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Yeah, i saw his posts too, and i also wrote a rather graphic post in reply, though propably not as poetic nor as educated as Elfies, if I'd have known who he was i probably wouldn't have. But she'll be right mate, no damage done, and i don't really think u need apoligise, as Elfie said, if he's old enough to write cr*p like that he's old enough to bare the consiquenses(sp), so don't worry Anilorak, you're sweet as!.
Good to have you back again Anilorak. I was unable to use the chatroom once because there was a blanket ban on my entire ISP. I know what you must have been going through.

Thanks for apologising on your brother's behalf. The fact it was your brother was something you could easily have kept hidden. Hopefully he's learned something from this, and will be a better person for it.
Welcome back Anilorak. Happy Elf Smilie

Obviously we didn't mean for you to get banned. It only took me one email to get your brother banned and then many PMs and Council posts to get the guilty party identified and you reinstated.

So to everyone out there: You to have to be "your brother's keeper" if he has access to your computer or network, else he could cause your privledges to dissappear. Paranoid Smilie

Hopefully this is the end of the incident and we can return to having fun with all things Tolkien. Look Around Smilie
I never saw any of the postBodys that your brother wrote, it stinks that he would act like that.

I am glad that you are back Anilorak! You are a friend and I am sorry about the problems that you had, it really is a rotten thing when your are mixed in with someone elses actions.

Glad you are back with us though!! Big Smile Smilie

No Harm done, Anilorak, we still love yuh Smile Smilie Wink Smilie .
Yes definitely good to have you back Anilorak!!! Happy Elf Smilie

It's all water under the bridge, and your brother's actions certainly don't have any kind of reflection on you. Like Ringy said, it's time to just forget about it, and move on.
Elf Winking Smilie