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Thread: What's Your Noms de Plume?

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Sandy Felts Dog Smilie
roscoe cooley
Rex Bath Gardens
Sheiba Stanhope
P’si Hraunb’r

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Dzhek Finzhgar. Smile Smilie
Or Mishko Finzhgar... since we got them both in about the same time Smile Smilie

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I would be Dumper Bankhouse, but my Porn name is better Dumper Heywood (I sound like a shizeler star)
Erm.... Abigail Manor? I think not...
Lol, some of these are really cute!
Sandy Felts

I like that Grondy!
Erm.... Abigail Manor? I think not...

Lol, I think it suits you just fine Plastic, a sweet and loveable name! Big Laugh Smilie
I back u up on that Andrea! PlasticSquirrel, join the wome`s world! lol Big Laugh Smilie
Sunny Route 166
Sunny Route 166
Man! There sure were a lot of people wanting to use "Sunny Route" for their nickname. Elf Winking Smilie
Mine would be Rose Main. Or Rose Woods, or Rose Cove, because we don't really have street names where I live. People just send mail to whatever street name they like. Wink Smilie

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Hehe, I just asked my dad what his would be, and it's Stupid Bogey Lake!!! Lol, funny funny funny!
Tea 69
I loved that cat.
Mimsan Little Sjodalstorget.

Man. That was a weird one.
Bandit Hillside. Huh?
My cat was given to me by someone else, so her name stuck though I tried to change it but here goes..

Tiffany Waratah Big Smile Smilie
Exactly how do you find your nome de plume?
You take the name of your first pet as your fist name, and the street name of where you first lived as your second. A variation on this is to use your first pet as a forename, and your mother's maiden name as your surname.
Mines would be Smokey Lisnablagh.
But I prefer the porn name Smokey Stanfield.
Mine is Smokey Bush Got The Blues Smilie No, I'm not making it up!!

Big Laugh Smilie Right, Smokey!!!
Luna Marjory. Wierd.
Kaninchen King
I'd be Cherry Buckwoods...
or, using my Mums maiden name: Cherry Witchall!
(using my mothers maiden name) Sam Meyers. Hrmmm... lol

The name of the street where I first lived is in Dutch, so it's really silly:

Sam Rijksweg. Orc Going Huh Smilie
Haha; Bandit Chaponis / Lucky Chaponis.
Very Evil Smilie Big Laugh Smilie bilbo ramos Orc Grinning Smilie
Hmmmm .. "Holly Sandfields"

Whats the porn name again?

Cool Smilie
My Nom de Plum would be:

Spooky Echtenstraat

Hmmmmm, strange Tongue Smilie
Hey Gildor, you Dutch? That street definitely sounds Dutch to me! Big Smile Smilie
Yup l'm Dutch, and so is the name of the street Tongue Smilie But how do you know, are you Dutch too? (l think we're moving from the subject now Tongue Smilie )
Pardon my ignorance...but what does Noms de Plume mean?
pseudonyms -- also known as pen names/aliasas, a literal translation of the French noms de plume
Its a Pseudonime you use when signing for your (literary) work. "Name of Feather", as it were. My nom de plum has always been Azadhel... so I guess it works not. But according to you guys it would then be: Lishka Elena.

Mmm, fonetic, huh?
Fobby Ga Keexo Laxo-courtesy of my 3-year-old.
Arturo Thoroughbred Shocked Smilie Paranoid Smilie Scrolling Eyes Smilie
Well my pen/ stage name is Miranda Fox, but Fox is also my nick name as it is a spin off of my real name. my porn name is Pebbles Bamfield, my sisters which i find really amusing is Sandy Albert.
Smokey ellenborough if its the street.
Smokey Elliot if its the maiden name.

Both are good I think! Big Laugh Smilie
Mine would be "Squirt Citrus"! That's terrible! (My first parakeet and the street I lived on in Arizona!)

If we took the name of my pet now and my street it would be "Schatzie Willow" -- weird.
My Noms de Plume would be Rusty Gateway. No seriously! What exactly is a porn name?
"Rusty Gateway" -- that's a good one.

Do you mean how do you make up your porn name or why does a person need a different name when associated with porn?
What is the meaning of Norms de Plume? Question Smilie
Nom de Plume (French) means pen name and is more commonly known as a pseudonym.The term originated because were, and still are, many authors who did not /do not use their real names for various reasons, especially in the 18th and 19th century. Teacher Smilie
Mine would be Bo Pheasant(1st pet/street name) or Bo Kiyota(1st pet/ mom's maiden name). Wiggle Smilie
Could you answer both Eruwen?
Moderator Smilie Why, he asks passionately, are we talking "porn" names on this Family Friendy Site? Please flush the word "porn" and instead use the word "pseudonym".

- Your thought police at work. Police Smilie
I think the only names which should really matter, are "born" names. can the actual word "porn" be a bad word? I know it's a family-friendly site, but that word can be seen on any TV guide. The more we make it a bad word, the more we sensor language, the more we restrict our thoughts. Not good. It's hard enough for me to hold back on religion and politics, especially being from San Francisco! Wink Smilie

And Connovar, I don't think I can explain both...if you don't know why one would use a "pseudonym" then, uh, better left unsaid. How to get one least when I was growing up, it was our middle name, plus the name of the street we grew up on. Here, they seem to use a pet's name and the name of the street you grew up on. Anyway... if it was my middle-name and the street I grew up on it would be "Monique Citrus."
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