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Thread: The Matrix: Reloaded, WARNING.. SPOILERS

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Well not-completely-of-elvish-origin, I haven’t seen it yet...Tongue Smilie so I can’t really debate about the movie yet....But I will come back when I have....
The twins were cool, , , but i basicly have only one thing to say...

Matrix Reloaded is the most action packed movie i've ever seen!
(it's almost constant fighting, which has cool efects Cool Smilie Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie )
and i love Neo's outfit. he he
I thought it was great but I agree that it didn't have quite the same awe factor of the first one. But that's because the first time is always the best, isn't it? Like the first time you read LotR or The Hobbit. Nothing can ever quite compare...

I'm reserving judgment on the plot until November since basically all we've seen thus far is half a movie. I'm betting a lot of the mystical ruminations will make more sense and seem more appropriate after the next one. Perhaps a scene of sudden revalation where we go "Aha! So that's what all that stuff about the orgasmic chocolate cake was about!" At least, I hope so.

The fight scenes were genius. The whole cast has improved their martial arts skills 10 fold. The scene where Neo fights the 100 or so Elronds, er... Agent Smiths, was a showstopper. And the freeway chase was pure, unadulterated adrenaline. Rock 'n' Roll baby...
This is more a question based post, but it does contain spoilers,so...

1. When the Matrix was first built, a man was born inside who had the ability to change things as he saw fit..but how did he know he was in a computer program? How did he free himself? Did he build Zion? Who made all the hoovercrafts? HOW? Doesn't this bother you? Did Zion already exist? This keeps me up at night, that's for sure.

2. What is Neo? Half human half machine? He's got a lot of plugs in his body and he can connect to another software, but still, he bleeds, he feel, he can cry for all I know...wouldn't that lead to some sort of short circuit? (don't take this too seriously).

3. I would like to know your thoughts on Matrix Reloaded...I have a theory..they are still connected to the Matrix, they just don't think they are. I believe that they are in a program made for them to believe they have disconnected from the Matrix and that they are free...a program based on another program. Why do I believe this? Because at the end of the movie, Neo says he can feel the machines, and stops the sentinels the same way he stops bullets..he can't stop bullets outside the Matrix...just a theory, let me know other points of view!

1. Zion existed before the Matrix and is not part of it. The city and the hovercraft are all real, the Matrix isn't.

2. Neo is a human in the real world (Zion etc.), but his existence in the matrix is defined solely by computer programs. The plugs allow him to be connected to the matrix, as all humans are before they are freed.

3. Your idea messes up my head, because it could go on forever. I think there is only one Matrix; Neo can only dodge bullets inside the Matrix because the bullets sren't really there. If one has belief, one can do anything within the Matrix.

Definition/history of the Matrix:

Once upon a time, man gave birth to artificial intelligence. The robots they created evolved beyond their control, and sought to wrest the world from the humans by killing everyone. Zion was built by humans as a fortress to withstand attack from the robots (sentinels). To stop a worldwide human uprising, the robots captured and 'farmed' humans, in the hope of utilising them later in the war. The robots created the Matrix so these people wouldn't know what was going on. Neo is on of many humans freed from the Matrix. His super powers exist only within the Matrix, because the program controlling his life is somehow different, an imperfection ion the Matrix.

This theory holds true until the end of Reloaded, when Neo meets the Architect. I then lose the will to live.
Haven’t seen it yet Celebr’an so I can’t comment it yet!Tongue Smilie
Yes Peredhil, I am aware of that the Matrix isn't real and that Neo is human in Zion and so on, but still it rises some questions I can't seem to figure out...I think I have explained badly what I meant in the first place...but I still don't understand how he could stop the sentinels in the real world like he stops bullets in the Matrix Elf Confused Smilie They short circuited...I watched the first film three times before I got it all figured out and my questions were answered, so I guess I have to go see Reloaded again Happy Elf Smilie

But thanks for trying though!
Saw it on Sunday.. Not my type of movie, I might say...

I know many of you like the fighting scenes and the explotions and such, but I was getting more and more annoyed: Why is he fighting the Smiths? They dont die. They are computer programs, obviously with some type of regenerating backup-routine, as they all get up and continue fighting all the time. So why is he fighting them? All the fights end up with him running.. sorry, flying, away. He could have done that when they first came, but no, he starts fighting them until there are an army of them. Then he flies away... Why? Whats the point??

Me agrees somewhat with Celebrians point 3. The architect seemed to suggest something like that in the end.. Basically: Lets say the program containing the matrix is running on Windows. As everybody has found out the hard way, windows while running keeps on collecting clutter in its internal memory. (only 28(?)for all windowses up to NT/Xp/2000) When this memory is full, the computer crashes, and one must use the magic button, "reset", to get it to work again.. I think what the architect said can be interpreted to mean that when Neo returns to the source (CPU? Memory handling thingy?), it's like pressing reset. Thus the architects comment of the sixth(?) version/cycle-thingy...

Only my thoughts on the subject. But then again, I'm not a big fan of that kind of movies..

