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*Thi-hi* I love it! Big Smile Smilie
How cute!
I didn't knew Gandalf took care of the paper business as well. ;-)

Or perhaps he just makes the paper piles disappear magically? Tongue Smilie

Anyway, looking forward to next pic! Big Smile Smilie
Great fun Taz. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie - Updated.
Ha Ha Ha Smilie
But you shouldn't remove the old ones, you need a Gandalf at work section. I don't want to miss any of them while I'm away. Hmmm.. it started out like fun, but has suddenly turned out to be work! Shocked Smilie It's up to you dear Fluffy Fraggle! Wink Smilie
*still gigling*
I loved this one too!!
No, I agree with Amari’. Couldn't you have the thumbnails under and when you press them you see the big picture?
Only if you want to, that is, I completely agree with Amari’ also on the fact that it's not supposed to be a lot of work.
He he, you're as big a geek as me.
Poor chicken! Now look at it, it can't even run around like a chicken with its ...

Its mommy Chicken Smilie always told it not to run with the wrong crowed, er crowd.

Please make an album Taz, those are as funny as that angry redhaired kid over at atomfilms. I won't paste the link as they seldom are family friendly if ever.
Wayhey more Gandalf.
The archive is now up, trying to get a new picture up each day Wink Smilie
Wieee! Very cool Taz! Thank you so much! Big Smile Smilie
I really appreciate this Gandalf thing. Big Smile Smilie
Those are funny Taz. Big Smile Smilie
Lol, I like the first one! Very cute Taz!
Ha! Very much like Gandalf!! lol
Rofl, really that is pure genious,Taz Big Smile Smilie
Lovely, Taz. Didn't know about it until i read Grondy's post at The "Taz's to do list" Forum! Simply the best!! Wink Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie Cute and funny! I've added the page to my favourites!