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"I love Tolkien" on your underpants? Clearly evidence of an unhinged mind somewhere..... Big Smile Smilie
No comment Wink Smilie Although yes, I have ordered a pair, lol.
:o really Taz......
Never knew you were *that* into JRR! Wink Smilie

yeah would be great, but it could make the wrong impression on your friends, relatives etc newly acquired girl(friend)s
i thought the catchphrase would be well, something catchier than 'i love tolkien'. a little more osbscure and witty. personally, i wouldn't wear something that said i love tolkien. and white boxers???
and couldn't the t-shirts be a little more brighter? and designs could be a little more avant-garde. hand painted or tie-dyed would be fantastic. i guess that would cost a little more but would be great for fashion-conscious tolkien fans out there.

ok, ranting a little but as a textiles and design student i tend to be critical of well, any textile item.
You can't do nothing about the actual shirts themselves, not with cafepress (I've got the Plastic Squirrel and Lean against the Washing machine shops with them) *cough, cough* so you get stuck with the white or grey thing. Tis a shame but what can you do?
*thinks, "maybe I've got away with my own shameless product placement"*
i guess i could just make my own t-shirts.
or maybe i could sell them?
hey..there's an idea..
I visited the shop and dropped a couple bucks just because it was there. Smile Smilie
or maybe i could sell them?

Look out Taz, you've got competition, it seems... Wink Smilie

I was going to get something from the shop, but then I realized that I'm thoroughly not allowed to be posting on postBody boards and things, so I figured it would not be good to have the evidence laying around my house...
Then I suppose you don't have Planet-Tolkien marked as one of your favorites either, in case anyone happens to go looking. Smile Smilie

Parents, see what happens when you make overly stringent rules, they get ignored. Sad Smilie
why aren't you allowed?
my mother's pretty sure that if I go on the internet ever and talk to anyone I'll pick up a stalker who will find out where I live (because obviously I'm dumb enough to give out my address and things online) and kidnap me and kill me and that sort of thing. She feels the same way about IM, the shopping mall, driving anywhere and also babysitting, oddly enough, though...

I've actually gotten to be less careful about it recently...we got windows xp which has separate desktops and things, so the only person who could get into my bookmarks would be my dad, who doesn't care anyhow. Smile Smilie
thank god my mum doesn't have those neurotic obsessions. her only misgivings are keeping the house spotless. one drawer left open and the whole house comes down.[Edited on 28/1/2002 by Rosie]
If you have one of Taz's email addresses using your nickname as a secondary email address, then you can email people without giving away your true identity. It is just one more layer of protection from the bad guys. Of course if you never email anyone on any forums this is unnecessary.
*Chuckles evilly over his plans to kidnap and kill Chika*

Right, now I just need to find out which sheep....... Wink Smilie

*stalk, stalk, stalk, stalk* I gotta keep a lookout for any marauding* squirrels...

*checks over her shoulder...*

*I don't know how to spell this word. I tried to type it into microsoft word and spell check it there, but every time I open word, my computer just eats it. Which is a problem because I have a paper to type later...if anyone knows how to make word stay open, let me know, pretty please...
Your spelling of 'marauding' is correct. I assume the Word you are talking about is the one you can use via Internet Explorer. I will try to edit this post with it.

No I couldn't get it to work, so reverted to copying text to a blank email form, spellchecking it there, and then copying it back to the reply block.
who cares about spelling as long as you get the general meaning across?
You can also use Staroffice

you can get a free copy (download) or you can "order" a cd, there are only few spellcheckers available (english, spanish and french i believe)

but for solving the problem of MS word I need more info .. Operating system, system it's running on, version of word etc

For meaning of words etc you can also use (translator to english french spanish dutch)
You know, I didn't know there was a version of Word that could be run through Explorer, but then I looked up at the little toolbar thing and there it is...I was just using the seperate program...I'm running it on windows xp and it's word's actually started staying open again, though...I don't know what was wrong with it yesterday. Just random obnoxiousness from the computer, I guess.
I received my "I *heart* Tolkien" T-shirt on Friday. The grey is much less intrusive than I had expected, it is more 'pearl grey' than the 'dark grey' "stolen from the athletic Dept. of UU" I had imagined. Cool Smilie
so.. you actually wear it around?
oh dear god..
Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Big Smile Smilie and why not? I wear my quality Plastic Squirrel T-shirts around all the time.
Sure, my pearl-grey "I love Tolkien" tee-shirt goes well with my maroon slippers with the tassels on their pointy toes, my skin tight black leather trousers, a five inch wide hand painted tie (featuring nude sunbathers at the Taj Mahal), and topped off with my vintage black wool beret (1969 British tanker's). Quite stylish don't you know. Big Smile Smilie

