. In my dream my Hellboy plushie was multiplying. They were popping up all over the house, in every nook and cranny. Eventualy I was left with a small army of Hellboy cuddley toys, one of which could sing!!
Eventualy I was left with a small army of Hellboy cuddley toys, one of which could sing!!
Oh Dear! Super Scared Smilie Now that is scary. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Now comes the weirdest dream in the entire history of the earth. Here it comes:

When I was about 6 years old l had a dream that my parents bought a new house. When we moved in the house, my mom went to the kitchen to do stuff, l don't know what. But when she stepped on the floor of the kitchen, her hair went long and black, she got claws and vampire teeth, as you can guess, she turned evil ( Disturbed Smilie ) and she started to bite everybody (why am l typing this Wink Smilie ). She bit the neighbours, my father, my brother, my sister, everybody, exept me. l didn't know what to do exept screaming and running around. Then the ground split open and l fell in a bottomless pit and l kept on falling for all night, and then l waked up in the morning.

Horrible!!! Am l now insane?
No. Not insane. Just a bit mad, probably.
Big Laugh Smilie

My weirdest dream is one I had every night until I was 14.

Im in the back garden, and somehow, the ground is covered with a wire mesh, and Im stuck underneath the mesh. The garden is slowly filling with water. Just as its about to completely submerge me, I wake up.
When I was four or five I had a recurring nightmare where the jolly green giant (the one who does sweetcorn etc.) chased me up the driveway of my house and I would be just about to get in through my front door when my shoe would fall off, the jolly green giant would touch my back and I'd wake up screaming.

I also had another recurring one where I woke up in the morning and my house was empty. My parents and brother were gone, all of the furniture, carpets, curtains etc were gone apart from my bedroom which hadn't been touched.

I had this one for a year or so when I was three or four but forgot about it until I was seventeen and had the same dream and it all came back to me. Very weird. I haven't had a nightmare in the many years since.
I was flying around the world under my own power.*I love it when that happens*

happens all the time with me too

When I was like 4, everytime I wet my bed, the dream before the peeing was always me standing in front of a toilet. scary!

Also I always have a certain night mare when I'm sick. It's hard too explain but I think I fear the thought of infinte things.
When I was four or five I had a recurring nightmare where the jolly green giant (the one who does sweetcorn etc.) chased me up the driveway of my house and I would be just about to get in through my front door when my shoe would fall off, the jolly green giant would touch my back and I'd wake up screaming.

Eek! Must have wanted revenge for all the sweetcorn you've ever eatten. At least he wasn't singing.
I was flying around the world under my own power.*I love it when that happens*

happens all the time with me too

I only know one thing about dreams and that's this: if you can fly in your dreams, you're somehow artistic or creative in something. Apparently only artists fly in their dreams. Animated Wink Smilie I read this somewhere, so it's not my responsibility. *hides*
Finally were back on to bizarre dreams, not I saw this film and have no imagination dreams.
last night I dreamt I was a contestant on Big Brother (hell freezing over springs to mind) and the house was decorated like the Starship Enterprise. I remember an amazing amount of detail from it which I won't go into but I cannot remember the faces of any of the other people sharing the house. I had put on my application form that my ambition was to travel on The Enterprise with Jean-Luc Picard! and lo and behold he apparently was watching the show and wanted me to win and said if I did he would meet me in the house instead of Davina.... this, in my dream, was unknown to me but I know it happened. Anyway, I won Big Brother and was waiting for Davina to come and get me when who should come through the door but Patrick Stewart apologising that his uniform was at the dry cleaners! I gave him a guided tour around the house and he escorted me out of the door and that is all I remember......

P.S. UKers will know about Big Brother and I suspect a few others will as well but it is a 'reality' TV game show where 12 people share a house away from the outside world for something like 9 weeks with someone being evicted by the public each week.
We have it here in the USA also, Vee. It is one wretched show. BB5 is coming our way soon.

