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Thread: Whose is the coolest?

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Thats a good question Peredhil. Smile Smilie

I think:

A) Me
B) Mellie/Anilorak

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This is a cute thread.

A) coolest Username - Plastic Squirrel or Val's (Even though I can never spell his correctly)

B) coolest Signature - Prog

C) coolest Avatar - Me. I searched long and hard for mine. I also like the ones that Amarie has drawn.
That is a good question Pere.

Avatar: Amarie, Mellie or Elfstone.
Signature: no idea yet
Username: yes I like LadyAutomnBlueSky a lot. I also like Eryan, Valedhelgwath and Einar.
User Name:- Chathol-linn, Chikakat and Rednell

Signature:- Chathol-linn's, "They gave much to Midde-Earth and lost much. Such is the story of the Elves."

and Mellie's, I have spread my dreams under your feet: Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

Avatar:- Darous's, Virumor's and Elfstone's (although my real favourite is really my own)
interesting thread....
User Name-Vals, Mellies, and Einars
Signature-Mellies,+ Ringfacwens
Avatar: Allyssa. I absolutly (know I spelled that wrong) love her avatar.
I would now have to say that Virumor has the best avatar.
One of the 'best' avatars would have to be Anilorak's avatar,I also like Peredhil's alot too.
But when my personal avatar is all fixed up I think ya'all will like it alot.
Valedhelgwath I think has just one of the best screen names, though its bloody hard to spell,sorry Val, now ain't that why copy & paste where made? Wink Smilie.

I wish we could pick more then one favorite!
Signature-I have no idea! I can`t pick one...
Avatar-Peredhil (I luv cheaters!) and Taz.(It reminds me of Taz, a little fluffy fraggle, Amarie, I think that nick will stay with hiim forever! Well, as long as we know him...) Big Smile Smilie
Username: Stonehelm and Valedhelgwath

Signature: ?

Avatar: Anilorak and Peredhil
User name: Valedhelgwath

Signature: musicimprovedme

Avatar: Ross (I know it's wrong to select yourself, but I just love Pedro the Gypsy.) After that Peredhil's old avatar with the Cheater, it's visually strikeing.
I`ll just say that Pere ur avatar is great, I think that`s the sort of thing my teacher`s going to get on the base of her neck. She`s having it done in 2 weeks. Smile Smilie
I really like musicimprovedme for a username.
Usernames: Grondmaster, Valedhelgwath, and Arcormacolind’va
Sig: I really like Mellie and musicimprovedme's
Avatar: Ross, Pere and TomBombadillo's
Pere, where`s ur new avatar gone?
?????? It's still there Sheryl.
A) User name : LadyBlueAutumnSky
B) Signature : Mellie or/and Sheryl
C) Avatar : Peredhil's new one
?????? It's still there Sheryl.

I liked ur dragon, isn`t that the new one, it`s not there... Very Sad Smilie But I like animals the same so I don`t mind...

I`ve got to say that I love Virumor`s avatar, I just saw it today, where do u all get ur avatars from?

I must find out...
Username: Airecristiel
Signature: TomBombadillo
Avatar: Anilorak

I dunno if that's Tommie's name; there r a few Bombadil's in PT.
I will now say that Nell has the best avatar and Aki Hana has one of the best signatures.
I like my new avatar the best now. Big Smile Smilie
Rofl Pere,I think it's the best now,too.It's very Cool Smilie
Oh I haven't been in here before, must have mistaken it for the Who is the coolest caracter thread!

A) User name : GrevBukMcJern, without a doubt Wink Smilie
B) Signature : Ohh not sure. Delidias is funny, LadyFs is nice..
C) Avatar : Peredhils newest one, I love dragons.

I see my name mentioned a few times. Thank you! Its always nice when people say nice things and you know they ment it becuase you weren't there at the time! Big Smile Smilie

I'm kinda proud of The Fluffy Fraggle name. To me he'll be The Fluffy Fraggle forever, weather he likes it or not. Wink Smilie
Well I’m not sure about the whole ’coolest’ thing. I generally tend to stay away from stuff like that as it’s all really just a matter of individual taste. Maybe in a few months down the road I can offer up my personal take on who I think has the coolest so and so.

