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yep, heard of all 3, redwall is good, similar to Duncton wood, but more for the kiddies, Narnia's a classic, and talliisman i've never read, i think it's a King Aurthur thingy is'nt it?
... and talliisman i've never read, i think it's a King Aurthur thingy is'nt it?
By that title I think it is by Sir Walter Scot and concerns Richard the Lion Heart and Saladan in the Holy Land, but the hero is a lower ranked knight and how he wins his girl.
... about the talisan by stephen lawhead
I don't know any thing about that title nor of Redwall.

No one at this site should be unfamiliar with C.S. Lewis', 'Narnia Chronicles'. My favorite remains A Horse and His Boy.
I have read all three!!

I had my book signed by Brian Jacques (postAuthorID of Redwall) he is a very fine man.

It is spelled Taliesin, and yes it is about Merlin, Arthur but with a new twist. It is a good book, you ought to read it.
I haven't heard of the other books,but I absolutely adore the Chronicles of Narnia,and I am glad you mentioned them."A Horse and His Boy" is my favorite of them all too,Grondy.I think that "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" is my second choice.For anybody who has never read them,they should give them a look.C.S. Lewis has also written a sci-fi series,the Space Trilogy,about a scientist named Ransom who journeys to Mars and later Venus and helps the creatures on the planets fight the work of the devil(the premise is somewhere along those lines.)I would recommend you try those out too. Smoke Smilie
C.S. Lewis has also written a sci-fi series,the Space Trilogy:
Out of the Silent Planet Planet (Mars)
Perelandra (Venus)
That Hideous Strength (Earth)
I used to have every single one of the Redwall books (still have most of them, in fact), and I love the Chronicles of Narnia. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader remains one of my favorite books ever. Big Smile Smilie
I have read c.s lewis seires and the redwall books, i am starting to read King postAuthorID books by Rosemary sutcliff.
Yep Redwall, kids adore! They eat it UP!

Chronicles of Narnia are just about my fav books ever. I loved all of them about equally EXCEPT Horse and His Boy, maybe I should give that one another shot. I just introduced my kids to the BBC version of LWW on VHS, they have watched it about 6 times in 4 days...hahah! SO I guess they like it. I want to get the other BBC movies of Narnia. I hear they will be remaking LWW soon, calling the movie NARNIA, and there is a huge flutter about this having all the religious allegory taken out? I ask you WHAT will be left if they do that? I would be extremely angry.
Sounds like another PJ version. I wish that rather than remaking it, they go ahead and do the remaining ones. I haven't seen anything after The Silver Chair, which is my favorite of the videos. Of course the original actors are now all too old, so they will need a new batch, but that won't be any problem except for the final story and even there they can get away with substitutions if they are similar to the originals.
Ive read all the Redwall books except the new Loamhedge book. Ive only read th lion witch and the wardrobe because I hade to in fourth grade. it was borring and stupid

I've never heard of talisan, but I have heard of its postAuthorID. As for Narnia, I grew up on the lion the witch and the wardrobe (and always cried when Aslan snuffed it. Although he did come back, just not as Aslan the WhiteSad Smilie ) And redwall was one of my fave reads in highschool.

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woffy-elendil you shuoldnt diss books like that sometimes people who like the books get mad and you end up being chased by an angry mob of vacationing Brits(no disrespect intended British people )but as for redwall im reading them their pretty good,need to give Narnia a chance.
Let's see...I own all the Chronicles of Narnia, which are now very well worn. Wink Smilie I practically grew up on C.S. Lewis, so I adore everything he's got.

I've read Taliesin and highly recommend all the books in that series (Pendragon Cycle: Taliesin, Merlin, Arthur, Pendragon, and Grail) as well as the sequel to the entire series, Avalon.

Haven't gotten started on Redwall yet but all my friends and their younger siblings have been raving about them so I guess I should try it out. Worst that happens is I don't like 'em. Big Smile Smilie
I LOVE Redwall!!! I have nearly all of the books (just need two more i think!) and The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe was actually one of the first sci/fi books read to me. (I was like, 6 so my parents hadn't intoduced Middle-earth to me yet. However, we started the Hobbit right after the Chronicles) I haven't read Lewis' Parelandra (sp?) but I heard it's REALLY good! Jumping Flame Smilie Then again, Lewis' "Numinor" in Parelandra was stolen from guess-who's "Numenor".
Lewis' Parelandra (sp?) but I heard it's REALLY good! Then again, Lewis' "Numinor" in Parelandra was stolen from guess-who's "Numenor".
Yes, Lewis's Space Trilogy is excellant; however, it is more of a fantasy series rather than Sci-Fi even though it is about adventures on Mars: Out of the Silent Planet, Venus: Perelandra, and Earth: That Hideous Strength. And as Tolkien and Lewis were friends who read and critiqued each other's work, that location name was borrowed in honorium rather than simply stolen. Cool Elf Smilie
the chronicles of Narnia were interesting, i really liked the 'horse and his boy' the redwall books are neat, but i've read all of the ones available in NZ and they get a bit repeditive.
with the redwall books, all the stories seemed to follow a formula. Like: something goes wrong in the place of some of the goodiea eg salamandastron or redwall abbey, evil creatures start moving to attafck some place. Martin shows up and some of the good animals go on a quest or mission etc, and then there is a big battle. Good guys win and then a new abbot or abbess or salamandastron ruler is chosen.
Quite right, me matey. I tried REdwall. Cool. But I could never like them THAT much.
Those are all good books, but I wonder how anyone can talk about great fantasy with out including the Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander. When I was younger those were my favorite right along with Lord of the Rings, and Narnia, and I still enjoy reading them.
the Prydain ones were neat! I read those a while agao. He also wrote the iron ring, an dthe incredable journey of prince JEn. those were good too.
Has anyone here read the Deltora Quest series? I read them, and liked them ages ago. But I can't seem to stick with now. They don't seem as good.
i have read many redwall books, all of the chronicles of Naria, or are ther spelled Narina. And i have read many books of king Arthur. I have bought many books i started reading Le Morte story of king arthur but i never finished it. Irima-Arwen
One of my friends showed (more like forced me to read) a prologue to a book he wants to have published. If it wasn't so demonic and over-richly described (It was like a pile of adjectives had been dumped on the paper)it would have been very good. I mentioned it because it was what i call demented fantasy, so it kind of fits into the idea of this thread.
Are you saying Narnia, Redwall, and The Pendragon Cycle are demented? If so, I beg to differ, but think as you will.Smile Smilie

