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Welcome to PT LindaLinda! Waving Hello Smilie

I don't really think I have ever had a really bad day; I guess I am just lucky.
Shocked Smilie What! Everone has had a rotten day.!
I You really are Lucky and different Mad Smilie
If you never have a rotten day then Cool Smilie keep on being happy!

Sad Smilie Wish I never had a rotten, bad day in my life.
It's not so much that I haven't had any bad days, just none that stand out as terrible.
If I would have to pick one day to be the bad day until now, it would be the day my former boyfriend broke up with me after a relationship of four years. I really was heart broken and all my plans for the futur fell apart. After that day, my life changed completely. I met wonderful friends and my loving husband. So if that day will be my worst day ever, I consider myself very lucky.
Smoke Smilie Well, Perehil that is a good thing. Cool Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie Gnampie at least something good came of all your gloomy doom. Wink Smilie
Today Lady is in the Gloom, read her jurn. Post,< it should be here> Very Sad Smilie I hope she feels much better knowing that we all care about her happness and that this,Bad Day ever in her life, will all pass away for a better day Big Smile Smilie
Please be nice when you see her around here at PT(until she gets to feeling better)
I have had some terriblly bad days, but choose not to dwell on them, sorry. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Waving Hello Smilie Grondmaster!
Cool Smilie that you do not dwell on your bad days I
One more day in this town.
It just gets better and better Very Evil Smilie
Bad! Smilie
Maybe it is just Sunny CA.
I am with you Grondy, I have many bad days in my time, but if I dwelled on them, it would just make today seem worse, even though it is so far pretty good. Perhaps we need to change this thread to the best day ever or something a bit more positive in order to cheer up those that have had a bad day.

Cool Smilie After all no need to have 2 forms that are the same.
Mad Smilie I just went to the brooding form Smile Smilie
So, I will change it to something else Big Smile Smilie
Like Sunny Days Animated Wink Smilie
I'll start.
My happy day is now!
I fininshed my college and got a new job Smoke Smilie
I also, changed this topic Big Smile Smilie
Let's see...I had a sunny day (well techincally, a sunny evening) when I came on PT after a hard and sad day and talked to Elda and Littleirena and Mellie on chat and later to Gnampie and Val on the forums. It was just really nice and I was so touched. Every day coming to PT is like a sunny day for me. Big Smile Smilie
Well...I don't know if you will think this is a GOOD day but I certainly never will forget it. Many of my fav days are when I go to concerts.

My first (and only so far) Yes concert was quite a trip. But I need to back up and tell the whole story. From the time I knew they were coming to my local venue, I knew I would be attending. So I got my tickets and from then on the excitement started building and I was a complete basketcase of frenetic energy the day of the show. So excited in fact that I knew eating would be out of the question...(keep that fact in mind). I started for the concert well in advance to make sure I wouldn't be late. Thank goodness for that because I got lost on the way there and ended up grabbing my seat just minutes before the show! But my nerves weren't any better and now to add to my excitement I am really nervous about almost missing the opening of the show. So I sit down and by this time it is shortly after 8pm. Remember I am still UNFED, I didn't have time before the show like I planned.

So...I start chatting with the people around me (I usually go to concerts by myself because it's really easy to get a great seat, plus no one I know would pay to see the bands I go to see.) and this lady offers me a beer and being the courteous person that I am, OF COURSE I oblige and drink it. (No food remember!) Can you feel the sense of forboding here?

Then the show starts. I am absolutely beside myself and I can't believe I am actually seeing my fav band for the first time. And the lights are going and the music is the complicated artsy all over the place stuff that Yes is famous for, what the fans want to hear every time, etc. And they are NOT playing their music that I really love, but I am hanging in there for a good hour or so. And yet everything is so stimulating and chaotic and I am very much worse for wear...hungry, drunk, headachy, exhausted, and my brain is just swirling from the all the elements of this concert...that I am sitting there in the 15th or so row and I pass out in my chair. I wake up God-knows-how-much later and feel a lot better for the time being, except I do wonder how long I have been out. But there they all still are playing in a laser-beam lather so I'm thinking I couldn't have missed much?? (I will never know for sure)

At the very end of the show, (did I mention the dozen roses?) I take my flowers down to the stage and TRY and TRY and TRY to get the bands attention while they are taking their bows. Nothing. Soon there is a crowd of people yelling up at the stage trying to tell the guys that I am standing there with flowers...and I am really getting nervous now because I really had wanted that little personal moment there...and then JUST before they leave the bass player, Chris Squire, hears all these people shouting from my direction and he comes and shakes my hand and takes the flowers! And that was it for my first Yes concert. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

Back at the car, I am trying to pull the whole experience together and make sense of my day, and I realize that I still feel really cruddy and even if I am now sober, I don't stand a chance at driving. I recline in my seat while everyone is leaving and go back to sleep. Through the confusion in the parking lot, I vaguely remember a cop tapping on my window telling me to leave but I just couldn't manage to give him my attention and seeing's how there was no ticket on my windshield, I guess he figured I was better off there only AFTER disturbing me the first time. I woke up again 2 hours later in a completely EMPTY AND HUGE parking lot and was much more ready to hit the road. Thankfully, I did NOT get lost and the trip home took a much more reasonable 30 minutes rather than the 90 that I spent getting to the concert...but I still felt lousy. I made it ALLLLLLMOST home and within a half mile of my house, I had to pull over and barf...and THEN I proceeded home and walked directly to the fridge. I warmed up something in the microwave and remember inhaling a peanut butter sandwich while I waited and then I went directly to bed where I collapsed until about 10:00 the next morning.

Isn't that a "wonderous story"? (That's a Yes song by the way, a very easygoing one that I love, NOT at all like "Gates of Delirium" or any of those that I really can't hang they played when I went to see them...) All in all, I would have to say that I will have to think hard before I go to see them again...and if I do, I will have to eat first! But still, I am so glad I have a story like this to tell. It is funny even to me and it is one of those unforgettable things that I can look back on and smile about...and I did get a handshake from one of the world's most talented bass players???

Last week I went to James Taylor in Houston and what a show. I gave him ~flowers~ and got my long awaited moment where he looked at the crowd and just saw ME. I was almost in tears I was so happy!

YES I do love cheesy encounters with rock musicians. And yes I use flowers to get down to the stage so I can get a handshake or a "thanks for coming". So far its worked everytime...lots of people would find that kind of smarmy but I don't worry about it. I am making wonderful memories for myself and VERY sunny days.
As he spoke my spirit climbed into the sky
I bid it to return
To hear your wonderous stories...

My bad days have been really bad (total apathy) and my good days have been really good (euphoria... of the natural sort Wink Smilie )

Like Grondy, I try to forget the bad days but they tend to sneak up and haunt me from time to time.

The good days however I constantly think about. There's nothing like nostalgia, bittersweet though it is.

I would tell you about my absolute best day but then you might get the wrong idea about what type of person I am Tongue Smilie Lets just say I had A LOT of fun... probably too much Big Smile Smilie

As far as the title of this thread, I haven't seen the sun in over two weeks. It's rained or just been generally gloomy every single day. Hmm... this is English weather then, isn't it? Big Laugh Smilie