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I’ll help but not the in the name of Carcaroth did you paste the whole conversation?
I just surfed the web and found it.
Well I can’t really fighure it out.....I’ll have to sleep on it Mandos but I’ll come back:P is a very difficult thing to understand.....I guess it means that Neo is the one to destroy the Matrix since everyone else has taken the other door....but they did not have any emotions like Neo had for Trinity.....and the Architect underestimated Neo since he thought that he was not gonna be able to save her.....but Neo is One and he will conquer!

Big Smile Smilie
I did not understand that at all,Namo! I never quite understood the Matrix movies.Oh well.
Why would the architect goad Neo into taking the door he did unless he knew something Neo didn't?
Weird wuestion, but Has anyone really undestood that Damion??? This film is unexplicable ( very good, no doubts of that) but really really hard to understand Smoke Smilie
You know I finally figured out what the **** Neo and the Architect were talking about and what it all meant the meeting and stuff....but guess what.....I went to bed and the next I know I woke up and I have forgotten what it was all about So Angry Smilie
wow, that’s just typical isn’t it? Sad Smilie
I’ve no idea what they’re talking about cuz it really does take a hugh effort for my brain to try to understad things like that you know. Wink Smilie

I just wrote a huge explantion of it and wrote into layman's terms, but then the browser reloaded and I lost it. I might post it again tommorow.
Hahahahhaa....really humorous laddy! hehehehe
I just wrote a huge explantion of it and wrote into layman's terms, but then the browser reloaded and I lost it. I might post it again tommorow.

When that happens, Damion, all you need to do is click on your back arrow in your tool bar and it will be there in all its glory. Highlight and copy, then log in again. You are now ready to paste it back in the reply window.
My copy of Matrix Reloaded (widescreen edition) DVD arived yesterday and I'll probably watch it tonight. Luckily none of these threads have ruined it for me as I still haven't got a clue as to what they have meant. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

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Well then Grondy....I really hope you enjoy itWink Smilie
No thanks Asteroth, I still haven't got around to watching it though, too many baseball games, etc.
I thought they used too many big words in the conversation. I mean, I understood them, but only barely. It took to long anyway, the director could have consolidated it a lot.

I haven't seen Revolutions yet, which came out last Wednesday, but form what I have heard and from the trailers, it should be really good. Just hope that they keep out the long winded speeches and keep to the cool matail arts fighting scenes Big Smile Smilie .
Just my two cents.

Revolutions is even worse than Reloaded. Don't see it.
Anilorak,best to go and see it anyways,you might just have different tastes then Pere. Smile Smilie
Revolutions is better than Reloaded. It has an awesome war sequence, better than Helms Deep, and has more suspense, less speeches, and is cooler. Although there is less kung-fu, there are sufficient fights, in and out of the Matrix. I can understand why many ppl didnt like the third one, but i DID like it. A lot.
Damion! finally sumone who thinks that Revoltions is better! U r right by all means. Rev is the BEST!
In my opinion, the first movie of the Matrix series was the best. Maybe the effects were primitive compared to the second and the third movies but the subject was completely new and unthought.
Also i believe the weaknesses Neo had in the first movie was another thing which made the first movie more attractive.
One last thing, if you liked the war scenes in Matrix Revolutions, you'll love the ones in LotR : RotK much more Smile Smilie