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Thread: Which do you like best the Lord of the rings the two towers or the return of the king

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I tend to look at TLOTR as one big book, but for me personally, if I have to break it down, then The Two Towers is my favorite of the three!
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I don't think I could possibly choose a favourite from them. FotR builds a wonderful atmosphere, TTT has huge battles and many revelations, while RotK has that anticipation of the mother of all battles followed by a gentle finale. They are all wonderful.
I agree with you Val. I love all three books for different reasons. I feel that FotR is the most familiar because it starts out in a world not unlike my own. I love the battles in TTT. I suppose if I had to chose a favorite, I would chose RotK because it seems to have a bit of everything in it, and the ending makes me cry. I love books that have sad endings.
And it isn't three books it is six books contained in one or three volumes, and it is really just one big story. I was fascinated with Merry and Pippin's adventures, but was bored with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli's. I enjoyed Sam's interaction with Smeagol/Gollum and Frodo.

I hated the breaking away from one group of characters for many chapters to tell the story about what another bunch was doing. When I first encountered this technique with the Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan books, where he just did it at a chapter a time, I was bent out of shape, when I first encountered Tolkien doing this major cliff hanging bit, I was major PO'd.

So no, their isn't a particular volume I like best, but I would choose The Fellowship of the Ring if forced to do so, but would choose Book IV as my favorite book, and 'Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit' as my favorite chapter at the present time.
OMG!!! Return of the king is sooooooo much better! Its more exciting. The ttt si really borring. The forbidden pool is awful. I couldont stand how borring that was!!!
I will say that I liked the last book the most... The battle for Minas Tirith and all, that was great!! The last book is also the sadest (does this word exist??) and I'm really feeling weird at the end , before the return to the shire, when everyone is happy and the glory of Gondor restaured...SIMPLY WONDERFUL!! Big Smile Smilie
RoTK is my second favourite book after FoTR, my favourite chapter being The Steward and the King or The Houses of Healing.

It stinks that evil is destroyed of course, but you can't have it all of course. Heh.
I liked the second one the best because by then you know the characters and can see the changes in them, plus Shelob rocks!
i like TTT the best as well. ROTK was great too. so was FOTR. hmmmmmmmm...okay never mind i can't decide.
I still like RotK best, and still feel the whole series climaxes on the Pelennor. I like the Fellowship, it's a nice build up, but TRotK fulfills all the promises it makes. And I'm sorry, but while I like Book III, Book IV is something through which I struggle. Mordor is TRULY oppressive in atmosphere, and the Professor almost writes it TOO well, right down to the part about thornbushes being the only that can grow there. There's a similar stretch in TRotK, but before long we're at Cormallen and everythings bright and sunny again.
I think TTT is better than ROTK. I didn't like the happy endings of ROTK.
Return of the King was definitely my favorite book when you split up Lord of the Rings. I can't say whether it is Aragorn navigating the Paths of the Dead, the story of love and strength between Faramir and Eowyn, or if it is the opposites between landscape and emotion as Frodo and Sam travel through Mordor that I love reading about most (I ought to add ’The Scouring of the Shire’ in there somewhere, but I don’t think there is any room!). However, I’m left with a sense of wholeness every time I finish reading it. Fitting, I know, as it is the last book, yet there it is! Cool Smilie
I will add my input if I may.

In my opinion fotr is the best as it contains my favourite scene, and the scene which demonstrates the most evil being in the phisical world left in the Third Age - Durins' Bane. Also I like the fellowships quest most in this film, with most of the Nine walkers paticipating as one in adventures. Aman Hen is also appealing.

Second I would go for RotK as it contains an epic battle of the Pellenor, Another brilliant (though inaccurate) scene of the Witcking facing Gandalf, and another brilliant scene of the Mouth of Sauron. Those are my favourite scenes after the Balrog.
I also enjoy the Battle of the Black gate, Theodens' death (though i quite admire Theoden) and Gandalf's return into the west.