Have I ever said that reality television is the very worst??
I'm completely with Stoney wotsit on that one "Reality Shows" are about as real as bad soaps with Z list wannabe celebrity retards playing up to "secret cameras" Ooooooh- pathetic, purile and telly for the monumentally BRAIN-DEAD!


Bad King Smilie
Big Brother with a Star Trek twist, not bad. I might actually want to watch a half episode.. The first year BB-Norway was a big hit, the second year I didn't see bother to watch it at all, the tird year a friend of my sister was on, so I felt I had to watch. I was sooo happy when she got voted out! It was so incredibly boring! Gahhh...

Oh and a guy in the house really had the hots for her and served this lovely pick-up line: "You aren't the prettiest one I've seen, but you've got a lot of personality." Smoooooth!
How about this line? "For a fat lady, you sure don't sweat much."

Reality TV is another reason why I watch very little TV and I have most of the cable channels. Reality TV shall neither darken my door nor lighten my room.
Who said that grondy, they've nicked and changed Sis the Sexists best chat up line "you doon't sweat much, fora' fat lass". But then again his other chat up line is "Get ya' **** oot for the lads"
i had this dream that this very fine looking guy from church lived next to me, and every day i would go and see him after school.One day i went over and saw him like smashing someones head open, and the next day he killed another person and the next day he killed another person, until i finally told my parents. We called the cops, and ( i was such an idiot, u never do this in your dream ) i went over the next day still, and he put a gun up to my head, and i managed to kill him somehow. it was really freaky
thats my dream, have a nice day
Last night I dreamed that Pres. George W. Bush had just picked a candidate for something. The problem was, both of the candidates were my pet guinea pigs. (I don't even have a pet guinea pig, just 2 stuffed animal ones!) So I went up to Pres. Bush, who was sitting at some sort of booth, and asked him if he even cared what happened to the other candidate. And... He started cursing at me!

I also dreamed that my dad was trying out some new kind of cereal called Techno Cereal. Instead of it being some kind of normal cereal it was a box of choclate chip cookies.

Talk about a strange night.....
I have this reacurring dream where I am in the Fellowship, I'm an Elf, and I tend to save everyone's lives. The cool part is, I have some control over my actions, words, etc. Every month or so, I continue this dream from where I left off. Last time, I got married to Legolas, (which REALLY freaked me out, I mean, c'mon! I'm just 13 and he's like 3000!) and then, I remember that we went to Weathertop AFTER Rivendell, and I remember saying to Gandalf, "Mithrandir! This isn't the order in the book!" and he said "What book?" Then I woke up, saying "Lord of the Rings, DUH!" and feeling very frustrated that my dream had not been logically correct!
I also had a dream, just before I went to a LOTR marathon, that I was watchin ROTK! I actually saw like half of the movie in my mind, but then my alarm clock went off.
When it comes bizarre dreams, I swear I should mean a prize. Ti wouldn't bad if they were just bizzare, but some of them are really random. here's a couple of examples.
1) I had this weird dream where I was waling in Minas Tirith, when all of the sudden Denethor-on-fire land on me and squahes me. I'm reincarnated as a purple rabbit and I'm hopping away when a dead orc land on me and I die again. This time, I turn into a yellow snake. I'm slithering through the field, when Legolas kills the Mumakil, which of course lands on me. Right before I die this time, I see Denethor and Faramir, who whisper, "Pink balloons!" and then I woke up. I still don't understand what pink balloons have to do with anything in my dream or my life.

Then there is dream #2, which just proves that for some people, like me, dreaming should not be allowed. I dreamed that there were chickens jumping on RV's and trampolines in Saturn's rings. All of the sudden, the chickens who are jumping start hurtling toward the Sun. After they hit the sun, these geese dressed like doctors put them on stretchers to these spaceship ambulances driven by ducks, which take them to some poultry hospital on Mars.

I'd like to see any sane psychologist decipher my dreams, and these are some of the less weird ones, too!
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