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I believe that what with him being a machine, it could be another T-800 model entirely. Or it could be different.
I don't really wan't him to be the govenor of California.
I just cannot wait to see the movie! I have watched the first 2 a few times and enjoy 'em alot,hopefully it will be a good ending of a great trilogy(if thats what you want to call it).
Conan the Barbarian as Governor of California would be scary; however, as this is pure politics, we mustn't go there.
Please use this thread for only reviews of the movie and the actor, not what Arnold does in his free time.
I quite liked it, probably not as much as the first two, but it still had it's charms. Though I was devestated too miss the start and miss where the new Terminator gets all necked*sigh*, oh well, theres always the dvd when it comes out. I especially liked the bit where Arnie puts on his sunnys and they're sparkly star shaped ones. Cool Smilie
I liked T3 too, it was funny and my bf got to see a lot of cars get smashed so we were really enjoying ourselves! I liked Arnies "talk to the hand" best. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

I wonder if there will be any more sequals? Arnie isn't getting any younger and Terminator without Arnie would not be right.
I am glad you enjoyed the movie Amarie. I have not seen it yet. I love Arnie. He is soooooo cool.
I saw it, and it's better than I thought it would be. The destruction of public property scenes (during the car chase) are the best, because it was all-out action! Jumping Flame Smilie But it looks like there will be a follow-up since it did not end completely.
I saw it...and the movie is excellent! The story is not perhaps as good as T2 was....but the end is quite surprising....I really did like it even if it was much shorter then T2 or The can read my diary for more info of my attitude towards T3

I give it 4 orcthumbs out of 5 possible:
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