If anyone is curious about the new Narnia film, I suggest looking at my latest journal entry, where I have posted a link to a good news site. Smile Smilie
Are you saying Narnia, Redwall, and The Pendragon Cycle are demented? If so, I beg to differ, but think as you will.
No, he was speaking of the book his friend wants to get published.
Oops, sorry. *sheepishly hangs head* It sounded like he thought his friend's story, which he descibed as demented fantasy, was similar to the other books on this thread. But perhaps I misunderstood. Got The Blues Smilie
Let's see... Yes, Redwall is very good, and of course Narnia. I really liked the first book in the Space Trilogy, but the other two not as much. Taliesin and the rest of the Pendragon cycle are an extremely interesting take on the Arthur myth but can take a while to get through because they have some pretty heavy stuff... Prydain is AWESOME, as is everything by Lloyd Alexander. I especially like his Vesper Holly series.
Has anyone here read the Deltora Quest series?

Yes, and I did like them, although the puzzles are very simple. Emily Rodda is very imaginitive in her creation of monsters and non-human races... another good series by her is the Rowan series, and I seem to remember she wrote something else I liked as well...
As for other fantasy series that I like... Discworld by Terry Pratchett and the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane. Also Book of Night with Moon and To Visit the Queen by Diane Duane, which are about wizards who are cats.
I found the Narnia books in a public library half a year ago, and read them all (at least if there aren't more than 7 of them) during summer. I really liked them but I thought I was standing alone with that opinion.
Now, reading this thread it seems to me, that in brittain (or where ever you guys come from) they are as popular as the LotR, which surprises me, as in germany (where I come from) they are practically not known.(And I doubt that I would have found them in german)
I really love pratchet's discworld books, which are not verry whidespread in Germany either, but as for the rest of the books and authors mentioned on the last three pages (such as "Pendragon Cycle" or "Redwall") s, I never even heard of them.
On the contrary the LotR is verry popular in germany, mainly because of the new Movies though, as hardly anyone actually read the book in germany.
(Go back to one of my first posts, remember when you still didn't know of the plague I would be? Yes I am talking about that far back, I mentioned this one of my early posts.)

You won't believe this, but I am a writer. Working on my own fantasy series (not demented) that will rival everything but the LOTR, and maybe Narnia. OK maybe not Narnia, or Redwall, or the Pendragon Cycle. I have read all of the Redwall books (My inner child runs the place, I'm 6 years old at heart) and I'm still reading the 7th Narnian book. Pendragon cycle? Aint that some weird sci-fi thing existing solely to make Star Wars comparitively awesome? Sounds familiar though. When you said Arthur and Merlin were you talking about the series for them, you have to understand that I'm dumb as a rock.

My point is, that if a publisher will even look at my writing, I would be much obliged if one or two people from pt (Maybe the largest collection of people that can put up with me anywhere) would read it and tell me how they like it. Or if someone just wants me to send them a mithril waster of it.
I've thrown away about twelve beginnings already. it has to be perfect, I tokk notes for this, IT WILL BE PERFECT! Or, probably not, please read it!
Pendragon cycle? Aint that some weird sci-fi thing existing solely to make Star Wars comparitively awesome? Sounds familiar though. When you said Arthur and Merlin were you talking about the series for them

Yes, Pendragon Cycle is a take on the Arthurian mythos, and a very good one. Nothing to do with sci-fi, maybe you were thinking of Perelandra, which I believe was mentioned earlier here and is definitely discussed in the Tolkien and Lewis thread in General Discussions. Or... I think there may be a newer series called Pendragon, which may be science fiction... dunno there.
I don't fancy myself much of a literary critic, but I also write (just a hobby as of yet) and will read your story if you send it. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I've never even heard of the Taliesman. But I've read all the other ones, including ALL the Redwall books, yes I'm proud to say that. Although Brian keeps on writing new ones I suppose I'll always have to wait for them. He's quite a good writer.

As everyone's talking about the Pendragon, it reminds me of another series, The Dark Is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper. I'm told it was quite popular a long while back. I've read all of them, and I'll say it was alright, though perhaps not as good as the Narnia books. Has anyone else read them?