The beret actually is part of my winter apparel, except during blizzards I get out my curly Russian chapeau.
NURSE!!! NURSE!!!! We need Grondy's pills, urgently!!! Wink Smilie
Lol! You're all geeks, you know that? Big Smile Smilie
*quietly considering buying a T-shirt as well*
Big Smile Smilie
*gasp* me? a geek? well, i guess posting at a Tolkien website alone certifies- but i've neve been called a geek in my life, thank you very much! a lunatic, yes and at times bitch from hell- but a geek?! never!
*points at Rosie*
Geek! Geek! Geek! Wink Smilie
S'alright Rosie, I'm not one either. *hopes*
I probably qualified, before the term was invented. Used to run around campus with an attache case full of books and pages of computer print-out while the K&E slipstick dangling from my belt was slapping the side of my levis. And I also had a Princeton haircut and wore glasses. Can't get much more geek-like than that. Big Smile Smilie
Yikes! You were a mega-geek! Wink Smilie Of course, geeks usually turn out okay. Or else they end up weird and spend their time talking to aliens or plotting the downfall of the National Park Service or raising weasles... not that I think /you/ do these things, Grondy... um... heh heh?

(I was a theater and music geek. Just as geeky, only more pretentious, cause we're ahhhhhhtists, you know. )
what's a princeton haircut?

i think i'm way too superficial to be a geek. i'd rather read Vogue anyday then those sci fi magazine stuff. Big Smile Smilie
Hey guess what I got myself a copy of the other day? The Lord of the Rings the movie in DIVX, a new DVD quality compression tool. It fits the whole movie on two CD's at the size of roughly two Gigabytes.

The quality and sound is amazing! You have to play it on your computer through an application like Windows Media Player and also have downloaded the codex files from!
I've got a few DIVX movies, but they're not as long, or as tasteful and I'm not telling you what they are Wink Smilie
I was a theater and music geek. Just as geeky, only more pretentious, cause we're ahhhhhhtists, you know.

me too...though I'm much more a band dork than a theater geek... Wink Smilie

also...did you know that a geek is actually someone who is a circus person that bites the heads of chickens?

if the DIVX is a compressed sort of DVD and it fits on 2 CDs, how many CDs is the DVD going to take up?
what's a princeton haircut?

Rosie: Its was a crew cut on top with long sides combed straight back. I didn't have a duck's a*s, as that wouldn't have been cool with the short top. Wink Smilie
also...did you know that a geek is actually someone who is a circus person that bites the heads of chickens?

Yeah, you're right. Um... I never did that. I wasn't /that/ dramatic.
yikes, grondy... what were you thinkin? Big Smile Smilie

also...did you know that a geek is actually someone who is a circus person that bites the heads of chickens?

Oh I want to be a geek now....

Only "came out" as a Sci-fi nerd a few years back, before that I was accepted as a normal healthy red-blooded male, and was happy as "that cool guy who plays like Eddie Van Halen". Since then I have been shunned by normal society as a freak of nature, and get "Live long and prosper" shouted at me in the streets. So I live the life of a leper up on the hills just outside town now.
yikes, grondy... what were you thinkin? Big Smile Smilie
Well I don't know what I was thinking then, but what I'm thinking now, is that I wasn't a geek; I was a nerd. My non-PC computer desk indicates I'm a computer geek but my previous posting sounds more nerd-like. Big Smile Smilie

Chicken heads, Yuck!!! Sounds like something I read in Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods'. Which is an excellent scifi/fantasy novel by the way; all about what happens to the gods of the various immigrants once their believers bring them to America and then stop believing in them. Cool Smilie
I'm a geek too! A computer geek, and a Tolkien geek! :evil (but I don't eat chicken's heads)
Grondy: even I'm not *that* geeky! :P
LOL :grin
I lied, actually. Very Big Grin Smilie
lied about what? so you do eat chicken heads? Animated Wink Smilie
I AM A GEEK!!! And a freak (which is now official, though I did not need to read it out to be sure...) Paranoid Smilie