Last would be TTT. It does however contain the Battle of the Hornburg which i prefer to the battle of pellenor as its more 'neat'. Its more structured and easily registered in you mind, and obviously more hopeless.
Ah, okay Lord of all, now tell which of the three volumes of six books you liked best.

I think I liked FotR best as I find TTT a bit tedious, in that after reading it, no one had yet gotten to where they were going; luckily there there was the third volume to wrap it up. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Three volumes of six books? I misunderstand.

Suffice to say I have only read Lotr, The Hobbit, The Sil, UT and Morgoth's ring. Which one do I like best?
Well as a story I like The Hobbit best. Easily digested. On the whole I find The Silmarillion the best, though very in depth book.
Asking which book is one's favourite is like asking which ingredient one likes best in one's favourite food. Each contributes something of value and without it the whole would be diminished beyond recognition.

I go with my gut reaction - TTT has more in it which moves me emotionally, especially Faramir in The Window on the West, Helm's Deep, the Stairs of Cirith Ungol not to mention Theoden, Eomer and Wormtongue and the death of Boromir right at the beginning.
Hm... FOTR - has that atmosphere and the "spirit".
in the TTT - a lot of battles, escapes, etc.
ROTK - brings relief after all. So...
FOTR and the ROTK are my favourites.
I personally like the FOTR best in the trilogy. I love reading the beginning part about Bilbo's birthday party. It's hard to imagine some of the dark scenes that come after this jubilant feast. But the main reason I like FOTR would be the Elves. Gildor Inglorion has always been one of my favourite parts in the book. I enjoy reading and thinking about Sam's reaction at seeing the Elves. And FOTR includes the part where the Fellowship ventures into Lothlorien. Galadriel gives me a very distant feeling, and I think I like that.

TTT wasn't bad, of the movies, I like it most. The book gives me an impression of heroism and war. The two seem to always go together.

ROTK was spectacular, and I find the ending heartbreaking. Frodo sails away and Sam follows later, while Merry and Pippin live (and die) peacefully in ME, as does Aragorn. The Fellowship is separated , and there is just that feeling of the end. It's just the finality of the story, the last thing that you ever read about in ME's history (Go on, Vir, pick out my mistake in that one). But I somehow like the beginnning better than the end. I like to see the Fellowship together, not apart, and though ROTK is the one that touches me most, FOTR is the one that I take out and re-read the most often.

All of LOTR is dear to my heart and has been for a long, long time. But I suppose if I had to name which volume is my favorite, I would have to say FOTR. I like beginnings better than endings, although of course we cannot stay at the beginning and have to go through to the end. But then, we don't see Gandalf returned in FOTR, or Treebeard, Theoden, Faramir, and many others. So there are things I like about all the volumes--even The Hobbit has its moments. I find myself choking up at the end of The Hobbit every year when I read it in class! So really, all I can say is Long Live Tolkien!! Long Live Middle-Earth!!
I also like FOTR better than the others. Most of my favorite chapters are there. But i guess the films also played an important part in it. If i had read the TTT before watching it i might have liked it better tham i do now but the the fact that the TTT film went on with its boring battle all the way and left many important things out will probably make it remain third in my most preferred lotr book. I guess first impressions never completely die...still as grondy pointed out the meetings between sam and gollum are pretty interesting and funny.
Well of course I love intensly the whole body of work.
But if I had to choose only one it would definitely be the Fellowship of the Ring. The reason is that this is the beginning of the magic.From the first page you are thrown into this strange fantastic world and characters emerge rather quickly and you already after a few pages have definite feelings about them. And the tension is already quietly building up even as happy things are occuring. The Ring holds your attention of course and you begin to be anxious. Gandalf is wondrous, Frodo and Bilbo strange and endearing.
And when the moment for the black riders comes you begin to share the fear of Frodo. It is great.
Yeah FOTR produces the best effects. All is new...