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Well,I really wish that Sidney and Vaun could end up together.But that does not look like it's happening.
But other then that,I'm looking forward to it all.
They didn't have any Irina in the first episode! Very Sad Smilie
Btw, u trust Sloane or think he's hiding something?
I trust Sloane(ain't I a sucker or what?).
But when is Will going to step in?He's an important character.
I don't watch this show, and I wanted to the other night, but I forgot. Is it any good?
I just think it's peculiar that gal plays a student in the show whilst in reality she's around 30. she doesn't even look 20.

but at least they followed the non-existing books.
Vaughn's wife in the upcoming episodes as well as her reaction to Vaughn's big accident (if you saw the previews.).

Vaughn's big accident?I must have missed that....
And I thought his name was Vaun,hehe.My bad.
Andrea,if you wan't to understand it then you'll need to watch a few of the earlier ones.Happy Elf Smilie
Already confused, so I won't bother Wink Smilie
Rofl, Andrea! It is not that confusing,give it a try you'll love it Happy Elf Smilie
The 2nd episode is on tonight! Big Smile Smilie
Sark'll be in it. (I KNOW THIS for a fact.)
Are you guys talking about another season? Because in Sweden it just got here and I am at the episode when Sydney and the guy who Dead Smilie her fianc’ know who I mean? but anyway if these are spoilers then tell me because I don’t want to know what happens....thank youTongue Smilie
Yeh i only watched it until her mother showed up again or something. After that i decided to leave it for what it was.
At the end of the last season, i thought that Vaun was gonna propose to Cindy when he made her sit and he was kneeling.
Who is Cindy,Wooffy?Do you mean Sidney? Question Smilie
Over here Season 3 has started, Aul’. And I don't think it's as good as the previous 2. Very Sad Smilie
Ringy,I pronounced it Van,though. Big Smile Smilie
I think it's not as good as it used to be... no Rambaldi stuff... no IRINA Mad Smilie , no Will or Francie/A.G. Doren, no SD-6, ok... it's not that good anymore!
In Love SmilieI'm really enjoying the love triangle,I think things are just as good as last season,but is Will dead? Sad Smilie
Will is not dead, he just hasnt showed up yet, much like Irina. He was "killed" in the last ep of Season 2, like Francie, to save the show, because ABC said they were spending too much $ on casting, much like The Practice. But they got approved for more $, and in the first ep of season 3, vaughn told her that will was ok and in witness protection.
I obviously have not been watching well enough then. Angel Smilie
When Damion and I were watching the most recent episode, we both at the same time said that it would be awesome if Sydney's cellmate said his son was named... Michael. Michael Vaughn. That would've been an awesome plot line. Sad Smilie
Yea,I thought that would have been a good idea 'n' thats what me and my friend thought was going to happen but in the end I thought it was for the better and maybe they should have that happen next season.Happy Elf Smilie
Unfortunately, I heard that there'll be no Irina at all this season. So, they're writing in a new role for "Sydney's aunt." Mad Smilie