NB! I'm not even close to be a computer expert. So if my explanation makes more knowleged people to want to cry: My deepest apologies! ;D
I see what you meant with your questions now Celeb, and I can't explain any of it either. Elf Confused Smilie
Well what if there is a backup Matrix?? I mean that nobody knows about it....but only the Chosen(who can sense certain things in the matrix) can do what he did with the sentinels.....I mean that would explain why he could feel them.....but that remains to be seen in The Matrix 3 - Revolution that comes know in the fallBig Smile Smilie
I saw the movie and liked it a lot, not more tha the first though. The second is like more action and may be too much action, but it is really cool.
You know what, I guess the clue for understanding what the Matrix really is, is the conversation between Neo and the arquitect. May be the real world is not the real world after all, may be is just another Matrix which holds the other Matrix. I don't know...
May be the real world is not the real world after all, may be is just another Matrix which holds the other Matrix. I don't know...

This is what I'm led to believe after seeing Reloaded Namo. The real world is not real after all, it is just another computer program made for them to believe they are free.

Neo's case is different from the rest of the One's. The others have all chosen to let Zion live on and have returned to the computer to be reloaded again and by this saving mankind. Neo has experienced love, and for love he is willing to sacrifice Zion, wich again leads to the Matrix not being reloaded again, cause all humans are gone. The scene with the Architect an Neo stopping the sentinels is crucial for the audience to understand what is going opened my eyes...that's all for now.
May be the real world is not the real world after all, may be is just another Matrix which holds the other Matrix. I don't know...
Sort of like looking in a mirror, looking in a mirror, looking in a mirror, ... (N^n).
Ehhh.....just what I said wasn’t it Namo???
I guess it is. Hey check out the new thread I started, you said the real clue is in the conversation between Neo and the Architect, then I pasted it on a thread, have a look.
I liked the first Matrix better, and that dance half-naked in wet t-shirts part was just stupid and pointless. If I wanted p*rn I would open one of the stupid junk e-mail I get. Matrix is about cool-looking fights and me getting to see a lot of agent Smith. No matter how many of him there were, it still isn't enough. Wink Smilie I just love the way he speaks, especially when he says "mr Anderson". Tongue Smilie

I know practically nothing about computer programming, but even how unlikely Neos choice of saving Trinity instead of the human race (which we all knew he would) was for the program, the program would have a response to it.
If choice 1 then run action A, if choice 2 then run action B.

Is Agent Smith still working for the Matrix or is he playing his own game now? Does he know that all this has happened before? As Neo chooses differently from the other "Ones", is Smith doing the same thing? Smith didn't "die" as he was suppose to, did he go against the Matrix or is this also a thing that happens again? He is Neos Nemesis, and there by must have powers close to Neos including "free will", almost like an evil twin, I belive the Matrix has no hold on him.

Oh well, we won’t know until Matrix Revolution, and I’m sure it will have an open ending, and we'll all be sitting there thinking "did they win or didn't they?"
2. What is Neo? Half human half machine? He's got a lot of plugs in his body and he can connect to another software, but still, he bleeds, he feel, he can cry for all I know...wouldn't that lead to some sort of short circuit? (don't take this too seriously). ya think he'd crash if you down-loaded a Windows program into him? *rofl*
Seriously, great movie though...probaly didn't help that I was on a bit of a sugar rush during the Neo Vs. Multiple Agent Smiths scene Very Big Grin Smilie
Seriously, great movie though...probaly didn't help that I was on a bit of a sugar rush during the Neo Vs. Multiple Agent Smiths scene
I didn't need sugar to get worked up. I looooove to see and hear agent Smith. Especially when he says "Mr Anderson" the first time. It is so great, it may have been the best part of the movie (how patetic is THAT?!?). I have no idea why I like it so much, it's just coooool. Thihi, I'm a loony. Tongue Smilie
The fact that Neo was capable of stoping the sentinels most certainly proves the fact that there is a matrix within a matrix....which I believe that in Revolution they will now of this and rise against the enslaving computer program and be completely free!(and perhaps killed instantly when they wake up since it propably isn’t any oxygen left in the world or the machines kill them:PSmile Smilie
Actually, it has been confirmed by directors of the Animatrix that there is no MWAM (Matrix within a matrix). when Neo passed into a coma, he actually loaded into the matrix like a wireless connection. He then saw the program representations for the Sentinels within the Matrix and terminated them. He now is trapped in Mobil Ave (an anagram for "limbo") which is accessible only through the Hel Club owned by the Merovingian. Hel Club: Hell, Zion= Heaven, and Mobil/Limbo= The world between.
Are there any more Matrix topics here besides the Architect's speech?
Anyway, anyone seen the 7 new trailers? Click [url=] here to see them, just click on the next button.

Anyway, anyone have opinions on the Merovingian, Le Vrai, the 101 above the elevator, etc. ??
yes, Arco, why dont you click that link and view those trailers...
Maybe I need to see it again because I missed something along the way, but did Neo actually achieve anything at all in the last instalment? Everything seems to have reverted back to how it was in the beginning.