Anyway, I noticed lately that a lot of people have some really cool new custom avatars, and it’s fun to see more and more people getting into that. A few that have caught my eye the last few days that I really like are, Peredhil’s new one, Aentra’s, Florian’s, and Lady Fea’s new one. Good stuff!
Super Wow Smilie

Peredhil’s new one, Aentra’s, Florian’s, and Lady Fea’s new one. Good stuff!

Thanx elfstone!! Big Smile Smilie I really like Peredhil's new one myself and of course ae's new one (we helped ourselves for choosing them and I'm pretty happy of what it did). Oh I have also loved Anilorak's avatar since I arrived in PT Cool Smilie
I love dragons.
.well dragons are very famous here now!!
aww thanx Elfstone! Big Smile Smilie

I love Pere’s and Fea’s new ones as well! Oh and of course Andrea’s! Big Smile Smilie
hehe, oops I forgot to mention Flo’s new avatar...hihi, I know there are many more I like although I can’t remember which at the moment. Tongue Smilie
Stony's avatar is cool too. Smile Smilie
Haha,looks like all of us are getting new avatars! I love your's,Stoney. Smile Smilie
They all are.... There seem to have been so many great ones appeared in the past couple of weeks. The forum is looking really colourful now Smile Smilie
Thanks Fea! Twas you that gave me the link!
Hey Stonehelm, isn't that a metal helmet ?
Indeed not!! It is highly polished trollstone!!! Cool Smilie
You would till see the grain if it was troll stone! Cool Smilie Metalhelm

I didn't know trolls were made out of silver.
Read my description of Stoney's helm under the 'gurgle' thread (grumble mumble gergle Hi) under The Prancing Pony posted on 24/10/2003 at 23:57
I like the usernames:

those names are some of the ones I think are cool! Cool Smilie
Aw,thanks Aentra! Smile Smilie
I like your screen username,too.Has a good ring to it.
Read my description of Stoney's helm under the 'gurgle' thread (grumble mumble gergle Hi) under The Prancing Pony posted on 24/10/2003 at 23:57

That's right! Go read it and then come back and beg forgiveness! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
That's right! Go read it and then come back and beg forgiveness!

I apologize, Metalhelm.
Your spelling stinks, vir, but I forgive you! Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
Aire's new signature is my favorite now. Smile Smilie
*Trollstone = The material to which trolls change when subjected to direct sunlight. The portion from their heads is often made into helmets, it being the hardest part of their bodies. While it does require diamond cutters to mar its surface, it is not brittle

Pfff... yeah right. You have all been seriously misled. Coming from the country (ok maybe I should include Sweden as it involves Norse mythology too) who invented trolls I can tell you that trolls turn into plain, boring, very ordinary, solid rock. That's it. From scary and dangerous to good, old, solid stone. And since they where huge and old trolls often had trees growing on them, it's hard to say which rockformations look like trolls and which ones really where trolls. But it is still just rock, and nothing more. Teacher Smilie <--- never thought I would have reason to use this smiley. Wink Smilie
Thanks, Amari’. So basically, it's back to Metalhelm.

Shucks Amari’, you just ruined my perfectly good made up definition. Maybe my trolls come from a different dimension than the one where Scandinavian myth originates. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Wait just a second now, we aren't talking abot Norse stone trolls we are talking about Tolkien stone trolls. There is a BIG difference. Big Smile Smilie

Tolkien stone trolls do not turn to ordinary rock. It is a fact that know to be true!!
Busted Metalhelm,

you can only hope for Findekano showing up and saving you with a typical HoME-quote about trollstone.
Hey look everyone, I have a cool user name!

I like the usernames:

See, see, I'm in there! Wow, that made my day.

Here are my picks:

Username: LadyBlueAutumnSky, Amari’
Avatar: Andrea, Peredhil, Virumor
Signature: Grondmaster (everyone should share) and Perwing (for my cynical humor side)

Andrea's avatar is cool because it is Elfy, Peredhil's is cool because everything about Pere is cool, right?, and virumor's is awesome because it is just cool, and it appeals to my gothic side. I already kinda explained my sig. choices, and for the name, I'm sure there are lots of cool names out there, but I just like LadyBLueAutumnSky and Amari’. LadyBLueAutumnSky = just cool. Amari’ = it has the cool '’' so I like it.


[Edited on 02/21/03 by Cano_Yavanna]
Peredhil's is cool because everything about Pere is cool, right?
Flattery is the way to go. Wink Smilie
Cano_Yavanna,I like your screen name,but what does Cano mean?
C’no is commander in Quenya. Smile Smilie
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